A Time to Rise

[PDF] Read Û A Time to Rise : by Tal Bauer - A Time to Rise, A Time to Rise History says the Knights Templar were destroyed in History is wrong Vampires haunt the sewers beneath Rome revenants desecrate graveyards ghouls devour helpless passersby and incubi stalk dark

  • Title: A Time to Rise
  • Author: Tal Bauer
  • ISBN: 9781911153481
  • Page: 358
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read Û A Time to Rise : by Tal Bauer, A Time to Rise, Tal Bauer, A Time to Rise History says the Knights Templar were destroyed in History is wrong Vampires haunt the sewers beneath Rome revenants desecrate graveyards ghouls devour helpless passersby and incubi stalk dark alleys and seedy nightclubs in Italy s capital Deep in the Vatican a brotherhood exists sworn protectors of the earth and they stand firm against monsters from the dark dHistory say [PDF] Read Û A Time to Rise : by Tal Bauer - A Time to Rise, A Time to Rise History says the Knights Templar were destroyed in History is wrong Vampires haunt the sewers beneath Rome revenants desecrate graveyards ghouls devour helpless passersby and incubi stalk dark

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  • [PDF] Read Û A Time to Rise : by Tal Bauer
    358 Tal Bauer
A Time to Rise

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  1. Tal Bauer

    Tal Bauer is an award winning and best selling author of LGBT romantic thrillers, bringing together a career in law enforcement and international humanitarian aid to create dynamic characters, intriguing plots, and exotic locations He is happily married and lives with his husband and their Basset Hound in Texas Tal is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Mystery Writers of America.Website talbauerwritesFacebook facebook taluer.7Twitter TalBauerWrites Author author talbauerEmail tal talbauerwritesNewsletter eepurl cs0vsn


  1. Cross posted at Outlaw Reviews and at Shelf InflictedAlain Autenburg is an elite soldier in the Pontifical Swiss Guard that protects and defends the Vatican, but his obscure task of fighting dangerous supernatural elements along with his blunt and chain smoking sidekick, Father Lotario, causes him to be aloof and secretive, which keeps him from fitting in with his peers Cristoph Hasse is the newest member of the Guard and is assigned by his commander to mentor under Alain Like Alain, Cristoph is [...]

  2. One of the things that are claimed in the book by the main character and may make an impression is that Vatican has a substantial percentage of population with homosexual tendencies one third Some priests and soldiers are celibate and some are active I have no idea if this is correct, but to be honest I do not particularly care.I just think that anybody who is allowed to live in Vatican is lucky enough to be surrounded with so much beauty and incredible art.The fact that the two main characters [...]

  3. 3.5 starsHold on to your hats folks This one is intense If you are looking for warm and fuzzy vampires, like the Twilight books or Until Forever Comes, you won t find them here The vampires in A Time to Rise are some serious kind of bad ass villains If you are looking for warm and fuzzy ghosts, like Winter Oranges or The Ghost on my Couch, same story Bad Ass Mother Fuckers.I am not a fan of paranormal MM romance If you discount shifter books, I can only think of two paranormal romances I ve like [...]

  4. 5 Stars A Time To Rise is a book where paranormal elements,action,suspense,history and romance has been weaved together to create an exceptional story which will enthrall you right from the first page The book is a masterpiece which has been crafted with excellence paying close attention to detail in order to make the narrative extremely captivating This book is really different from all the other paranormal romances out there and is guaranteed to leave you breathless after reading the story.The [...]

  5. Wow, that was amazing Those characters their relationships were fantastic It was a really interesting and creative plot definitely in no way predictable, that s for sure Very exciting.I love the way Tal Bauer describes things it was the same in Enemies of the State Locations, events, and characters personalities come alive with such wonderfully descriptive words and the gory parts fantastic Oh yeah, so great.I m anxiously awaiting a sequel sooooon please a copy of this book was provided in excha [...]

  6. I hold my hands up and say I was reluctant to read A Time to Rise The problem was that while I found the blurb intriguing I tend to stay away from books that contain religious subject matter You see I have a problem with organised religion Now those issues are varied and entirely my own Nonetheless I have them Lets face it a book set in and around the Vatican City is going to mention religion at some point It wasn t until many of my friends read Tal s Enemies of The State and were raving about i [...]

  7. I lovedTal Bauer s Enemies of the State , so naturally, I jumped at the chance to read another book by this author even if paranormal isn t a favourite subgenre of mine I am glad I read it, because the story was rich and well developed, but it didn t quite satisfy as much as this author s contemporary story did The story takes place in modern day Rome and specifically tackles the inner workings of the Vatican City Alain is a special projects agent, fighting ghouls, revenants, vampires, and freak [...]

  8. 3.5 starsThis is a difficult review There was so much to like about this book, and then so much personal tastes only that didn t work for me So I ll settle on 3.5 and consider it overall positive from a new to me author.Tal Bauer paints a world that is vivid, tangible, and brilliant A paranormal reality where nothing is how most people would understand or even be aware of The Vatican is our setting, and a single Swiss Guard, Alain Autenburg, fights the evils that lurk in the center of Catholicis [...]

  9. My Most Favorite Political Thriller Writer, Tal Bauer It pains me.BUT.BLOODY HELL Man oh manI can t take this.Because, this book was unquestionably bloody gross 3 Stars But.If you love Bram Stoker , and love MM, than you will love this I do not like Bram Stoker, yet, I love MM Nonetheless, this book is quality driven and I love that This is a PNR Thriller that is beautifully stunning to read It is NOT romance driven SighI love romance driven books, so I was not thrilled by the back drop of roman [...]

  10. I enjoyed this and for the most part, it s well written, but had to leave it a few days before reviewing.On starting I feared overly religious themes and historical dryness but it was never as obnoxious as the oddly popular Dan Brown There is a feel of history and place with some detailed descriptions, but it doesn t overcome the plot The characters were interesting and situations suitably chilling, broaching horror territory in places with the copious gore These are not your fluffy Vampire crea [...]

  11. Wow, what a ride Tal Bauer is a new author to me, but one I will be keeping an eye on for future books, and maybe a sequel to this one This story was an amazing combination of the paranormal, Vatican history, and the slowly forming romance growing between two Swiss Guards The history lesson is one that totally grabbed my interest and I spent a long time on this book because I kept going to Google to look up some of the things I was reading Normally I would hate that info dump, but in this case, [...]

  12. I was blown away by this book Blown Away.What a wild ride A Time to Rise is a staggeringly well written novel Tal Bauer does an absolutely spectacular job of balancing all elements in this incredibly engaging plot Characters, twists, paranormal, action, romance, imagery s all there, perfectly sewn together with beautiful prose that just never, ever stops I found myself reading paragraph by paragraph as slowly as possible, just trying to absorb every word so that it would never end.I know some re [...]

  13. Wonderful read Slow burning romance and fast action to finish I love the characters.The world building is a scary reality which I hope won t come to pass.

  14. As a lover of Dan Brown s Robert Langdon series Angels Demons, The Da Vinci Code, etc , I was over the top to discover that this book combined not only some of my favorite elements of that type of series mystery, paranormal, church secrets but also incorporated my now favorite genre, m m romance, into pure reading heaven The measure of a great book is just how carried away you can get when reading it, and I found that I became completely absorbed with this one in my own little bubble where time [...]

  15. Paranormal plot excellent, a bit daft at times I ll admit but exciting and suspenseful.Romantic plot believable in the early tension but angst, way way too much for me.It moved fast, and was really well paced but dear god, these guys just could not talk to each other, and it really annoyed me, there was sufficient external tension without needing quite that much internal And that was a shame for me.

  16. 4.5 Stars What do you get when you take history, paranormal, religion and romance elements and tie them together in a plot In this case a masterpiece.I knew from the prologue I was in for something different, and ended up captivated from the beginning That feeling remained until the last page We have Alain, a hunter of evil paranormal beings, who happens to be a Sergeant in the Swiss Guard stationed at the Vatican Alain s duties are secret, and he is seen as just plain weird by those around him [...]

  17. I was provided an ARC copy by the author My reviews are my own, I don t have a blog or review site So, I may not be as capable of writing a review that will convey how utterly awesome I think this book is Another book I started at 4 in the afternoon and couldn t put down til 3 am Paranormal elements have not recently been my first choice of subjects Neither has anything related to religion But Tal Bauer can write the hell out a book, so I dove in I was almost immediately plunged into Rome and I [...]

  18. This is the second book from Tal Bauer I read Tal s first book, Enemies of the State, and was totally blown away, so I was eagerly awaiting Tal s next book After reading the blurb for A Time to Rise, I had high hopes for it and I wasn t disappointed I m a huge fan of stories dealing with the supernatural and this one has it all Actual vampires, not the sparkly kind Check Demons Check, pass the salt Hunters Oh yes Ghouls You had me at hunters I also really love conspiracies and the nefarious sche [...]

  19. Wow What a ride that was This was a horror romance novel, written by Tal Bauer, that ll send you reeling into a nightmare world of nighttime creatures And it s bloody Blood Just all over the place But it s also intriguing as a concept Vatican Vampire Slayers Wraith chasers Sexy guardsmen And an Ass kicking Pope Yes, you read that right And in the midst of it a sweet love story That was sweet And lovely And tender This was incredibly well researched and a surprisingly face paced book The only dra [...]

  20. This story is based on an amazing amount of imagination of the past and present time Full of the struggle between good and evil, but which side is which The twist of the love story came out of left field for me Lots of good stuff here.It s been a while since I ve wanted to read paranormal, but I was so impressed by Tal s Enemies of the State, it had to read this I very much enjoy his writing and stories I look forward to his future novels.

  21. Tal writes the angsty i can t love you character so well, and the plot, the plot, the unexpected bits, awesome

  22. You want me to be enthusiastic about a book It is fairly easy You just have to write a paranormal M M romance set in Vatican and throw some Templars in the mix Oh, wait a minute That is what A Time To Rise is all about Do I need to tell you that this book is a homerun That I can t take enough of it That I am so happy that it is the first book of a series I guess not This book was completely and utterly amazing Alain is a character that is bitter and closed off toward the others Once upon a time [...]

  23. For the past 12 years Sergeant Alain Autenberg has been in charge of Special Projects for the Guard which basically means it s his job to protect the Vatican and Rome from all the things that go bump in the night His partner is Father Lotario who is quite a piece of work and hard to believe he s a father at all I immediately loved him They work together to eliminate any threat but things are starting to change in the dark world and they can t seem to figure out why As a side note Alain lost the [...]

  24. A Joyfully Jay review 4.75 starsWow, I had no idea what to expect from this story and I absolutely loved every minute The combination of adventure, suspense, creative world building, and incredible attention to detail and setting really make A Time to Rise shine.The story takes place in Rome, with a focus on the Vatican, and Tal Bauer has outdone herself grounding the story in the location and the history of this area It is clear she has done her research as both the Vatican and Rome just come t [...]

  25. Alain Autenberg is the odd man out among the elite Vatican Swiss Guard, but he s secretly tasked to fight supernatural elements that are unknown to the general populace He is partnered with an irreverent priest exorcist, works with a special liason in the Rome police department, and reports to his commander and the Pope only.A spate of suspicious deaths point to murders by vampires, even though there has been a kind of truce with the Roman nest for years Alain and his partner are beset by a new [...]

  26. It s not often I find a book that checks all my boxes this well I inhaled the first seven chapters in one sitting and knew that I was in trouble there was a real risk that I would be unable to put the book down and miss bedtime alarms meals I had to be really strategic, waiting until I had an afternoon free without any commitments to finish the book That was yesterday Today, I m still digesting what just happened In this particular instance, my boxes are vampires plot history and place wound bea [...]

  27. 4.5 starsGah What to say about this one first of all, this is suspense than romance, though it does have a large enough romantic side that the label isn t unwarranted I liked the MCs I liked the alternating POVs, even those beyond the MCs, which is usually not my preference This book was well written I read and read and thought I knew where it was going and then, BAM I realized I really didn t though part of it wasn t a complete surprise Now the big question When will the next book be released

  28. The public believes the Knights Templar were destroyed in 1307 The public also believes that vampires, ghouls, and other things that go bump in the night don t exist outside the realm of fiction On both counts, the public is sorely mistaken Operating out of the Vatican in utter secrecy, unbeknownst to any but the Pope himself, an unbroken line of Knights has been fighting for centuries to keep our world safe from the supernatural evils coming through the Veil Their secret mission keeps them apar [...]

  29. Wow this book was INTENSE The descriptions of the different types of spells, paranormal creatures and the history was so well written and incredibly detailed I was sucked in and couldn t stop I just had to know how it was all going to work out I really liked Alain and his friendship with Lotario as well as his relationship with Cris The atmosphere was scary and spooky and yet it felt so realistic The romance definitely took a backseat in this paranormal story but I still enjoyed it It took a lon [...]

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