The Book Club Murders

[PDF] The Book Club Murders | by ↠ Leslie Nagel - The Book Club Murders, The Book Club Murders In a charming cozy mystery series debut Leslie Nagel s irrepressible small town heroine finds that her fellow mystery book club members may be taking their Agatha Christie a bit too literally and mur

  • Title: The Book Club Murders
  • Author: Leslie Nagel
  • ISBN: 9780425285206
  • Page: 497
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] The Book Club Murders | by ↠ Leslie Nagel, The Book Club Murders, Leslie Nagel, The Book Club Murders In a charming cozy mystery series debut Leslie Nagel s irrepressible small town heroine finds that her fellow mystery book club members may be taking their Agatha Christie a bit too literally and murder a bit too lightly Charley Carpenter has poured heart and soul into her clothing store Old Hat Vintage Fashions She ll do anything to make it a success even join the stufIn a [PDF] The Book Club Murders | by ↠ Leslie Nagel - The Book Club Murders, The Book Club Murders In a charming cozy mystery series debut Leslie Nagel s irrepressible small town heroine finds that her fellow mystery book club members may be taking their Agatha Christie a bit too literally and mur

  • [PDF] The Book Club Murders | by ↠ Leslie Nagel
    497Leslie Nagel
The Book Club Murders

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  1. Charley Carpenter will go to any lengths to further her clothing store business and drum up sales She s even joined the stuffy Agathas Book Club group made up of the wealthy elite of their small town of Oakwood, Ohio Although the company is a bit lacking in the club with only her one good friend in the group she does however enjoy the books so vows to stick around for her store When a body is found in the small town though the gossip starts flying around rather quickly Charley finds herself run [...]

  2. This debut novel is the first in the Oakwood Mystery Series It s billed as a cozy mystery, but it is much A bit cozy in that even though there are bodies falling here and there, nothing too graphic It s a little romantic suspense in that it is suspenseful and there is definitely romance involved again, nothing too graphic Charley Carpenter owns the Old Hat Vintage Fashions store In order to be a success, she even joins the Agathas Book Club in order to perhaps get a few customers among the ric [...]

  3. Much as I love to read about grisly murders and psychological drama, every now and again, my head needs a break and I look for something on the lighter side When I saw the description of this cozy mystery the first of a series it sounded great on several levels As the title suggests, it s centered around books and a group of rather stuffy women who get together to read and discuss mysteries as part of the Agathas Book Club and as an avid reader of that genre, it couldn t be perfect Adding to th [...]

  4. Mysteries are fun, and cozy mysteries fit the sleuthing mood most of the time when I m not in the mood for dark morbid thrillers or psychological whodunnits who make me feel like my mind has been put through a blender There are certain cozies I enjoy than others and book club or bookish themes are one of those Right away The Book Club Murders starts out on a different note compared to some cozies The book club group doesn t trust each other with a few exceptions and the heroine is only involved [...]

  5. The Book Club Murders is the first book in The Oakwood Mystery Series by Leslie Nagel Charley Carpenter was a member of the Agatha Christie book club when members of the group started to die Charley Carpenter and her friend Frankie begun to investigate the murders and caused a headache for Detective Marc Trenault and Paul Brixton The readers of The Book Club Murders will follow Detective Marc Trenault and Charley Carpenter to see you found the murder first I enjoyed reading The Book Club Murders [...]

  6. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Charley Carpenter, owner of a vintage clothing store is desperate for her store to be a success Her beloved father has incurred multiple strokes and when caring for him was than she could do, she hired a live in caretaker, Lawrence She opened her business two years ago and needs to turn a profit She decides, with coaxing from her best friend, to join a book club called the Agathas The Agathas are made up of the towns elite wom [...]

  7. This is the first in a new series and debut cozy mystery for Leslie Nagel I thought this was a terrific book I was hooked from the first pages and kept turning pages until the very end The story is well written and has a well crafted plot and mystery I was kept guessing as to the identity of the killer until the end I thought the characters were well done At first I wasn t a fan of Marc s but as the story progressed he grew on me and I liked how the romance between him and Charley developed The [...]

  8. I wanted to like this book so much I loved the title and thought the premise sounded promising But the I read, the less I cared I know others will disagree, and I accept that this book might have just not been my style But I found that Nagel tends to use a lot of pretty cliched descriptions I also had difficulty crediting that professional police would involve a local shop owner in the way set forth Perhaps I will go back to this novel eventually, but for now, I have set it aside.

  9. There is much to enjoy about this debut, though I would classify it less as a cozy mystery and as a romantic suspense The mystery is extremely well crafted and kept me guessing right up until the very end We get the best of both worlds with the amateur sleuth as well as police procedural The romance whew the chemistry is through the roof, and the author does a fantastic job creating a tangible electricity between them The characters are fun and vivid, and at a certain point you like all of them [...]

  10. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Super cute with the murders mimicking what the book club is reading The red herrings were perfectly done to throw the reader off the trail of the killer This has a lot going on and Charley Carpenter is in over her head trying to piece together a murder while sorting through her feelings for Marc the hunky detective on the case Charley has a stubborn streak that works here and makes a good protagonist Definitely a [...]

  11. The Book Club Murders by Leslie Nagel is only the first book in this mystery series but it s one you can really sink your teeth into It technically can be considered a cozy mystery where the amateur sleuth offers her assistance to the tough guy cop who finds her a nuisance although unsurprisingly a love interest but that s where the coziness ends Nowhere in this book will you find cupcakes or kittens It is a gritty mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end I found the premise of boo [...]

  12. The Book Club MurdersThe Oakwood Mystery Series, Book 1Leslie Nagel5 StarsSynopsis In a charming cozy mystery series debut, Leslie Nagel s irrepressible small town heroine finds that her fellow mystery book club members may be taking their Agatha Christie a bit too literally and murder a bit too lightly.Charley Carpenter has poured heart and soul into her clothing store, Old Hat Vintage Fashions She ll do anything to make it a success even join the stuffy Agathas Book Club in order to cultivate [...]

  13. This is the first book in the Oakwood Mystery Series It is a cozy with a bit of a twist There is some swearing and a little sex, but it is not graphic There are several murders, there is a serial killer, which is a little uncommon in a cozy, but again, not graphic so if still fits.Charley Carpenter owns the Old Hat Vintage Fashions store She dropped out of school and returned home to the small town of Oakwood Ohio after her father suffered a stroke Trying to make a go of her business during the [...]

  14. I always enjoy getting in on the ground floor of a new series and this one gets off to a great start As soon as I saw this series involved a mystery book club, I knew I would have fun with it and I did.The main character, Charley Carpenter, is a strong character who finds herself in the middle of a real life murder mystery Her reading group calls themselves the Agathas after one of the most famous mystery authors, Agatha Christie It s not long before Charley realizes there is a serial killer out [...]

  15. Reviewed at The Power of Words bit 2dENMNGThe Book Club Murders how could any reader resist this title There s a lot to like about this mystery Leslie Nagel is a very talented writer and the story is well crafted Romance plays a big part I loved the character depth and relational drama I was hooked from the beginning and didn t want to put it down.But this story was different from the cute cozy that I expected While a few cozy elements are present small town setting, amateur detective, quirky c [...]

  16. An exciting mysteries using the old framework of a book club tale It uses creative and original aspects on this theme For a first book, the characters are developed and likable The Agathas is a group of wealthy and elite booklovers of Oakwood, Ohio who meet monthly to read, review and eat lunch at member s homes The program is selected yearly, printed and sent to each member This years mysteries that were selected are J A Jance s RATTLESNAKE CROSSING, THE ABC MURDERS By Agatha Christie, MURDERED [...]

  17. Good debut mystery good character development, and lots of possibilities in the story.Will definitely read her next one.

  18. The Book Club Murders was such a fun cozy mystery Charley doesn t really fit in with the Agathas the name of her book club because she is not wealthy like they are but she figures it s her one way to fit and she likes reading Charley owns a vintage store shop and a lot of her outfits comes from altering some of those from her shop.They were all at a meeting when the cops come to tell one of the ladies that her sister has been killed All the Agathas think that Charley can get them the inside scoo [...]

  19. Mystery Novels Provide the Staging for Grisly MurdersCharlie Carpenter is determined to make her vintage clothing store, The Old Hat, a success Part of her campaign to entice people to shop at The Old Hat involves getting to know the rich socialites in her small town Joining the Agathas s mystery book club was part of the plan in spite of the fact that she feels out of place and doesn t enjoy the bitchy gossip On her way to an Agatha meeting, she comes across a grisly scene Someone has been murd [...]

  20. Charley Carpenter loves her little shop, Old Hat Vintage Fashions, and has even joined Oakwood s stuffy book club, the Agathas, to help promote her business among the town s well off elite The Agathas, named for Agatha Christie, of course, read murder mysteries, but tend to focus on the social aspect of the club than the books themselves When the group s members start turning up dead, in situations that resemble scenes from their recently read books, Charley and her best friend Frankie just can [...]

  21. The Book Club Murders is the debut of the Oakwood Mystery series Charlotte Charley Carpenter has settled into life in Oakwood, OH, living in her childhood home with her ailing father Bobby and his nurse Lawrence Her vintage clothing shop, Old Hat Vintage Fashions is successful but always looking for a way to attract of the society mavens she has joined the Agatha Book Club, along with BFF Frankie Bright.When the sister of one of the book club members is discovered murdered, Charley and Frankie [...]

  22. This book is a whirlwind of secrets, affairs, friendship and romance In her first book, Ms Nagel has captured the true meaning of a cozy mystery.The story revolves around a book club, who call themselves The Eight Agathas, in honor of the queen of mystery, Agatha Christie.Each Agatha carries secrets and for one in particular, these secrets lead to unthinkable events.The author has created such wonderful characters it made it easy to like all of them, even the not so nice ones Charley Carpenter i [...]

  23. Before i get into my review, I am going to state I do not think this is a cozy It is on the fringes, but had a few F bombs, there was sex that was sort of behind closed doors perhaps a smidge explicit than you would normally find and just didn t read like one to me Despite that, the book is good and I did not suspect the right person as the killer We are led down some paths that don t lead to the killer but the author does a great job of letting you think that person might be the one I liked th [...]

  24. I found this book to be thrilling and set a new pace to a coach series Charley is my new favorite protagonist and the Agatha s book club is a group I would join even with murder swirling around I personally liked that the murders were tied in with a variety of novels that the group read I also loved how the romance heat between Charley and Marc was instant but one they both feared When the books are down I would count on Charley to make it exciting I enjoyed the variety in pace of the book, I fe [...]

  25. Charley Carpenter owns the Vintage clothing store Old Hat In order to get some Rich clients she joins the Agatha Book club with her Best Friend Frankie The books they read are selected yearly Each member has their own secrets which they closely guard When one of the Agatha s sister s is murdered and the scene is set like one of the books they read Than a second murder happens The police are stumped Charley figures it out and is helping the police to catch the killer Who is it Is it one of the Ag [...]

  26. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review This book has enough twists to make Agatha Christie proud There is a lot going on in this story, but I had no trouble following along and making incorrect guesses It seriously took until right before the killer was revealed for me to figure it out The writing quality is amazing for a first in series.

  27. I read this book for my book club s December selection I am not a fan of the cozy mystery genre, so I knew going into this that it probably wasn t going to be the book for me I was right, it wasn t I didn t give this one a rating because I don t necessarily think it would be fair since I dislike cozy mysteries

  28. I loved everything about this book I rarely give 5 stars to a cozy, but this book absolutely deserved them.I was totally sucked into this story literally from the first page The pace of the plot feels like it starts slowly but before you know it, the action is racing like a raging river The way the story built felt natural and smooth, but you find yourself racing through to find out how everything will turn out.I loved these characters, too They feel real, and the lives they live in this small t [...]

  29. Imagine that you are a member of a book club, the Agathas, who read and discus a mystery each month that the group selects Most of the ladies are upper class snobs, but also upper class women who are willing to spend a lot in your upscale vintage shop for some of their social events.Next, imagine that two grisly murders occur with days of each other After you accidentally on purpose hear the cops discuss certain aspects of the crime scenes, you come to a startling realization the bodies of the t [...]

  30. Good start to a new series Charley started a vintage clothing business and decided to join a local mystery book club to get in with some of the wealthy women in town hoping to help her business But then murder strikes close to the club and Charley ends up helping the police who mostly are happy for the help, which is a change from most cozies The plot was interesting with the murders being modeled after books the club read There were plenty of suspects and I didn t guess the killer Some things w [...]

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