Home Best Download || [Ellen DeGeneres] - Home, Home Ellen DeGeneres has bought and renovated nearly a dozen homes over the last twenty five years and describes her real estate and decorating adventures as an education She has long cared deeply about d

  • Title: Home
  • Author: Ellen DeGeneres
  • ISBN: 9781455533565
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover

Home Best Download || [Ellen DeGeneres], Home, Ellen DeGeneres, Home Ellen DeGeneres has bought and renovated nearly a dozen homes over the last twenty five years and describes her real estate and decorating adventures as an education She has long cared deeply about design I think I wanted to be an interior designer when I was thirteen This deluxe edition of Home is printed on extremely high quality paper printed on a sheet fed presEllen DeGeneres has bought Home Best Download || [Ellen DeGeneres] - Home, Home Ellen DeGeneres has bought and renovated nearly a dozen homes over the last twenty five years and describes her real estate and decorating adventures as an education She has long cared deeply about d

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  • Home Best Download || [Ellen DeGeneres]
    353 Ellen DeGeneres

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  1. Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American stand up comedian, actress, and currently the Emmy Award winning host of the syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show.She has hosted both the Academy Awards and the Primetime Emmys As a film actress, she starred in Mr Wrong, appeared in Edtv and The Love Letter, and provided the voice of Dory in the Pixar animated hit film Finding Nemo She also starred in two television sitcoms, The Ellen Show from 2001 to 2002 and Ellen from 1994 to 1998 In 1997 during the fourth season of Ellen, she came out publicly as a lesbian in an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show Shortly afterwards, her character Ellen Morgan also came out and the series went on to explore various LGBT issues as well as the coming out process.Ellen is married to Portia de Rossi.


  1. Home Ellen DeGeneres I didn t love this one either DeGeneres manages to live the Kinfolk lifestyle, and it is interesting to see furniture and art at home in different settings But the style doesn t grab me, so the effect is browsing through a catalog knowing there is nothing in it that I could afford Ever And like the Kinfolk book, there s a fair amount of shopping detail for anyone who wants to copy the look, which would be a feature if I loved everything, but is annoying when I don t The deco [...]

  2. I think Ellen has great style I also love the many, many beautiful photographs in this book Her text was light and funny, and I enjoyed the bulleted lists at the end of each chapter There was also something comforting about seeing many of the same furnishings in different spaces So why not stars Honestly, it was the photo captions They listed every unique designer and age of the pieces Everything Ellen owns is unique and beautiful Just like Ellen The reality of their origin made it impossible t [...]

  3. The front flap blurb credits Ellen DeGeneres as saying, You don t have to have money to have good taste However, that s not the guiding principle of this design book.The lush photos show seven houses in California that DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi have recently lived in and redecorated with advice from the eight designers collaborators friends whose homes are featured at the end of the book.The decor of these homes includes 18th and 19th Century rugs, tables, and chairs from France, England, and [...]

  4. Lots if fun to look at and it s really very beautiful Ellen also puts a funny joke at the end of each little list for each property.I loved her stables and would want that for my horseswhen I get to have some lol.But hands down my favorite, an the home that I want as my own, is The Villa Well, Ellen says she thinks she wants it as her forever home too, so it s not gonna be available anytime soonor in my budget haha P But yeah, THAT S the home I d wanna live in if I had to live in CA.Oh And she l [...]

  5. I enjoyed the little summaries, what I learned from this home I liked the big pictures The Southern California style with windows and doors that let the living areas inside and outside flow together is really nice There s a concept in the book called good uglies I don t know if they are good but a lot of it was ugly.

  6. Ellen s passion and talent for design is really showcased throughout this book Every square inch of every room on every page is remarkable I probably examined each page for than 5 minutes, just absorbing every color, detail, texture and placement of her pieces Even her eclectic room had a distinct and unifying theme If I had her budget, I d design much the same way in terms of 18th and 19th century European pieces, stone busts and vintage Chesterfields Overall, gorgeous book that appealed to my [...]

  7. Not what I expected after reading a couple hilarious books by Ellen I m sure this book is very interesting if you re into interior design, with rather expensive furniture and art Beautiful pictures of gorgeous homes and furniture, and some really unusual items I skimmed through the second half in hopes it would turn into something I could relate to , but it didn t.

  8. Dance 10 Looks 3 I enjoyed the writing Ellen s voice is heard and it reads like a conversation which she s clearly good at Her design aesthetic is not mine and the pieces are way beyond my price range As another reviewer noted, it was a bit like reading a catalog of things you can t afford and possibly wouldn t choose for your own home.

  9. I can t deny that it is interesting to get a private look into the homes of Ellen DeGeneres, but unless you have a similar taste to her which this book has shown me I so obviously do not , it is boring The pictures are great, her insight is great, but you do need to have an interest in a specific style of interior design to enjoy this book.

  10. i love interior design, and it turns out Ellen does too we have slightly different budgets to play with in addition to pretty pictures and cool houses and design ideas, this book has a one page introduction that made me laugh so hard my stomach was hurting.

  11. I love Ellen she seems like a genuinely kind person but why does she need so many giant houses They re lovely, but I can t ignore the footprint of that kind of excess Fun to look at though.

  12. Fantastic Ellen is well versed in Home design and the book is full of lessons and anecdotes Beautiful photos full of inspiration for those who are seeking it.

  13. Ellen Degeneres is certainly an easily recognised celebrity She s made a name for herself not just as an outspoken but optimistic comedian, but also as a talk show host with a knack for getting even the most serious personalities to relax and lower their inhibitions.But if she hadn t become a comedian, according to Ellen, it s likely she would have become an interior designer Over 25 years, she s bough and renovated nearly a dozen homes, learning the tricks of the trade and reaffirming her passi [...]

  14. According to Ellen DeGeneres, if she hadn t gotten into comedy, it s likely she d have been an interior designer From an early age, she s had a love of finding new ways to make a space work, and those years have certainly paid off In 25 years, DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi have bought, renovated and styled almost a dozen houses, infusing them with their trademark warmth and quirkiness These adventures in design have led to a TV show, a homewares range, and now, a book Home Home is about [...]

  15. Great style book with the bonus of insight into one of my favorite celebs Ellen is serious about her homes and, while her approach would be the death of me, I can understand why she chooses to move so much.

  16. Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, have bought, renovated and decorated over a dozen homes over time This book discusses each of these homes and the pieces in them It has photos of each home and Ellen discusses what each place taught her It also includes advice from some of her favorite decorators and store owners as well as a look at some of her favorite places to shop I really love Ellen DeGeneres and watch her show nearly every day, so I was curious when I heard she had a book on [...]

  17. I ve learned a few things from Home and the main one is that Ellen and I rather differ in tastes There was a thing or two that I liked in her designs but overall they were not for me However, I do always have a curiosity as to what designs others are drawn towards I also learned that Ellen s statements of being vegan are wholly inaccurate, aside from a number of other issue she also buys leather and what appeared to be wool based objects as well I don t tend to get on a soapbox about this but sh [...]

  18. As a person practically obsessed with real estate listings and many types of homes, Home was fun to peruse I also have an interest in interior design and although we don t share the same aesthetic, it was neat to read about what compelled Ellen and Portia to purchase each house and how they made it their own My favorite parts of the book are the sections titled What This House Taught Me Although we ve lived in the same house for 8 years now, my husband and I moved 13 times in the first five year [...]

  19. I had seen photos of her horse ranch a few years ago and was really taken by her choices So I was interested to see this book I have decidedly mixed feelings about it The photos are wonderful and the text short but contains some of Ellen s quirky humor Her rather strange addiction with buying,decorating and then moving on, aided by her lavish income makes these places outside most of our experience But I do like her design sensibility and having the means to buy well designed pieces by interesti [...]

  20. One word stands out for me with this book gorgeous Now, that may be because apparently Ellen DeGeneres and I share a similar taste in home decor, but these pictures are seriously gorgeous It would make a great coffee table book, especially because I loved flipping through this and taking the time to study the composition of all the photos and arrangements I skimmed through the text, as I was really interested in the pics, so I can t comment to that too well, except to say that I did enjoy the h [...]

  21. Home An intimate and interesting vignette of several houses homes that Ellen herself designed in collaboration with a few choice interior designers Having worked with the Clements on another home after rendering our client homeless with the purchase of their home Disclaimer, I am possibly Ellen s biggest fan after reading this work of art I know the feeling of putting your all into designing and remodeling a house into a real home She shatters the myth that a home is a member of the family She f [...]

  22. As you can assume from the title, this book is all about various homes Ellen has owned lived in, as well as homes of her favorite interior designer friends Likewise, this book was published on nice paper, with a large hard cover, making it perfect to display out on a coffee or console table Like all of Ellen s book, this one didn t disappoint to deliver enough funny lines to bring me to tears I also feel like I learned a great deal about interior design, and the importance of making whatever pl [...]

  23. If Ellen did not make it big with her career in comedy, she would be an interior designer This BIG book is filled with big beautiful pictures of rooms in Ellen and Portia s many homes.In natural Kristine fashion, when I find out a famous person wrote a book I immediately put it on hold at my library While I read this book for a glimpse into Ellen s life, somebody who loves interior design would find this book very interesting Read whole review at misskristinesreviews.wordpres

  24. This was a fun and quick book to read view DeGeneres includes introductory notes with her trademark quirk and humor before each series of photos, and it was fun to see some of the same pieces pop up over and over again in different configurations and settings from home to home I also enjoyed the guest entries at the end If only I had unlimited space and money The ultimate bottom line though, if I had to boil it down, is this buy cool chairs Cool chairs are everything

  25. Loved the photography and the text, the quality paper and inspiration It was like meeting Ellen personally What you have done for those houses is admirable indeed, fixing up but at the same time keeping the atmosphere You have decorated 7 houses in the same style and however much one likes that style it really is very very nice this is enough now I would have appreciated also to hear stories about some of those finds that is, besides the it is a piece.

  26. I discovered that there is wide divergence between my taste and Ellen s and frankly as I looked at photographs of the ten homes that she and her wife have owned and decorated, I found them all to be similar and decorated in the same fashion I did enjoy her ten points of things she learned from each home, and do subscribe to her philosophy on decorating the place where you live.

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