How To Find Your One True Love

Unlimited How To Find Your One True Love - by Bo Sánchez - How To Find Your One True Love, How To Find Your One True Love This Life Saving Book Will Give You The steps to Attract Your One true Love How to Know God s Will for Your Future The Top Attraction Secrets of a Woman and Attraction Secret of a Man The Myths

  • Title: How To Find Your One True Love
  • Author: Bo Sánchez
  • ISBN: 9789719261384
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited How To Find Your One True Love - by Bo Sánchez, How To Find Your One True Love, Bo Sánchez, How To Find Your One True Love This Life Saving Book Will Give You The steps to Attract Your One true Love How to Know God s Will for Your Future The Top Attraction Secrets of a Woman and Attraction Secret of a Man The Myths That Destroy Your Love LifeWill Answer the Questions Is there really just one person out there for me Can the woman make the first move Is it okay to flirt This Life Sa Unlimited How To Find Your One True Love - by Bo Sánchez - How To Find Your One True Love, How To Find Your One True Love This Life Saving Book Will Give You The steps to Attract Your One true Love How to Know God s Will for Your Future The Top Attraction Secrets of a Woman and Attraction Secret of a Man The Myths

  • Unlimited How To Find Your One True Love - by Bo Sánchez
    292 Bo Sánchez
How To Find Your One True Love

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  1. Bo Sánchez

    Bo Sanchez is a preacher, leader and entrepreneur He is the auhor of 30 bestselling books and publisher of eight periodicals Bo also has a weekly TV show, adaily radio program and a daily Internet TV show He travels extensively around the world as a powerful speaker So far, he has addressed audiences in 14 countries, including 36 cities in North America He found many organizations, such as Anawim, a special home for the abandoned elderly, and Shepherd s Voice, a media group that publishes the widest read inspirational literature in the country He is also the founder of the Light of Jesus Family, a spiritual community.


  1. Whenever you feel a negative emotion be alone in a room and just sit down with it and feel Don t judge it, criticize it, intellectualize it, explain it away Allow yourself to feel the pain It s okay Accompany it breathe into it and after a while, you ll feel the anger or fear or sadness lose it s urgency and power Allow God to tenderly embrace you in your pain And then, at the right time, you can let go.

  2. When i finished reading this booki just realized that you make your own destinyat GOD given us the right to be responsible in our journey towards life How to find your one true loves change my outlooks in finding the right partner for the rest of my lifeAnd im glad i have the chance to read this one so guys out there if you want to be guided in finding your one true lovead this one i bet you ll going to love this book.swear,,,

  3. Just read it today 9 24 08 though it had been in my real bookshelf for a year now i originally bought it for my sis when i saw her scanning it inside a bookstore i told myself why not buy it it could be an addition to my bo sanchez s bookshelf.i read yesterday a spoiler to this book i don t agree with her but neither would i counter argue her since we are all entitled to make an opinion for me the book is very informative it does not only give you the abc s of how to find the man you want to spe [...]

  4. I m not really digging this book because I m a girl who s not looking for any romantic relationship Why did I gave a 5 stars rating Because my favorite author wrote this book Anything Bo Sanchez count me in He inspires me to be a good Christian and reminds me to give love to everyone I m going to reread this when I m ready to find my one true love lol.

  5. I don t really believe in reading books like this before but after finishing it, I think I ll change my mind I think it s very realistic and inspiring that you would end up reflecting and assessing things in your life It s not just about finding love overall but it s about changing some of your wrong beliefs about being single and alone It s about accepting yourself, owning your weaknesses and flaws, and believing that you have a purpose as a daughter child of God.I highly recommend this to you [...]

  6. This is a very local, basic and down to earth book on how to find your one true love Bo Sanchez delivered an easy and sometimes hard way on how to find our soulmate depending on how we see it He s right that a man and a woman must choose to love first the Lord and him herself before finding and choosing The One.

  7. This book totally burst my bubble But then I still choose to believe in my own perception about love After all, I m still young LOL

  8. The title is definitely mushy I admit that I felt a bit embarrassed when I bought this and I even placed it face down on the counter upon paying, afraid to get judged by the cashier and the person behind me But you know what I can now honestly say that this is one of the best books I ve ever bought for myself Bo Sanchez is a Catholic preacher but this book is not for the overly spiritual, nor is it for the overly romantic This book will shock your brains out, he even warns Targeting mature singl [...]

  9. For all Catholic singles especially in South East Asia where the culture of asking when is your wedding day or are you still single is becoming a must asked question on meeting friends and relatives, which may have caused a deep misunderstanding with the concept of vocation of marriage, celibate life, or religious life Here, Bo explains and break those myths in a very straight to the point with real life examples and humour Although he is from the Philippines, it s very much applies in Indonesia [...]

  10. Finished it in one sitting This one was an eye opener I just realized I was doing it all wrong all along No wonder why God s will is so much bigger than what we thought _ PRAY NO ACTION EPIC FAILPRAY ACTION DISCERNMENT FINDING YOUR ONE TRUE LOVEJust waiting for your prince charming won t lead you to it.Talk to a lot of guys Build friendships Be attractive Be flirtsome Enjoy life and be happy Love and respect yourself.Know your deepest desire Discern.Decide when you feel good about yourself.

  11. Buku ini sebanrnya sudah nangkring dilemari selama hampir 2thn akhirnya saya baca atas saran temen Buku ini ditujukan khususnya para wanita sngle yg berusia 30thn lbh Poroses pencarian cinta sejati ternyata tidak cukup dengan doa dan puasa tapi juga perlu tindakan berkenalan dgn byk orang.

  12. It was funny and I learned so much from it The myths that we shouldn t believe and rely on Every singles out there must read it It will change your perspective in many ways Thumbs up

  13. Okay rin Something different to read This was actually the first Bo Sanchez book I read Bigay sa akin ng friend kong si Yanille kasi atat na sya magkaboyfriend ako Nakakatuwa lang kasi easy read yung libro Knowing Bo Sanchez, I thought it will be filled with bible scriptures but it wasn t It had that friendly tone na parang kaibigan mo yung nag a advise sayo Cool rin kasi yung advise nya, something really different from what I have believed in Good read sya.

  14. I ve read this book when I was 22 years old and this was the first book of Bro Bo that I ve read And since then, I became a fan of him I really love his writing style This book is so funny and it really is a guide for finding your one true love but he put it in a different light It wasn t just about looking for that love in a superficial and physical context but spiritual as well It was focused on YOU rather than that one true love I enjoyed reading and rereading it.

  15. Very quick, easy read that offers practical guide on how to have a phenomenal life I highly recommend it to all single women of all ages It does not focus on finding the One, or Mr Right, but on how to become Ms Right, so you become a magnet to the right person It is empowering.The language used here is mostly for women, so I hope there s a book like this that speaks to men too, that would be great.

  16. Very nice book I noted tons quotable quotes from this book Listing them all here would mean quoting the entire book So I recommend you all single ladies to read this funny writing of Mr Sanchez Interesting, humorous and lots of funny realizations that makes you go I see , that s so practical , oh yeah and true that Realizations not only about love but about life in general Go grab the book and enjoy Off to forming my OTL support team lol.

  17. Fantastic book It made me look back with my own personal journey finding God s will for my life And it was really true that it all starts with a choice And God will do the rest Very recommended to all singles and teens as their guide in finding their One True Love that they will going to decide to love in the future God bless

  18. I ve read the book before I got married The book gives you very important pointers before making a life changing decision and that s to get married I can honestly say that this has blessed me and changed the way I looked at dating I am now happily married to a great Christian man and proud to say this book was such a blessing.

  19. Bought it, read it, loved it all in a span of two hours Being happily single, i never thought i d consider reading this book, and thank God I did Thank you, Bo, for reaffirming my beliefs and adding a little extra values along the way Beautifully written with all the humor and punch only Bo Sanchez can create

  20. I liked his idea of flirting Most of us, girls see flirting negatively In his book, Bo stresses that this isn t so So stop being guilty when you feel that you are being flirty , because this is but a normal thing Made me feel excited about meeting a lot of guys A good read

  21. This book probably the funniest non fiction book that i read so far The author writes with an easy to understand language, packed with humor and yes, sarcasm.I really had a good time reading this book and thumbs up Definitely must read book to all singles in the world

  22. this book allows me to open my mind that your someone special do not come without any effort and if you have tried and haven not met him yet, just keep on fire and don t be desperate woman and increase your personal.

  23. I have read a lot of inspiring books bout relationship and love Though most of what I ve read explained almost same ideas Bo Sanchez still surprised me on the myths I hold on for years Thumbs up for this book

  24. a friend gave me this book as a present, and kept pestering me to read it, out of courtesy i finally gave in and read iti refrained from commenting cuz my comment would definitely hurt many people who love it can they even purchase this book flabbergasted

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