Farm Fresh Murder

↠ Farm Fresh Murder ☆ Paige Shelton - Farm Fresh Murder, Farm Fresh Murder First in the Farmer s Market Mystery Series Becca Robins leads a simple life making jams and preserves on her very own farm But when there s a murder in her quaint little town she puts herself in th

  • Title: Farm Fresh Murder
  • Author: Paige Shelton
  • ISBN: 9780425233870
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Farm Fresh Murder ☆ Paige Shelton, Farm Fresh Murder, Paige Shelton, Farm Fresh Murder First in the Farmer s Market Mystery Series Becca Robins leads a simple life making jams and preserves on her very own farm But when there s a murder in her quaint little town she puts herself in the line of fire to defend her friend s innocence and goes from making jam to being in one ↠ Farm Fresh Murder ☆ Paige Shelton - Farm Fresh Murder, Farm Fresh Murder First in the Farmer s Market Mystery Series Becca Robins leads a simple life making jams and preserves on her very own farm But when there s a murder in her quaint little town she puts herself in th

  • ↠ Farm Fresh Murder ☆ Paige Shelton
    152 Paige Shelton
Farm Fresh Murder

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  1. Well, I knew I was in for a good read when I noticed on the cover that this book came with recipes You can t possibly write a book showcasing the talents of the vendors participating in a Farmer s Market and not give us some of their secrets And for the family of vendors at Bailey s Farmer s Market, there are than their fair share of secrets going on Becca Robins, the towns unofficial crime fighter, lives on a small farm with her dog, Hobbit She sells jams and preserves at Bailey s, which happe [...]

  2. 2.5 but really couldn t give it 3 I usually round up but this just dragged I had to remind myself that I had this in a challenge so I couldn t quit It did get better about 2 3 of the way in, but not enough to give it that boost up I realize I m in the minority here I see lots of 4 ratings, so I may give the next one in the series a try to be fair to the author.

  3. Becca Robins likes her life as a farmer s market worker She specializes in amazing jams and preserves and takes a lot of pride in making them as perfect as she can One day she s running late to the market and arrives to find that one of her fellow vendors, someone that no one apparently knew very well, was murdered What s worse, her good friend Abner is either the murderer or has been set up to take the fall Becca knows her friend simply can t be an axe murderer and she can t stand to see him ro [...]

  4. My DVR is always full A variety of shows take up space on the virtual tapes reality and competition shows, a soap opera, serial dramas, and even a comedy or two But there are also quite a lot of mystery and crime programs, too When my mom and I watch any kind of competition shows or crime dramas, we have gotten into the habit of making guesses about who will be declared the winner,w ho will be sent home, and who the killer is For the longest time, I would never guess correctly who dun it Now, I [...]

  5. 5 Stars Becca makes jams preserves from her own fresh grown strawberries pumpkins sells them at the local Bailey s Farmers Market Her fraternal twin sister, Allison, manages Bailey s One morning, Becca arrives with her day s goods to find the farmers market a crime scene a peach vendor, Mr Simonsen, was murdered with an axe Another vendor, Abner Justen, is accused of the killing because they were seen arguing before the body was discovered Becca knows Abner well enough to know he could not kill [...]

  6. 1 in the Farmers Market mystery series Becca Robins inherited a strawberry farm in SC from her aunt and uncle as she was graduating college She gave up grad school for a venture in growing, preserving and marketing jams and preserves For the past ten years she has been selling her goods at the Farmers Market managed by her twin sister This is an enjoyable cozy, but unusual in that we meet our protagonist ten years into her career and a veteran of two failed marriages A large percentage of the ch [...]

  7. First Line What I yelled into my cell phone When Becca Robins aunt and uncle were killed in a car accident, her twin sister Allison inherited enough money to pay off her college loans and save some for her children s educations, and Becca inherited the couple s farm Allison manages Bailey s Farmers Market in rural South Carolina, and the morning she calls her sister in a panic, Becca has to stop working on her latest batch of jam to head straight over there Becca is well acquainted with Bailey s [...]

  8. Farm Fresh Murder is a fun, fast read featuring Bailey s, a South Carolina farmers market, with a host of growers and crafters offering their goods Becca Robins is the amateur sleuth, who makes jams and preservatives in a traditional, methodical and delicious manner It s no surprise that she solves crimes the same way I loved the focus on food, the confusion of close, long standing protective relationships, the hard work of making a living off the land and the complexity of making a living in th [...]

  9. A body is found in the farmer s market one morning Abner, one of the vendors, is accused of murder after a fight had broken out the previous day Becca is determined to find the real killer, so Abner can be set free I was ready to give up on this novel after 7 pages when the death had already occurred I really didn t want to read 250 pages of filler until the killer was revealed Thankfully the novel did get better as it went on and I was surprised about who the killer was I didn t love Becca as a [...]

  10. The farmers market in this book is WAY exciting than any I ve ever been to in my life There s murder, secrets, and all sorts of intrigue going on.This is my first book by Paige Shelton, and I m sure it won t be my last in fact, I m picking up the first book in her Gram s Country Cooking School Mystery series from the library later today I also plan to continue reading this series The characters are very well developed, and I look forward to getting to know about them The settings are also very [...]

  11. This is the first book in a cozy mystery series called Farmers Market Mystery Becca is a jam and preserves maker who grows her own fruit on her farm, and sells her jams and preserves at a farmers market where her twin sister Allison is the manager Early one morning a new merchant is found murdered When another long time seller at the market is arrested for the murder Becca refuses to believe the kind, old man she knows could be the murderer She sets out to prove it and, in doing so, puts her own [...]

  12. Okay, so, the dialogue did somewhat read as though the author hadn t heard humans talk before, I don t want anyone s love interest to be described as possessing magic spit , and the author seems to know about as much about farmer s markets as I do i.e it s a market where you can buy farm things Still, despite this bitching, I had a nice time reading this and the plot actually made sense, so, I will totes read in this series if acquiring them involves absolutely no effort or money on my part.

  13. While I finished the book and was sufficiently surprised with the killers reveal, I don t think I will read the next in the series The main character, Becca, was extremely wooden She was too perfect, I think I can t really put my finger on why I disliked her so much She is supposedly very close to Abner, yet you don t get the impression that she is very upset by the possibility of him being the killer Yes, she seeks out the true killer, but it was for the farmer s market s reputation.

  14. What a fun new series I love the setting of the farmers market and love how all of the characters are some kind of farmer or make their own stuff Becca is a great character and it was really fun to follow her investigating The other characters especially Allison and Ian were good too and really made this novel interesting Of course I m interested in where the romance will go I will definitely be continuing with this series.

  15. Good start to the series Everything seemed to go well and the characters were likeable The only unbelievable thing was how much information the police divulged.

  16. I really enjoyed this book, it was the first I ve read from this author and it will not be the last I liked Becca, she is smart, hard working and flawed, she is also willing to learn about herself and recognize faults I like the farmers market setting, the characters and Becca s farm This was a good mystery, I look forward to reading the second book in series.

  17. This was not one of the best cozies that I ve read The story was slow and not that s not why it took so long for me to read it until about 3 4 of the way through I did like the main character and will probably give the next book in the series a read to see if the author does a better job of keeping my attention.

  18. This was a pretty good cozy I liked the diverse character base, which kept things interesting The story kept me guessing pretty much until the end, and had me suspecting the wrong person a few times There s some good potential for story development in the next installment, as there was also a hint of a developing love triangle I ll definitely be reading book 2 to see what happens next.

  19. Story is very capturing and characters interesting and very likable The plot is tight and the story moves quickly without being confusing I read this in about 3 days Made me want to read by this author.

  20. I had a hard time getting into this book for some reason, but I am not letting that discourage me from reading another one in this series

  21. Review originally posted on Bitten Books and given 3 stars.Becca Robins, preserve maker extraordinaire, arrives at Bailey s Farmers Market to sell her goods one morning only to discover that customers might be a little put off by the atmosphere A dead body and a bunch of police will do that though Becca needs this murder solved quickly so that her sister doesn t lose her job, a close friend doesn t end up going to jail and she doesn t end up as the next victim.It was very difficult for me to rat [...]

  22. Delightful idea a murder mystery taking place in a busy farm market So much opportunity for colourful characters in the family of market vendors PLUS an extremely relaxing setting What s not to like about filling a story with people who make and sell jam and pies, grown their own pumpkins and corn and solve murders while they do it It goes without saying that the author includes some delightful recipes at the end of the book and a few have a nice connection to the story and I love that it s so m [...]

  23. WHAT Farm Fresh Murder by Paige Shelton, library pb, 2010, 281 pgsWHO Becca Robins, jam preserve maker strawberry pumpkin , farm owner, vendor at local Farmer s Market, twin sister Alison is married, mother of Mathis and manager of Bailey s Farmer s Market Their parents were free spirits hippies and now travel in RV around the country Becca has been twice married, both ex s named Scott, currently thinks Hobbit her dog is enough of a companion but is becoming interested in Ian, a sculptor and new [...]

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