The Berenstain Bears Go to School

[PDF] The Berenstain Bears Go to School | by ☆ Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain - The Berenstain Bears Go to School, The Berenstain Bears Go to School Illus in full color A sympathetic story about Sister Bear who conquers her fear of starting kindergarten

  • Title: The Berenstain Bears Go to School
  • Author: Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain
  • ISBN: 9780394837369
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Berenstain Bears Go to School | by ☆ Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain, The Berenstain Bears Go to School, Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain, The Berenstain Bears Go to School Illus in full color A sympathetic story about Sister Bear who conquers her fear of starting kindergarten [PDF] The Berenstain Bears Go to School | by ☆ Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain - The Berenstain Bears Go to School, The Berenstain Bears Go to School Illus in full color A sympathetic story about Sister Bear who conquers her fear of starting kindergarten

  • [PDF] The Berenstain Bears Go to School | by ☆ Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain
    344Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain
The Berenstain Bears Go to School

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  1. Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain

    Stan and Jan Berenstain often called The Berenstains were American writers and illustrators best known for creating the children s book series the Berenstain Bears Their son Mike joined them as a creative team in the late 1980s.


  1. A good first day of school prep book I love that the Berenstain bears books always have a moral Children can identify with brother and sisters experiences.

  2. The Berenstain Bears Go to School by Stan and Jan Berenstain, is a picture book for children in the Nursery age group, ranging from birth to five years old In this Berenstain adventure sister bear is nervous about starting school, but comes to find out she actually has fun in Kindergarten and enjoys going I personally loved the Berenstain Bears as a child, I believe all their books have positive themes and deal with topics that children around that age are going through In this book in particula [...]

  3. This book is about Sister going to school for the very first time She is very nervous about going because she is unsure about what will happen Eventually brother and mom convince her everything will be okay She ends up loving school, and even convincing brother to love school as well on a sunny day where he rather be outside.This book has really good pictures, and would be a great one to read to kindergartners on their first day of school It is a cute story and has a good little lesson within it [...]

  4. We got a series of Berenstain Bear books as a shower gift when William was born, but didn t pull them out till he was about 18 months old They were a surprise hit with him This has been his favourite book for a long time only recently replaced by Big Dog, Little Dog by P.D Eastman He enjoyed all of his Berenstain Bear books, but he usually asked for Da Bears, School bus in it the most It has a great rhythm and fun imagery, but the mark of a good children s book is that it is also enjoyable for t [...]

  5. The Berenstain Bear books are classics They all portray a bear family with a son and daughter and can be related to real life This one particular is about sister bear getting ready to start kindergarten for the first time and being scared about what was going to happen It is a great book for parents to read to their children especially before they go off and start school Some children might get the impression that school is not a fun place to be but when they get there they will learn they might [...]

  6. Brother is getting bored with summer and looking forward to going back to school but Sister is nervous This is her first time at school and she worries that she isn t going to enjoy it But when she sees all the fun things that there are to do, she loves it I remember starting primary school for the first time I wasn t nervous at all, I was so excited to be there

  7. This book is one of my absolute favorites, especially as a future teacher It is something that so many kids can relate to at all ages, I am nervous every year to start school, especially when it is new and I don t know my teachers or classmates This is a feel good story and is really good to read to kids in elementary school I love all the Berenstain Bear books as well

  8. I am an elementary school librarian who reads The Berenstain Bears Go To School each September to our new kindergartners It helps set their minds at ease about what school is like.In this Berenstain Bears story, Mama Bear notices that Sister Bear looks worried when Brother Bear mentions that he wants to get back to school after summer vacation Mama Bear takes Sister to the Bear Country School to meet Miss Honeybear, the kindergarten teacher A few days later, Brother Bear rushes to the bus, dragg [...]

  9. Sister Bear is starting kindergarten and she s got a lot of worries What keeps this from being your typical starting school book is the wonderful contrast shown as the kids get ready to go to school On the first day of school, Brother Bear is all eagerness as is the older bears on the bus, but the younger ones are timid and quiet Then the second day we see that glorious turnaround where the excitement of a new school year has kind of worn off for Brother, but Sister is the one with all the excit [...]

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  11. This book would be appropriate for beginners starting schools both Pre K and K This book emphasizes that nervousness and fear of the unknown are quite common for all students on the first day of school With the help of her mama, papa, and brother Sister Bear was able to enjoy her first day of school Perhaps students can write draw how they felt on their first day of school, and we compare the feelings of both the students and Sister Bear We can list out ideas on how we could have helped Sister B [...]

  12. This book can relate to kindergarten students It covers all the feeling that come when doing something new I would use this book to do a lesson over feelings Having students express how they feel about being in kindergarten I also LOVE the illustrations through the story One of my childhood favorites.Grade Level k 2Genre Modern Fantasy

  13. This story begins with the summer season ending and Brother and Sister Bear getting ready to go back to school Sister Bear is beginning kindergarten and she wonders what school will be like Mama Bear takes Sister to school to meet her teacher, Miss Honeybear She hears about fun things she will do Then it is time for the first day of school and Sister is a little hesitant about going Sister meets her classmates and participates in many activities At the end, she realizes that school is fun The ag [...]

  14. I already really enjoy this entire series, but this one is one of my favorites, as it follows Sister Bear going to Kindergarten She is full of worries right up to the bus she gets on with Brother Bear to go to school At school her first day consists of many different things that lead her to a conclusion at the end that school is very fun, and she shouldn t have ever been worried about if she would like it or not.I want to teach kindergarteners, so this little book is precious to me and reminds m [...]

  15. Genre Picture BookAudience K 4thTopic Going to SchoolTheme Learning is funCurricular Uses Read Aloud, Independent Reading Reading Level Late Transitional Literary Elements Dialogue, Repetition, RhymeIllustrations Detailed illustrations support the text and help express the emotions of the characters Helpful to readers because of the long texts on each page.These books always send great messages to young readers There is always a moral on the first page of the book that rhymes Would definitely us [...]

  16. I loved this series when I was younger, but this specific book was one of my favorites The books were very popular when I was a kid, but I know they ve died down a little bit I ve introduced my younger siblings to these books and they were hooked just like I was when I was a kid This specific book would be great to read to a kid that s has pre kindergarten jitters, as this is what the book is about These books are great because they always have a story and message that s easy for anyone, especia [...]

  17. The Berenstain Bears Go to School is a great book for children who are about to start school for the first time or are maybe about to attend a new school The book is about the changes we experience from summer break to the start of school and about the many different emotions and fears we feel when we go to new places The theme of this book is that it is normal to have fear of the unknown as long as you face that fear in the face I feel that this collection of books is a great collection for any [...]

  18. Sister Bear is nervous about school when Brother mentions that he wishes summer vacation would just be over already That is so unrealistic But her mother takes her to meet her new kindergarten teacher, and that goes all right Then we get a quick review of Sister s first day of school, including the various things a child might do in kindergarten, and finally we see that she s excited about school.This book would do well to calm a nervous child going off to school for the first time.

  19. I think that this book was a fun book.At first sister bear didn t wan t to go to third grade,because somebody teased her that third grade was very hard.So mama bear told her that, At first you didn t wan t to go to kindergarten too,but then you tried to go there and you loved it.You met a new friend too So sister bear said, OK I will try Then sister bear tried grade 3 and she loved it She told her mom it was a little bit hard,but I still loved it.I saw Lizzy too.Then papa bear made apple pie so [...]

  20. I feel that this book is a wonderful introduction to school for a child who will soon be attending school for the first time The story focuses on beginning school for the first time and having doubts about the changes that it brings Throughout the story the book as well as the corresponding illustrations help paint a picture of what going to school is like, and what a good experience it can be.

  21. The Berestain Bears were my favorite picture book series as a kid I think I ve read all of the classic stories and this one was just reprinted and arrived at my library I still love this bear family and their little bear community and their AWESOME tree house I think I always will.This story centers on Sister Bear, who starts Kindergarten and who s a bit nervous about it Brother Bear and Mama Bear encourage her to be brave and she finds out she really loves school.

  22. The Berenstain Bears Go to School by Stan and Jan BerenstainThe summer is winding down, the leaves begin to change, and the wind has a chill, it s time to start school This is Sister s big year, kindergarten, yikes Meet the teacher goes well, and she calms down But today is the first day, and the worries are back Until she realizes, there is nothing to be worry about, school is fun This is a nice story to help reassure kids, that change can be fun.

  23. This is a great story to read to children who are getting ready to start school It shows sister bear preparing for Kindergarten She s a bit anxious and isn t sure that she will like it But after an orientation visit to the school and the reassurances of her family and teacher, she learns that school is fun

  24. This book would be great for students just coming into school, so Kindergarten or Preschool I wouldn t use this book anywhere else because all other kids have already been to school and know what it s like This would be a good book to have in a classroom library if kids just needed something to read.

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