Corduroy Mansions

↠ Corduroy Mansions ☆ Alexander McCall Smith - Corduroy Mansions, Corduroy Mansions A delightful new setting London a wonderful new cast of characters and one incredibly clever dog Corduroy Mansions is the affectionate nickname given to a genteel crumbling mansion block in London s

  • Title: Corduroy Mansions
  • Author: Alexander McCall Smith
  • ISBN: 9780307379085
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Corduroy Mansions ☆ Alexander McCall Smith, Corduroy Mansions, Alexander McCall Smith, Corduroy Mansions A delightful new setting London a wonderful new cast of characters and one incredibly clever dog Corduroy Mansions is the affectionate nickname given to a genteel crumbling mansion block in London s vibrant Pimlico neighborhood and the home turf of a captivating collection of quirky and altogether McCall Smithian characters There s the middle aged wine merchant WiA delightful ne ↠ Corduroy Mansions ☆ Alexander McCall Smith - Corduroy Mansions, Corduroy Mansions A delightful new setting London a wonderful new cast of characters and one incredibly clever dog Corduroy Mansions is the affectionate nickname given to a genteel crumbling mansion block in London s

Culture Music, TV radio, books, film, art, dance Telegraph Fatima Mansions Cathal Coughlan was pop s finest nonconformist and an expert U troll By Ed Power Mark Ronson Every time you start a new All Book Series by Alexander McCall Smith Corduroy Mansions books by Alexander McCall Smith Author Paul Stuart books by Alexander McCall Smith Author Precious Ramotswe s Very First Cases books by Alexander McCall Smith Author , Iain McIntosh Illustrator Akimbo Scotland Street Scotland Street is an episodic novel by Alexander McCall Smith, the author of The No Ladies Detective Agency.The story was first published as a serial in The Scotsman, starting January , every weekday, for six months.The book retains the short chapters of the original It was partially influenced by Armistead Maupin s Tales of the City, a famous serial story. PDQ powered by Egg Dart Egg Dart PDQ Objet Collection by Arte Wallcovering Decorative mouldings have been adorning walls and ceilings in all shapes and styles for centuries Examples include skirting boards, cornices, wainscoting or wall panels in stately mansions, imposing palaces or listed buildings. Alexander McCall Smith Alexander Sandy McCall Smith, CBE, FRSE born August , is a British writer, raised in Southern Rhodesia now Zimbabwe and formerly Professor of Medical Law at the University of Edinburgh.He became a respected expert on medical law and bioethics and served on related British and international committees He has since become known as a fiction writer, with Alexander McCall Smith Fantastic Fiction Corduroy Mansions Corduroy Mansions The Dog Who Came in From the Cold A Conspiracy Of Friends Precious Ramotswe . The Great Cake Mystery Precious and the Monkeys aka Precious and the Puggies Precious and the Mystery of Meerkat Hill Alexander McCall Smith Corduroy Mansions Corduroy Mansions, The Dog Who Came in from the Cold, A Conspiracy of Friends, Professor Dr von Igelfeld Entertainments Portuguese Irregular Verbs, The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs, Hello Merch Web Stores Fulfillment Screen Printing Worldwide full service merchandise company, started in as an outlet for bands, musicians, creative artists and businesses to manufacture and sell merchandise anywhere, without giving up their rights Flat rates No contracts Just merch Web Stores, Order Fulfillment, Screen Printing, Drop Shipping, Band Merch. Here are the Greatest Ancient Roman Achievements in History Corduroy roads were constructed mostly on swampy and marshy land, with a log of timber and sand covering Robustly constructed and well maintained roads connected all the major cities of the Roman empire to Rome that resembled a modern day shopping mall Modern day villas and mansions are an offshoot of ancient Roman houses While the base How Do I Choose A Bean Bag Chair architecturelab Jun , Another option that manufacturers use is corduroy, which is a highly durable fabric that is also quite elastic, making it resistant to tearing And being incredibly soft, it is very comfortable to sit on, making it a highly popular material England s new mansions monstrous carbuncles or superb architecture News February , Videos

  • ↠ Corduroy Mansions ☆ Alexander McCall Smith
    490 Alexander McCall Smith
Corduroy Mansions

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  1. Alexander McCall Smith

    Alexander McCall Smith is the author of the international phenomenon The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, the Isabel Dalhousie Series, the Portuguese Irregular Verbs series, and the 44 Scotland Street series He is professor emeritus of medical law at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and has served on many national and international bodies concerned with bioethics He was born in what is now known as Zimbabwe and he was a law professor at the University of Botswana He lives in Scotland Visit him online at alexandermccallsmith, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


  1. This a London version of the author s 44 Scotland Street It has the usual array of typical McCall Smith characters, the quirky, the eccentric, the horrendous and a dog that steals the show They live in the flats and we get a look at their lives, relationships and problems William is a wine merchant, who gets Freddie de la Hay, our seat belt wearing and vegetarian terrier with the aim of nudging his son, Eddie, to leave home Marcia hankers after William and there are the young women who flat shar [...]

  2. Corduroy Mansions is an apartment building in Pimlico that houses an eclectic group of people The story revolves around the building s residents as well as their friends, acquaintances, and co workers.d recounts entertaining anecdotes about the various characters For example, William, who lives on the top floor of Corduroy Mansions, is a fiftyish wine shop owner who d prefer to think of himself as forty eightish William is frustrated with his n er do well son Eddie a twentysomething who has no j [...]

  3. This book was charming, fun and silly and enjoyable all the way through RIGHT UP UNTIL THE END What happened there I bought this book as part of some special offer in a bookstore because a I recently enjoyed the first book of his The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series and b it was really cheap But even the cheapness of the book does not make how irritated I am about this alright I haven t read any of the 44 Scotland Street series, but Corduroy Mansions is based on the same kind of principal of [...]

  4. It started out well, with a quirky cast of characters and funny little observations about people and the world in general But it never gelled as a story, and many characters ended up feeling like having a houseful of guests who are at first amusing, then tiresome, then annoying, and who won t take the hint to leave The clumsy attempt to tie together the characters storylines failed, and half the plot points hinted at in the first half of the book went nowhere, and worst of all, every single fema [...]

  5. Corduroy Mansions struck me as a stream of consciousness cozy Experiment I wouldn t be surprised Whatever the readers opinion of Alexander McCall Smith s writing, uneducated provincial dullard is not where he is coming from, despite the fact his books characters are mostly provincial and dull He demonstrates sly erudite intelligence in both of the series I have read Smith strikes me as very aware of the limitations of his characters and their simple outlook on life, but he apparently loves them [...]

  6. I almost gave this one star Not because I didn t enjoy it, but because I got and annoyed with Smith s lazy, incomplete, plotting, and archaic point of view Maybe the incomplete plotting was deliberate since this seems to be the first in a series, but there is no way I am going to pick up any in this series and perhaps any AMS just to find out what happens.Biggest problem is the way that Smith s straight white malehood makes it impossible for him to write a female character that isn t somehow [...]

  7. I started to write that I didn t know what was so entrancing and comforting about this book, but then I realized that s incorrect I know exactly what makes these books, largely plot less, so attractive Following the lives of these quirky, interesting, and interconnected people is exactly as satisfying as a long phone call with your mom, catching up on the gossip from back home This book is largely interesting for the characters in it Nothing earth shattering happens with one exception , but the [...]

  8. Scotland Street comes to London Alexander McCall Smith s Edinburgh based daily series for The Scotsman is being replicated south of the border, this time published in the Telegraph online and set in Pimlico Just like 44 Scotland Street, Corduroy Mansions is split into flats the top flat inhabited bynny William the wine merchant Master of Wine, failed , the middle one by four young women Caroline, Dee, Jenny and Jo , and the ground floor by accountant Basil Wickramsinghe William is keen to get ri [...]

  9. The first in a new series launched by Alexander McCall Smith I have to ask does this man sleep This book is set in the Pimlico neighborhood of London in a cozy, yet slightly decrepit, building divided into flats The usual quirky cast of characters are featured William, the middle aged widower who runs a wine shop and is trying to convince his 24 year old son to move out several young girls who share the second floor flat and the accountant on the first floor There s also an obnoxious member of P [...]

  10. I found the setting and descriptions of life in London fun to read It was quick and breezy and had the feeling of a male version of chick lit However, I would have preferred fewer characters to keep up with and found some of the interplay forced For instance, I would ve eliminated the accountant who didn t really bring anything to the table until perhaps the end of the book It felt like he was dangling there with no reason for being introduced.After discovering this is a series, it made sense wh [...]

  11. Delightful book with really no beginning or end as it simply travels through a slice of time following a group of diverse individuals who just happen to live, or visit someone who lives, in the same building in London.This is a character driven novel with plenty of humour and poignant moments and I found myself generally smiling throughout and interested in what the characters were doing next.Lovely book and I will cotinue following the characer s lives in book 2

  12. Sometimes you just want a light read Nothing too taxing, but not trashy either Something well written, with interesting and amusing characters whose adventures you enjoy following.Enter, stage left or in this case, online Alexander McCall Smith Corduroy Mansions is the first book in the fifth series from the astoundingly prolific Scottish author, who dabbles in medical law in his spare time The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, set in Botswana, chronicles the life of the wonderful Mma Ramotsw [...]

  13. I ll read this when I m done with Henry Esmond A friend of mine is a big fan of the author so I ll give him a try.A busy and late day kept me away from reading yesterday, but I managed to read into this a ways So far it s amusing and breezy, but not exactly a page turner The initial conversation with Freddie s owner is pretty funny Mr rude, self absorbed and clueless Will there be a mystery I don t even know Just when I was wondering what this book might be about, along comes emerges a theme the [...]

  14. A dog with a surname is a rare breed Freddie de la Hay, a terrier of the rare if not mythical Pimlico variety is no exception His mannerisms seem almost human he s even a vegetarian , yet Freddie finds human motivations rather inscrutable In this first book of McCall Smith s trilogy, Freddie joins new owner William, a middle aged wine merchant, in Corduroy Mansions The abode is comfortable, and not quite as posh as Tweed Mansions might be William inhabits the top floor with his 24 year old son E [...]

  15. Ah I love reading McCall Smith s books, especially his serials Like the 44 Scotland Street series, in which the characters live in a building of flats, the Corduroy Mansions series is also based in a building of flats, but in London instead of Edinburgh The concept of both 44 Scotland Street and Corduroy Mansions is based on Charles Dickens episodic writing, in which novels were serialized through weekly or monthly journals McCall Smith pursued this method of writing following a meeting with San [...]

  16. Have you ever walked down a city street and wondered about the people living in the buildings you pass McCall Smith gives us a view into the lives of a cast of characters from the Pimlico neighborhood in London.While the book lacks a sweeping plot, it is made up of a series of vignettes featuring the various characters We meet William, the 50 something wine merchant And Berthea Snark, the psycho analyst who hates her son Oedipus And Freddie de la Hay, a vegetarian terrier And a whole host of oth [...]

  17. Another Horatian satire from A McCall Smith He can look at apartments and a neighborhood in London and imagine the lives of characters who all have gentle foibles A cast off dog named Freddie de la Hay with super human sensitivity adds to the mix There are so many plot lines that, towards the end of the book, I wondered how the author would tie things up neatly for me He didn t because there are other books in the series , but there is this toast, given by middle aged wine merchant William Frenc [...]

  18. I really like The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, and really dislike The Sunday Philosophy Club, so I was interested to try another series by Alexander McCall Smith This one didn t really capture my imagination as I read it, though It s got a big ensemble cast too big, with too few characters worth caring about Whenever I picked up the book again after a break, I found myself struggling to remember who was who.There are precisely one hundred chapters here, but they are all very short, sometimes st [...]

  19. This is the first volume in a new series by Alexander McCall Smith, somewhat reminiscent of his 44 Scotland Street books, but set in London We are in familiar territory as we follow the inhabitants of Corduroy Mansions a wine merchant and his scrounger of a son, a Sri Lankan accountant who may have a secret and four girls sharing a flat and their various friends and acquaintances as their lives intertwine There are some marvelous characters here, not least Oedipus Snark, described as the world s [...]

  20. I took this book camping with me, having enjoyed other books by the Author I wish i had left it at homeEach character is a carbon copy of the next, there is nothing unique about any, the dialogue of each is identical making it difficult to give individual characters their own voice, and also, the characters are very similar to those in other books by the Author which is particularly disappointing, there seems to have been no imagination when writing this, it is very lazily and poorly written.Als [...]

  21. Not a bad book, but sort of like a casserole with your least favorite vegtable mixed in Lots of different characters, some of whom I loved and others I didn t care at all for Which meant at least half the book I was flipping through just to get to parts that were enjoyable I don t know how this author can write a series I love, the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, and yet all his other writings leave me underwhelmed This book also had several long passages that felt like Smith was just rambling, u [...]

  22. Oh dear, I am afraid that I just cannot persuade myself to like Mr McCall Smiths writing This is the second series of his I ve tried and he is just not to my taste Other readers have called the characters in this book charming and eccentric I mainly found them to be either boring or downright unlikeable I also found that the characters read as much older than their stated age One character is 31 and yet until I was told her age I assumed we were dealing with a middle aged woman She certainly dos [...]

  23. A pleasant little book and, if you like McCall Smith, that is why you read his stuff No surprises though and, given that the approach has been used for the 44 Scotland Street books, a bit of the shine is off stylistically At this point, in what will be a series, there are no obvious stars and our aquaintance with the characters is pretty slight I am looking forward to Snark getting some comeuppance although McCall Smith style comeuppance tends to be rather gentle and I was a little taken with Te [...]

  24. Such a fun audio book The reader is fantastic This book made me laugh out loud so many times The author is so clever at making mundane things interesting and humorous The things he must ponder about Looking forward to the next one and hope it s equally ridiculous.

  25. Corduroy Mansions is the first book in a new series from Alexander McCall Smith It features a cast of characters connected to one another by Corduroy Mansions, the building in which some of the characters live There s William, who tries a variety of methods to get his son Eddie to move out on his own Marcia, who s sweet on William a quartet of young women who live downstairs the MP Oedipus Snark, who s hated by many people including his own mother Berthea Barbara Ragg, who d love to get her claw [...]

  26. From the book jacket Corduroy Mansions is the affectionate nickname given to a genteel, crumbling mansion block in London s vibrant Pimlico neighborhood and the home turf of a captivating collection of quirky characters There s the middle aged wine merchant William, who s trying to convince his reluctant 24 year old son, Eddie, to leave the nest and Marcia, the boutique caterer who has her sights set on William There s also the justifiably much loathed Member of Parliament, his mother, who s wri [...]

  27. An odd little book that I mistakenly thought would turn into a mystery novel Perhaps I was confusing this with Alexander McCall Smith s 1 Ladies Detective Agency series Anyway, I kept waiting for someone to off the odious Oedipus Snark who is so odious that not even his mother loves him Oedipus the malevolent MP is just one of a cast of nearly two dozen idiosyncratic characters living in or connected to a block of flats known as Corduroy Mansions in London In the end there is no mystery, no deus [...]

  28. Alexander McCall Smith has begun yet another delightful series How does he do it This one involves the residents of Corduroy Mansions , a somewhat rundown apartment building in the Pimlico area of London.Here we meet William, a widowed wine merchant who wants to get his son Eddie to move out But when Marcia and a Pimlico terrier, Freddie de la Hay move in, he wonders if he s made a good trade Especially when Freddie eats a possibly valuable painting.Four young women share one of the apartments s [...]

  29. I have just discovered this book by Mr Smith and enjoyed it as much as my favorite Bertie series Corduroy Mansions takes place in Plimlico area of London, GB It mirrors the Edinburgh series in that it is about the lives of the persons residing within this building of owned flats.On the top floor is William and we join him as he is trying to gain his freedom to live alone His Son, Eddie, 24yrs old, rather stay at home and live off him Life, of course, interferes with Williams ideas.First Floor is [...]

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