Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light

[PDF] Download Û Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light : by John Baxter - Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light, Five Nights in Paris After Dark in the City of Light An irresistible nighttime tour of Paris past and present by the bestselling author of The Most Beautiful Walk in the WorldEvery guidebook to Paris is crammed with sites to see during the day but vi

  • Title: Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light
  • Author: John Baxter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download Û Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light : by John Baxter, Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light, John Baxter, Five Nights in Paris After Dark in the City of Light An irresistible nighttime tour of Paris past and present by the bestselling author of The Most Beautiful Walk in the WorldEvery guidebook to Paris is crammed with sites to see during the day but visitors are often cast adrift once the sun sets and the Louvre Notre Dame and other tourist attractions shut their doors Sadly for those who have [PDF] Download Û Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light : by John Baxter - Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light, Five Nights in Paris After Dark in the City of Light An irresistible nighttime tour of Paris past and present by the bestselling author of The Most Beautiful Walk in the WorldEvery guidebook to Paris is crammed with sites to see during the day but vi

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  • [PDF] Download Û Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light : by John Baxter
    275 John Baxter
Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light

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    John Baxter born 1939 in Randwick, New South Wales is an Australian born writer, journalist, and film maker.Baxter has lived in Britain and the United States as well as in his native Sydney, but has made his home in Paris since 1989, where he is married to the film maker Marie Dominique Montel They have one daughter, Louise.He began writing science fiction in the early 1960s for New Worlds, Science Fantasy and other British magazines His first novel, though serialised in New Worlds as THE GOD KILLERS, was published as a book in the US by Ace as The Off Worlders He was Visiting Professor at Hollins College in Virginia in 1975 1976 He has written a number of short stories and novels in that genre and a book about SF in the movies, as well as editing collections of Australian science fiction.Baxter has also written a large number of other works dealing with the movies, including biographies of film personalities, including Federico Fellini, Luis Bu uel, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen, George Lucas and Robert De Niro He has written a number of documentaries, including a survey of the life and work of the painter Fernando Botero He also co produced, wrote and presented three television series for the Australian Broadcasting Commission, Filmstruck, First Take and The Cutting Room, and was co editor of the ABC book programme Books And Writing.In the 1960s, he was a member of the WEA Film Study Group with such notable people as Ian Klava, Frank Moorhouse, Michael Thornhill, John Flaus and Ken Quinnell From July 1965 to December 1967 the WEA Film Study Group published the cinema journal FILM DIGEST This journal was edited by John Baxter.For a number of years in the sixties, he was active in the Sydney Film Festival, and during the 1980s served in a consulting capacity on a number of film funding bodies, as well as writing film criticism for The Australian and other periodicals Some of his books have been translated into various languages, including Japanese and Chinese.Since moving to Paris, he has written four books of autobiography, A Pound of Paper Confessions of a Book Addict, We ll Always Have Paris Sex and Love in the City of Light, Immoveable feast a Paris Christmas, and The Most Beautiful Walk in the World a Pedestrian in Paris.Since 2007 he has been co director of the annual Paris Writers Workshop.


  1. John Baxter, is an Australian ex patriate who has been living in Paris for over 20 years, married to a French woman He is an author, film critic, journalist, translator and literary tour guide.Looking for a niche market, Baxter develops the idea of leading night time tours of the lesser known parts of Paris He decides to create 5 separate walks, based on the 5 senses He then undertakes first hand research by walking around his proposed locations either alone or in the company of interesting comp [...]

  2. When Hemingway called Paris moveable feast, he didn t mention that there s no menu The table sags under the weight of incidents, personalities, anecdotes, legends, lies p 7Less than a month ago, I finished Baxter s The Most Beautiful Walk in the World A Pedestrian in Paris So when Harper Perennial gave me the opportunity to read this new book by Baxter, I jumped at the chance I was not disappointed Baxter has a breezy style that makes his books very absorbing Before I knew it, I was halfway thro [...]

  3. This book is somewhat interesting long as you pretend that it has a completely different title The premise is to provide a guide for Paris after hours divided into five nights where each night i based on a sense Being that I have an upcoming trip to Paris, I thought this was a unique concept and couldn t wait to read it What a huge disappointment.The first several chapters are mostly the author hemming and hawing about doing a night tour Should I do one How do I do one What should I include in o [...]

  4. I ve read two other books by John Baxter, and enjoyed those far than this one This felt like a loosely assembled collection of anecdotes and Paris factoids of which Baxter has plenty, but it seemed like he was just dumping them all in one place, rather than arranging them in a cohesive order strung together with the shaky thread of the five senses It was a great idea on theory but wasn t executed well, and I don t know if that s totally the fault of the author it was a tough theme to stick to A [...]

  5. If you have all the time in the world and want to cull a half dozen decent anecdotes out of this volume, go ahead Be warned, it s not useful at all for a traveler, and may enrage you with its abstruse story telling style and the self importance of the author.I have to compliment the publisher and designer though, this is a sexy and appealing packaging for a mystifying vapid book.

  6. I m a sucker for anything about Paris, and I ve read a couple of John Baxter s other books, so I was looking forward to a pleasant holiday read Unfortunately, Mr Baxter was phoning this one in and relied way too heavily on his tales of sexual weirdness for my taste Don t waste your time.

  7. This is the first of its kind of travel book for book lovers Very cool If I could go to France, I d take this book.

  8. Hit and miss A nice look into the daily life and history of Paris, but the layout isn t exactly as promised Some of the chapters in certain sensory breakups don t make, well, sense Like food in the sound chapter The ideas area also pretty scattered Not everything even has anything to do with night in Paris I.E gardens exist at all times and food vendors are mostly open in the day time, so why talk about them in a book about Nights The writer clearly comes from a love of Paris and a certain under [...]

  9. Similar to his earlier book The Most Beautiful Walk in the World, John Baxter delivers a confused and rambling self indulgent pseudo memoire He seems concerned with humble bragging about his past experiences with celebrities and contributing to the fetishization of Paris than with providing a real guide book to the city While Baxter is clearly an intellectual with lots of knowledge and stories to share, the format of this book is a disaster His chapters are sloppy and disorganized, and he comes [...]

  10. If you re looking for a book with different things to do and see in Paris over 5 nights with nice anecdotes, this is not that book It is easy to read and it s not uninteresting, there is a lot of interesting history, much of it recent, but it was just not what I expected at all.

  11. I m continuing reading about a city that has always fascinated me and maybe will be able to visit some day Very informative.

  12. Really had high hopes for this book I was in Paris in May 2015, and I thought I was lost, when I found myself standing in front of the notorious bookstore, Shakespeare Company There were people seated outside and a woman employee was introducing an author.I looked for a seat, but it was standing room only then I saw almost right in front of me, an open seat I approached, the gentleman seated next to it encouraged me to take it, so I did Perfect The author took his place, at that very moment, at [...]

  13. Subtitled After Dark in the City of Light, this book was begun on the premise of walking tours after dark Where would you start, what should be included, is Paris after dark different, do you approach Paris with different senses after dark And while Baxter may not have started the walking tours in actuality, what he proposed will ignite your senses The book is part love affair with Paris, part local s take on a city, part historical record, and mostly an unique way to share everything Baxter lov [...]

  14. I loved Baxter s many references some of them quirky to the foods, sights, sounds and literature of Paris Five Nights in Paris, as the title implies, deals with Paris after sundown and the places and people tourists probably know little about The author takes the reader on a midnight tour and employs the five senses as his guides.I found the many references to the French language and to world literature enlightening and intriguing however, Baxter does get off course at times, straying, I feel, f [...]

  15. It s a long route to tell the reader to explore the Paris night time by way of historical anecdote and personal reflection In giving a nice historic basis to Paris, the book does well But there s a clinical feel to it something essentially Paris is missing from the book even as the book details it with from a personal perspective The book does what it can in being accurate but it a crystallized view rather than the fluid one It reads almost like a wood cutting rather than the fluidity it actuall [...]

  16. 3 Stars Baxter writes beautifully, but the soliloquy wears on you as the pages tick by Having read a few of his other works, I just became bored about a third of the way through Baxter does love Paris, it s beginning to seem like he s running out of topics to wax poetic about I found the history of the guillotine interesting but discussing gardens and dog poop made this experience less a walk through Paris and a cut and paste of Baxter s favorite historical references and poems The title is mis [...]

  17. Though this book offers a number of interesting anecdotes and perspectives from a non native Parisian, it utterly fails to deliver on the premise as outlined by the description Bogged down with obscure film and literature references an attempted by the author to better describe a facet of his subject, but often requiring explanation than the subject itself , the text forces the reader to meander through disjointed excerpts from the author s life in Paris that are vaguely connected to the five p [...]

  18. This book is not about 5 nights in Paris, or Paris at night or the five sense in Paris which is how it s structured It s a random collection of moments in Paris The title is an interesting idea, but it s a rouse.The writer s style is entertaining at times, but too often I felt like I didn t understand an inside joke or a French word or a Paris reference It seems like he wrote this for his friends, not the average reader.The writer pointed out a few thing that were interesting, but a guidebook wo [...]

  19. Baxter avoids all the go to clich s around Paris, and shares wild, fascinating, evocative, cultural tidbits from Paris history stretching back to 300 BCE He manages to paint quintisential Parisian legends, such as H lo se et Ab lard, the Surrealist movement, in a charmingly knowing, irresistable informal style He shares seedier sides of Paris past that will be off putting to some people The book might convince you to venture out of your hotel room only during daylight hours In any case, this boo [...]

  20. Not what I thought it was going to be When I picked up 5 nights in Paris in the bookstore I had visions of reading along, seeing myself taking a gorgeous guided tour of the city at night, getting swept up in the excitement, love, sensuality, history and romance I have always imagined wandering Parisian streets feel like Instead I was taken on an all too long trek full of personal anecdotes with some historical facts thrown in for good measure While it is well written, and interesting in a lot of [...]

  21. I bought this book at Shakespeare and Co in Paris while spending a month in the city last June I thought it would give me some great insights as to what to do at night in Paris I mean, that is what the title suggests I only read half of it while in Paris though, and gave up because I found it to be no help at all.I picked it up again last week and finally finished it, over a year after I started it I have to admit I enjoyed it now as it allowed me to reminisce on my time there, reading all the [...]

  22. I had read Beautiful Walk several months before starting Five Nights Was kinda disappointed in it Seemed like a lota talk and not much walk So when I purchased this latest title I was giving Baxter another chance to show me Paris That and the fact that I am always drawn to books about Paris.I have to say, I enjoyed Five Nights in Paris very much Perhaps I had a better understanding of Mr Baxters style so my expectation were in line with the book Now I am going back and rereading Beautiful Walk [...]

  23. Another intriguing travelogue from John Baxter His is the template for the Parisian memoir that I have come to expect Eye opening, amusing, and full of anecdotes only a real Parisian resident would know His books are the next best thing to living in Paris they are an entre to an unknown world This time he focuses on the five senses as a theme to a night time tour What would he have us, the reader armchair traveler, experience if he were to acquaint us with the sensual delights of Paris If you re [...]

  24. I ve enjoyed a few of Baxter s other books, but this one was disappointing A collection of short essays, this book focuses on Paris at night, and Baxter attempts to describe the city according to the five senses So, we get sections on sound, taste, touch, scent, and sight.However, many of the chapters fail to show a connection between their subject and the scene associated with it It was hard to follow where Baxter was going here It felt unfocused and unorganized.And the shortest section was on [...]

  25. John Baxter takes on yet another tour of Paris, this time at night Baxter spouts out story after story as he leads us around the city in the dark for five nights, using as his focus a different sense for each evening His breadth of knowledge about Paris and its people is incredible say a word and Baxter can chase around it for hours, I suspect Know, going in, that many of his stories are on the steamy side that seems to be Baxter s specialty A perfect book for those of us who can t make it to Pa [...]

  26. Another thoroughly enjoyable work by John Baxter full of fascinating information Don t bother reading this one if you are prudish as you won t be able to handle parts of it I love his writing style, specifically how he uses different concepts to frame his vignettes into cohesive wholes However, this is not the book I would suggest as an introduction to his work, that remains An Immoveable Feast.

  27. It usually takes me awhile to read non fiction books I usually take them in stride, savoring a little each day, before moving on to other fast paced and action packed fiction Mr Baxter has yet to disappoint me He lets me spend a few nights in Paris and dream of visiting one day I have read a few other books by him and I enjoy his ambling prose that evoke a sense of nostalgia for a city I ve never even stepped foot in.

  28. If you ve been to Paris, this is a by of a fun trope through the city If you ve not been, it s a bit of a bore The author is so entranced with his own bad self, that he can t quite enchant the reader to love his adopted city I hope his walking tours are better than his narrative.

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