Burning The Map

Free Download Burning The Map - by Laura Caldwell - Burning The Map, Burning The Map The choices Casey Evers has made in her twenty six years aren t exactly making her happy In fact her life is so on course college law school boyfriend job offer that it s actually off So before s

  • Title: Burning The Map
  • Author: Laura Caldwell
  • ISBN: 9780373250219
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Burning The Map - by Laura Caldwell, Burning The Map, Laura Caldwell, Burning The Map The choices Casey Evers has made in her twenty six years aren t exactly making her happy In fact her life is so on course college law school boyfriend job offer that it s actually off So before she slides into fourteen hour days at a Chicago law firm she heads to Rome and Greece with her two best friends for one last hurrah The thing is her best friends havThe choices Casey Free Download Burning The Map - by Laura Caldwell - Burning The Map, Burning The Map The choices Casey Evers has made in her twenty six years aren t exactly making her happy In fact her life is so on course college law school boyfriend job offer that it s actually off So before s

  • Free Download Burning The Map - by Laura Caldwell
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Burning The Map

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    Laura Caldwell is a Chicago based lawyer turned novelist Her first book, Burning the Map, was selected by Barnes Noble as one of The Best of 2002 Following that, A Clean Slate received a starred review from Booklist The release of The Year of Living Famously and The Night I Got Lucky prompted Booklist to declare, Caldwell is one of the most talented and inventivewriters around Laura began publishing thrillers and suspense novels in 2005 Her debut mystery, Look Closely, received critical acclaim and The Chicago Sun Times called The Rome Affair Caldwell s most exciting book yet a summer must read The Rome Affair, which centers around a Chicago society couple riding a roller coaster of infidelity, blackmail and murder, pulled Laura into a real life, highly profiled murder trial involving a 19 year old suspect forced into a confession and wrongfully jailed for a crime he did not commit Laura became one of the attorneys who represented the suspect pro bono, resulting in a not guilty verdict.Laura s newest is an international thriller, The Good Liar Bestselling author Ken Bruen calls it a massive achievement Publisher s Weekly lauds it as a taut, enjoyable thriller And New York Times bestselling author James Rollins said, THE GOOD LIAR strikes like an assassin s bullet sudden, swift, precise, deadly Here is a taut international thriller certain to keep readers breathless and awake until the wee hours of the morning Not to be missed Her work has been translated into ten languages and published in over twenty countries.Before beginning her writing career, Laura was a trial attorney, specializing in medical malpractice defense and entertainment law She is published in the legal field and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Law at her alma mater, Loyola University Chicago, where she teaches Advanced Writing for Litigation She recently received the St Robert Bellarmine award for distinguished contributions to the profession and the Loyola School of Law In the summer of 2008, she will be teaching International Criminal Law at Loyola s campus in Rome, Italy.Laura is also a freelance magazine writer Her work has been published in Chicago Magazine, Woman s Own, The Young Lawyer, Lake Magazine, Australia Woman s Weekly, Shore Magazine and others Her work can also be seen in Everything I Needed to Know About Being A Girl I Learned From Judy Blume Pocket Books, 2007 , It s A Wonderful Lie Truth About Life In Your Twenties Warner, 2006 , Girl s Night In II Red Dress Ink, 2006 Flirting With Pride Prejudice BenBella Books, 2005 and Welcome to Wisteria Lane On America s Favorite Desperate Housewives BenBella Books, 2006.


  1. audiobook review One of the best things about Burning the Map is that it surprised me I was expecting something that fell neatly into the Chicklit genre, and instead I found a story about real friendship, self identity, and travel Casey Evans is a refreshing protagonist Smart, gutsy, and refreshingly indecisive about her future, Casey is the proverbial dog who caught the bus On a European trip to celebrate the completion of law school and her bar exam, Casey realizes that getting everything she [...]

  2. Quick read 20 something college grad on summer trip with girlfriends before she starts working for a living Spoiler ALERT she doesn t stupid ending she stays in Greece with NO money on credit , owing her law school loans but happy to find her real self YEP

  3. Typical, yet enjoyable I whipped through it very quickly and love the idea of just jetting off to Greece like the main character Fun escapist fiction.

  4. It s hard to say if I liked Burning the Map or not One one hand, I identified with the characters on the other, they sort of annoyed me and I never really came around to liking the protagonist.Casey Evers is one of those lucky post post grads who gets to take time off between grad school and Starting Real Life to poke around Europe while the rest of us slave away at Corporate America, eking out our livings so we can read about people like her I m not bitter She s on this fun jaunt with her two f [...]

  5. Burning The Map is about Casey who goes on a vacation with her friends Kat and Lindsey However, not everything is as rosy as it sounds due to their somewhat estranged friendship, her doubts about her relationship with John and her apprehension regarding her new job as a lawyer.I wanted to like this book as I d really enjoyed a few books by Caldwell that I ve read so far but it was a major disappointment I didn t like how Casey could cheat on John just like that and despite her internal monologue [...]

  6. Now if you know me, you know I love to travel so this book was right up my alley even my friend noticed Even if I haven t been to Rome or Greece, or anywhere international aside from a few islands , after reading this book, I felt like I was there Immediately, I was able to identify with Casey, feeling like an outsider with friends, in her case with Kat and Sin fortunately for me, I never went on vacation with friends that made me feel like that However, this book helped me see both sides, and h [...]

  7. I found this book both enjoyable and frustrating at the same time I find that I can really relate to the main character Casey as she questions what she wants out of life Casey just finished law school and has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 2 years and life seems to be stalling I felt this way after working at the bank forever Something needed to change Casey goes on vacation with her two estranged best friends, bickering for quite a while on their three week vacation between Rome [...]

  8. Reading this book for me was a case of knowing which side my bread is buttered on The author is related to someone important to my job So being able to discuss the book coherently is a Good Thing Surprisingly, it s not a bad book although frankly, I m not sure I could bring myself to discuss much about it with The Relative it s pretty risque for that kind of conversation We follow Casey as she hooks up with her Best Friends Since College Days, Sin Lindsey and Kat and heads off to Rome and Greece [...]

  9. Love, love, loved it Casey is fresh out of law school, and before starting her career at a big firm, she embarks on a European vacation with 2 of her best friends She seems to have it all great friends, loving boyfriend, great job But Casey isn t happy with her life This is something she discovers as she and her friends explore Rome and Greece She has important decisions to make, and this trip seems to be just what she needs to take her life back This book really spoke to me We all get a little [...]

  10. I have absolutely no idea how I heard of this book, but I m glad I did The author grew up in Crystal Lake, and I m a librarian at the Crystal Lake Library, so I must have heard of Laura Caldwell via work somehow, but none of my friends have read reviewed this book, so I m still clueless where or when I added it to my to read list Burning the Map is a cute little romance novel that would appeal to any twenty something woman who s confused about her personal and professional future The characters [...]

  11. On my last day of vacation, I read two books, and this was the second one When my first chick lit vacation book ran out right after I got to the airport to go home, I started this one It lasted my whole long airport wait, my short little than an hour flight, and getting ready for bed In the morning, I finished up the last chapter before work Yup, it was THAT quick This is a junk food type chick lit book, about three friends on a trip to rome and Greece, and one of them learning about herself I [...]

  12. Me esperaba m s de todo M s locuras, m s aventuras, m s El libro est bien pero tampoco es para dar saltos de alegr a Nos cuenta la historia de la protagonista y como un viaje con sus amigas marcar el rumbo de sus decisiones Las amigas la hacen caso cuando las da la gana y ella a n as cree notar que las cosas entre ellas no van bien No hay que ser un genio con las contestaciones que recibe Su novio es un aburrido de tomo a lomo y en este viaje se desmelena, y se da cuenta que aunque hay cosas que [...]

  13. La vicenda, narrata in prima persona da una ragazzina fresca di laurea e spaventata dal futuro, tratta le avventure di tre zoccoline americane in giro per l Europa la narrazione parte dai giorni, che le protagoniste, hanno trascorso a Roma, dove vengono snocciolati uno dietro l altro tutti i clich sulle abitudini italiane possibili ed immaginabili ed alcuni totalmente falsi tengo a precisare , poi ci trasferiamo in Grecia, classica meta per far sognare qualsiasi adolescente in cerca di risposte, [...]

  14. I really enjoyed the story The descriptions of Italy and Greece were captivating I was a little surprised at the way the book ended Though I enjoyed the book overall, I would have liked to have seen a different ending I liked the Billy character and I would have liked to have known about how Casey makes out One thing that I found interesting was that this book was spurred from a trip the author made to Italy and Greece after she graduated from law school HmmmmI wonder how much of this story is [...]

  15. I really wanted to like this book The back cover sold me completely, but the book just never hooked me I suppose it didn t help that I absolutely loathed the main character, Casey All her complaints were so trivial and naive that I had a hard time believing she had a brain This story could have had so much potential Why did Kat and Sin act the way they did Why is Casey s mom into plastic surgery Why is John such a sap especially when he s portrayed as cold callous throughout 90% of the book.Big [...]

  16. Good summer read Ever second guess your life path Who you are with, the job you are doing, where you live Ever think you would benefit from making changes to your career, changes to your relationship Well, if so this book is for you We get so tied up in the stress of our routine sometimes it takes a mental vacation to unwind it all and to grasp on to what needs to be changed in order to make things better This was a good read It can definitely be reality in some minds The reviews on this book we [...]

  17. I read this book in 2006 My journal entry from Bookcrossing A good read I have liked all of Ms Caldwell s books that I have read I was interested in reading this one in particular because the characters visited the two places I hope to visit some day Italy and Greece.The girls were great characters, although Sin could kind of be a bitch at times I m glad that Casey figured things out and decided to follow her heart at the end.

  18. I adored this book, and I wanted it to be longer so badly I was sad when I was finished I could feel Greece on my skin, like I can in the fabulous Greece scenes in Mary Stewart s novels Some parts of the characters were a bit one dimensional, but I felt like they all got fleshed out well by the end, and the main character always felt real and flawed and human Highly, highly recommended Laura Caldwell is one of my favorite authors.

  19. Casey heads to Rome and Greece with her two best friends She hopes to rekindle their friendship and get a little vacation before she starts her new job at a law firm does she really want to be a lawyer and work all of those hours and return to her boyfriend John does she want a future with him It s awfully hard to commit to girl time when these foreign men pose a constant distraction.Cute story.

  20. A beautiful coming of age story about a woman several years out of college She finds herself while on a trip to Europe with her friends While finding herself, she faces decisions about her career, life partner, friends, and parents.I identified with the protagonist which is probably the only reason I enjoyed this novel The author s prose was full of unnecessary metaphors story telling didn t seem to come naturally to this author.

  21. I really liked this book It s about what I m sure everyone has dreamed of doingaveling around Italy and Greece with your best friends It was really cute, and I could relate well to the character of Casey and how she feels about the turning point in her life It s officialI m addicted to RDI books

  22. This book was just OK sort of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for grown ups Three 20 somethings take a girls only vacation to Rome Greecech angst over men ensues The three are trying to patch up their strained friendship but their individual problems hang ups keep getting in the way I was expecting oh, well.

  23. Rather stupid A young woman, bored with her boyfriend of two years and terrified about beginning her law career, goes on a vacation with her two best friends to Rome and Greece She doesn t know what she really wants and is involved in some crude escapades with drinking and nudity She ends up shucking the boyfriend and job to be lazy on an island Great.

  24. Everyone needs a bit if escapist reading now and again, but at times this one was particularly unpalatable For one, I thought the end was pretty predictable Also it annoyed me how much the main character and narrator talked about her weight Lastly, I felt there were too many references to people s skin color Each time it happened I re read the sentence and wondered, is that really necessary

  25. This is my first Caldwell and I loved it It s fun and light, but it has enough uoomph to surpass romances and other lighter chick lit fair Caldwell s writing style is easy going and breezy, just like the story here Another author for me to savor

  26. Sadly, I am only giving this book two stars because I can t really remember much about it I read this book a few years ago but when a book is really amazing, I ll remember it I think I remember picking up this book, really excited, but was left disappointed.

  27. It was as good as I suspected I have read several of Caldwell s books and have never been disappointed She builds good characters and doesn t do so much that it seems like the end is so face paced because the author is coming up to 300 pages It took me less than 2 days to read it

  28. Fluffy, chick lit novel about three friends who take a vacation in Rome and Greece The main character, Casey, is about to start her first job as a lawyer and has a great boyfriend yet she feels unfulfilled and is unsure whether she actually wants to be a lawyer.

  29. A great escape book with beautiful backdrops and scenery I read this on a relaxing trip to Albuquerque and really identified with the story linewhen life gets too predictable stressful, sometimes you just need to get away from it all.

  30. Loved the idea of a book about women and traveling but was pretty disappointed I couldn t relate to the character at all Most of the characters were unrelatable or just all around bad people, or whiny.

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