One More Chance

Unlimited One More Chance - by Ola Wegner - One More Chance, One More Chance Pride and Prejudice variation What if Elizabeth Bennet had been given opportunity to prolong her stay in Derbyshire at the friends house for several months Having Darcy as her close neighbour can she

  • Title: One More Chance
  • Author: Ola Wegner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited One More Chance - by Ola Wegner, One More Chance, Ola Wegner, One More Chance Pride and Prejudice variation What if Elizabeth Bennet had been given opportunity to prolong her stay in Derbyshire at the friends house for several months Having Darcy as her close neighbour can she fall in love with him Will she be able to look over her own prejudice and apprehension and see a worthy man who loves and desires her Unlimited One More Chance - by Ola Wegner - One More Chance, One More Chance Pride and Prejudice variation What if Elizabeth Bennet had been given opportunity to prolong her stay in Derbyshire at the friends house for several months Having Darcy as her close neighbour can she

  • Unlimited One More Chance - by Ola Wegner
    475Ola Wegner
One More Chance

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    Ola Wegner Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the One More Chance book, this is one of the most wanted Ola Wegner author readers around the world.


  1. I usually enjoy Ola Wegner s books, and this was no exception There s a nice balance between angst, romance and new twists on the familiar Pride and Prejudice story In this case, Elizabeth has extended time in Kent after refusing Darcy s proposal and actually spends a night at Rosings, where she and Darcy accidentally encounter each other alone late at night At this point, she has not read his letter, assuming it would only be insults He impulsively kisses her, and she continues to reject his a [...]

  2. Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder Tia MowryI was really surprised in this book I didn t expect to like it as well as I did Editing problems aside I really liked the new characters in Derbyshire This side road to canon was a good journey toward the HEA happy ever after for ODC our dear couple.Of course, we have the stubborn Elizabeth exacting her will and getting herself into trouble She was determined to walk five miles when the Darcy carriage was being sent to escort her [...]

  3. Can Elizabeth allow Darcy to have another chance to prove his love to her Rating 4 stars out of 5I received an ARC of this book from the author for an honest review of this book Reading new JAFF authors is always an experience I cherish because I admire the way another writer approaches Austen s work to create a story that is truly their own I also love finding a new JAFF author to follow and one that I will look forward to reading books by in the future Even though Ola Wegner has written sever [...]

  4. Despite some inconsistencies, I really enjoyed this book.After have read some books of this author, I can say that she is really truthful to her characters She can write a Darcy and Elizabeth that really look their age and this is very refreshing.

  5. This is a strange PP retelling that didn t capture my heart Lizzy is kind of annoying and bitchy The tale begins the day after Mr Darcy s disastrous proposal When he drops off his letter in front of a sleeping Elizabeth she petulantly refuses to read it for weeks and weeks When she and Jane finally do she is denied her chance to set down Wickham, as he doesn t come to dinner A few weeks later the merchants and fathers of Meryton conclude that Wickham is a bad man Lydia is sent back from Brighton [...]

  6. A cute retelling of PP with less angst.To start with I love reading Ms Wegner s stories They are all so different and imaginative that have a way to draw you in In One More Chance, we start with journal entries from Darcy I love this aspect, because like most stories, the focus is generally on the heroine, but with these journal entries we get to see what Darcy is thinking and feeling well The entries catch us up until they are in Kent, after the disaster I do have to say that I was not a big fa [...]

  7. Having read this story as a Work in Progress I was pleased to see it also available on kindle Unlimited Upon reading Claudine s review on her blog Just Jane 1813, I decided to pull up the story and skim through it so that I could have it fresh in my mind Reading the chapters as postings days apart and between other reading activity might blur the events in a book for me It was enjoyable reading the many diary entries Darcy posts beginning with his trip to Hertfordshire with Bingley We read of hi [...]

  8. I totally enjoyed the journey that Ms Wegner wrote of Darcy and Elizabeth finally understanding and getting to know each other Along this journey, their were mistakes made on both parties to find true love However, along this journey, they showed their devotion to their loved ones along with their loyalty.I thought the plot was different and it made the story interesting Again, we have Lady Catherine involved to cause problems both Darcy stood his ground and keep his promise to protect his cousi [...]

  9. One chanceOkay where to begin Well in this alternative nothing seems the same Wickham really doesn t play a big role and the chance meeting at Pemberley is missed, only to have Georgianna discover Elizabeth So Darcy does get one chance to redeem himself but I really wasn t to crazy for this Darcy He was pouty, high handed, winney, and just not my Darcy Plus I m sorry to say there were a lot of errors The book needs to be edited a little I found it distracting.

  10. Goodness meVery poor attempt at a PP variation, which surprised me as this is a very prolific author in this genre Darcy is a whining bully, Elizabeth is basically an idiot and the whole thing made me feel slightly dirty reading it Out of curiosity I looked at the reviews for some of the author s other books and they have convinced me that I will not be reading any of her books as nasty Darcy, unlikeable Lizzy and poorly written and inappropriate sex scenes are just her usual writing style.

  11. In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Elizabeth is invited to stay in Derbyshire with friends of the Gardiners after they have returned to London Though this story does begin at Rosings and Darcys proposal The differences to canon with a few of the characters I actually liked a lot.So overall an enjoyable well written story.

  12. One More ChanceEnjoyed this variation very much We still have Elizabeth and Darcy misunderstanding each other per normal for these two, including the set down at the Meryton Assembly, Wickham s treachery, and the Hunsford refusal The letter that Darcy had written explained much to Elizabeth however, she figured she d never see him again Darcy was suffering in the meantime, but he still thought about her a lot Returning to Pemberley, he keeps thinking that he s seen Elizabeth walking or running a [...]

  13. Ola Wegner has written a few of my favorite PP variations but this one did not feel up to her normal work Part is due to the length it s disappointing to sacrifice your execution because you want everything tied up with a neat little bow at the end I really kept waiting for Wickham to do something.hing It is all written from both DE s pov I liked that Darcy writes thoughts and feelings in a diary I usually like when they do this but it really just was a way to serve as a flash back of sorts The [...]

  14. Sadly disappointingI was thrilled when I discovered that this author had produced a new book, as I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the others Sadly I was very disappointed as it is just a slightly different telling of the original PP Very few changes have been written and nothing new and exciting happens I didn t like how Elizabeth virtually changes her character towards the end of the book.

  15. I didn t think that Darcy was quite accurately portrayed in this rendition He acted without his usual restraint and even behaved ungentlemanly towards Elizabeth despite her protests hence my lower rating.I liked the portrayal of Georgiana in this novel and I found Anne difficult to get to know I expected depth to Anne considering the circumstances.

  16. Surprisingly better than her usual I have read a few of this author s variations, some awful some just okay This one was by no means wonderful or anything, but it was a solid 4 star

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