Stained: A Short Chiller

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Stained: A Short Chiller : by Kayla Krantz - Stained: A Short Chiller, Stained A Short Chiller Blackouts have always been Melissa s problem but now she has a new one People are missing and she isn t entirely convinced she s not responsible

  • Title: Stained: A Short Chiller
  • Author: Kayla Krantz
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Stained: A Short Chiller : by Kayla Krantz, Stained: A Short Chiller, Kayla Krantz, Stained A Short Chiller Blackouts have always been Melissa s problem but now she has a new one People are missing and she isn t entirely convinced she s not responsible [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Stained: A Short Chiller : by Kayla Krantz - Stained: A Short Chiller, Stained A Short Chiller Blackouts have always been Melissa s problem but now she has a new one People are missing and she isn t entirely convinced she s not responsible

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  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Stained: A Short Chiller : by Kayla Krantz
    185 Kayla Krantz
Stained: A Short Chiller

About "Kayla Krantz"

  1. Kayla Krantz

    Proud author responsible for Dead by Morning and The Council, fascinated by the dark and macabre Stephen King is her all time inspiration mixed in with a little bit of Eminem and some faint remnants of the works of Edgar Allen Poe When she began writing, she started in horror but it somehow drifted into thriller She loves the 1988 movie Heathers She was born and raised in Michigan but traveled across the country to where she currently resides in Texas.She has ideas for books in many genres that she hopes to write and publish in the future.


  1. Unreliable narrator view spoiler A.KA Mental Melissa hide spoiler freebie Short story Predictable but still enjoyable br br br

  2. I wasn t a bad person the closest to crime I had come was watching Scooby Doo as a kid The moment I started reading this short chiller, I knew I wasn t going to be able to put it down and I didn t Not only because it was such a light read but also because the story was very intriguing swiftly and yet delicately building up to the twist at the end Melissa is one of those unreliable raconteurs which only makes this chiller a lot chillier This is definitely a page turner that will leave you eager f [...]

  3. This is definitely another intriguing dark story from Author Kayla Krantz I felt like the character was well developed and the dialogue hinted at a backstory I would love to hear about but by the ending we get a pretty good idea The prose was well written and intriguing just the narrative alone pushed me to keep reading.Stained didn t leave anything unanswered, and it had the perfect ending even if I would love for the story to continue because it was getting really good Maybe the author will w [...]

  4. This short story hooked me from the very beginning It spends it s time in first person of the main character Melissa A neighbor has gone missing, Melissa s parents are out of town and she keeps having weird dreams I was hooked in the way in which the author portrayed this story The ending was great I also love how the author allows the reader to draw some conclusions of their own I won t tell you what those are as that would give away the ending If you want a very short story chiller then grab S [...]

  5. Dark ChillerThis is the first story I ve read of Kayla s and I was drawn in by the first paragraph The short is a dark chiller about a girl called Melissa, a loner with no friends and parents who seemed to shun her She suffers with vivid nightmares about blood on her hands and when her neighbor is murdered she wants to get to the bottom of it At first I did think maybe she was psychic with the flashes of images she kept gettingBut I was wrong.

  6. This is a Kindle 30 Minute Read A short, short story that managed to pack a lot of mystery and anxiety into it s few pages Even though you could see where the story was heading the ending still snuck up and shocked you Recommended for short story aficionados.

  7. I received this one for an honest review.It was pretty interesting actually, I think this could be exploited to do a semi full length novel about the girl and what actually happened with her mom and what else does she did while sleeping Really liked it.

  8. An interesting, entertaining short.Very quick and to the point An enjoyable and highly entertaining read Interesting concept, a perfect just before bed tale.

  9. Stained is a short chiller by horror scribe Kayla Krantz It follows Melissa, a girl in need of therapy due to her blackouts and tenuous grasp of reality Melissa dreams of blood She suffers visions of visceral crime scenes that at times she feels she has something to do with, but at others, she distances herself as if she herself could become the next victim She s your typical no friends at school protagonist that must work through her nightmares alone Or are they really dreams While I enjoyed Ka [...]

  10. It amazes how much this author packed into this short story I enjoyed the horror, and I read through this really fast I liked the twist ending, and how it was wrapped up I would love to see a sequel, or even a follow up novel.

  11. ChillingGood read Kept my interest and surprised by the ending I cannot wait to read of her words Splendid.

  12. What a macabre little story And gosh, I really want to know about the incident between Melissa and her mom creepy.

  13. Uncaged Book Reviews A very short read but its very action packed and you jump Right into the story from the first page.Reviewed by JenniferFull review at UncagedBooks

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