Nikolai 2

[PDF] Nikolai 2 | by Ø Roxie Rivera - Nikolai 2, Nikolai Claimed and cherished by Houston s most ruthless mob boss artist Vivian Kalasnikov embraces her new position as Nikolai s wife and the lonely dangerous role as queen of Houston s underworld But Niko

  • Title: Nikolai 2
  • Author: Roxie Rivera
  • ISBN: 9781630420253
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Nikolai 2 | by Ø Roxie Rivera, Nikolai 2, Roxie Rivera, Nikolai Claimed and cherished by Houston s most ruthless mob boss artist Vivian Kalasnikov embraces her new position as Nikolai s wife and the lonely dangerous role as queen of Houston s underworld But Nikolai is keeping secrets from her and the whispers of a coming street war leave her terrified for the man she so passionately loves and the tiny life growing inside her NikolClaimed and cheri [PDF] Nikolai 2 | by Ø Roxie Rivera - Nikolai 2, Nikolai Claimed and cherished by Houston s most ruthless mob boss artist Vivian Kalasnikov embraces her new position as Nikolai s wife and the lonely dangerous role as queen of Houston s underworld But Niko

  • [PDF] Nikolai 2 | by Ø Roxie Rivera
    457 Roxie Rivera
Nikolai 2

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    When I m not chasing after my wild preschooler, I like to write super sexy romances and scorching hot erotica I live in Texas with a husband who could easily snag a job as an extra on History Channel s new Viking series, a sweet but rowdy three year old with Tetralogy of Fallot, and Bosley, our Great Dane with major mommy issues.I also have another dirty book writing alter ego, Lolita Lopez, who writes deliciously steamy tales for Ellora s Cave, Forever Yours Grand Central, Mischief Harper Collins UK, Siren Publishing and Cleis Press.


  1. 5 STARS FOR NIKOLAI 2Whew I GOBBLED this installment up like I was a starving woman This was a pretty lengthy addition to the Her Russian Protector series, but it really, really needed to be THIS BOOK IS THE KEY TO THE SERIES On a romance relationship level we get to see Vivian and Nikolai navigate their new marriage with the added bliss and stress of a pregnancy, major work troubles for Nikolai and Vivian s blossoming career as an artist.The torment that Nikolai puts himself through the self fl [...]

  2. Nikolai Kaslasnikov and Sergei are my favorite male characters in this series so I m so pleased the author gave us a second story after their marriages Nikolai married Vivian, and now they are the King and Queen of Houston s underground.Viv is pregnant and still uncomfortable with the secrecy that comes with her Kolya s job They are also hiding Nikolai s true identity which someone discovers Now Nikolai s greatest fear, losing Viv and their baby, seems a possibility What is he willing to give up [...]

  3. Only you, Vivian You are the only one in the entire world who can bring me to my knees To say I was surprised when I found out there was a second book to Nikolai s story, it d be an understatement In a way, I felt Nikolai s first book was good but not great You know what I m saying I liked it but not loved it I guess I needed and yes I finally got it This book was everything Everything I expected and wanted We get to see a better side of Nikolai, a grown up Vivian and a love story that will mel [...]

  4. As much as I adore these Russians, I need a break before I read the other books My anxiety level is unreal What a roller coaster of emotions I have been on just reading Nicolai s story It was non stop craziness for Nicolai and Vivian.Vivian took on her roll as Nicolai s queen with ease for the most part but she didn t like some much violence She kept hoping that one day the violence would stop and they could live a semi normal life but deep down she knew that they would always live in danger As [...]

  5. 3.5 Stars I got this book when it first came out and somehow ended not finishing it I couldn t remember why so I decided to finish it up This booked showed the lives of Viv and Nik following their marriage And to say they go through some rocky patches is an understatement Lots of misunderstandings, and fighting between Nikolai and Vivian, and they struggle with Viv s pregnancy.I did however love to see the other characters from past books and I really want to see what happens with Ten, who will [...]

  6. From a fairly ordinary beginning with dubious heroes and a healthy dose of smut this series has evolved into addictive reading It gives you the same feeling as watching an episode of Sons of Anarchy, you cringe because of the violence and the very unsavoury elements of crime but the story and the characters reel you in In Nikolai 2 we see that despite loving each other, there is no Happily Ever After for Houston mob Boss Nikolai Kaslasnikov and his bride, Vivian as secrets from the past and the [...]

  7. Perfection in all forms A fantastic plot that not only ties up many storylines in her other books and series Fighting Connollys, Debt Collection but also finishes the new romance of Nikolai and Vivian A big, meaty read that was worth the wait.

  8. 4.25 4.50 RATING Wow The saga of The Russian Protectors continuesEEK This was a great addition to the series So I get it I really do Not everyone is a fan of Roxie Rivera s writing But if you are and I totally am and you ve been reading this seriesWOW Nikolai, Volume 2, doesn t disappoint I can only describe this world the author created as a drama filled Russian soap operad I can t get enough I m actually glad I got to spend time with Nikolai in this book because I felt kind of meh about him i [...]

  9. Finally I ve waited for this sequel for so long It s definitely worth waiting Although Vivian and Nikolai conquer all the diverticulitis to get married, Nikolai s role as mob boss can t guarantee Vivian happily ever after In this story, Nikolai has to work harder to protect Vivian because she is pregnant Also, Nikolai s concealment of his work also lead to misunderstanding between him and Vivian Nikolai not only has to do his best to protect Vivian and their child, but also to try harder to main [...]

  10. 4 Stars Well talk about emotional tug of war One minute I hated Nikolai The next I loved him One thing is certain, regardless of the reasons, I still don t like Viv dad or all the that is readable Why must I be forced to just sit and wait for the next book to be released.

  11. Roxie Rivera did not disappoint Awesome installment this one pretty much from the mob boss Nikolai s point of view of everything going on in underground Pointing out everyone one and there position of series thus far important characters to come things of importance we may have forgotten The Connelly brothers her other series are also intertwined in this story A must read in my eyes if you are diehard of this series As a matter of fact I will be rereading that as refresher, as my memory sucks We [...]

  12. I was so enad to Nikolai in book 6 His possessive and cunning character continued to evolve as a strong and hands on husband with far reaching ties to other big time bosses in Houston Nikolai can t hide his ruthless nation so he keeping secrets from Vivian but remember his wife in no fool So in a way her art is her stress release but with a child on the way she was cautious in this story, but loved Nikolai for who and what he was.This book gave a better understanding to other characters in other [...]

  13. Lawd A Murcy You want to talk about sh t hitting the fan, my goodness I kept holding my breath but wanted to scream at the same time Side NoteThe Fighting Connolly s should be read between Sergei 5.5 and Nikolai 2 because they play a significant part into the impending war that is threatening to erupt on the streets of Houston.I knew Nikolai was dangerous but nothing makes a person dangerous when you mess with his family Nothing makes a person completely go over the edge when you threaten his l [...]

  14. I never liked Vee and Nikolai I thought they got together way too fast and was hoping for romance in this story.Instead, I got a lot of misunderstandings between Nikolai and Vee And Nikolai forgot her first doctor s appointment for the baby HE FORGOT I could not forgive him for that Frankly, Vee did some bad things too Just because you re mad at your husband is no reason to take half naked pictures with your rich billionaire friend who has made it clear he d love to have sex with you It sickene [...]

  15. Nikolai has been my favourite character from the start so when I discovered he had a second book I couldn t wait in fact I nearly just dived straight in but since it s been a couple of years since I read the first four books I decided to re read them and Sergei first.There s so many reviews plus I d be worried about inadvertently giving something away so I ll skip my usual summary and just give my opinion It s fantastic and I loved itThat s my opinion.There s so many scenes I love I couldn t pic [...]

  16. Already being a fan of Nikolai and Vivian, I was really looking forward to this addition to the series And a great addition it was Nikolai and Vivian are married and in love But life with a mob boss husband and too many secrets cannot an easy marriage make Then add a baby on the way, and Nikolai and Vivian had a lot going on But what I loved about this story is how they worked things out It wasn t always easy, and they both made some bad choices that just added fuel to the fire But their love h [...]

  17. Nikolai KalasnikovVivian Kalasnikov4 starsRead June 2015 Claimed and cherished by Houston s most ruthless mob boss, artist Vivian Kalasnikov embraces her new position as Nikolai s wife and the lonely, dangerous role as queen of Houston s underworld But Nikolai is keeping secrets from her, and the whispers of a coming street war leave her terrified for the man she so passionately loves and the tiny life growing inside her Nikolai finally has everything he s ever wanted power, wealth and a family [...]

  18. Love the new covers Fave quote from the book He stalked toward the bed with that predatory grace I found so thrilling Standing so close I could feel the heat waves radiating from his skin, he asked, What else do these stars on my chest and my knees mean Focused on his pale eyes, I didn t miss the dangerous flash in his icy irises That you will kneel before no man Da Then, deliberately and with glacial slowness, he slid to the floor and knelt in front of me He removed my shoes and slipped my unde [...]

  19. I had been warned and against my gut instinct I decided to read this book Now don t get me wrong I love Ms Rivera but the first book was pretty painful to read and this book was plain torture Please respect my opinion as I know that I am in the minority here and I would also like to say that this book did nothing for me whatsoever I am happy for the people who loved it and gave it a high Rating.

  20. What the first Nicolai lack in underbelly world this one made up for , big time I have a feeling that I should have read the Connelly s before this but that s was a big distraction as such Just made me add to my shelf Keep them coming Ms Rivera as I really want to know what happens to them all.

  21. I finally read it I tried to wait for Kostya to come out, but I just couldn t resist any longer I enjoyed it very much, obviously 90% out of 100%

  22. Well I went against my better judgement and read this one even though I hated Vee in Nikolai s first book, and I hate her even after this one I went ahead with reading this because I thought maybe she would be better and not do stupid things after awhile but I was wrong I really would have loved this book had she not been so annoying, she just doesn t work for me especially as a mob queen The story about cartel problems among other things in this one seemed to be resolved for the most part but [...]

  23. Bloody brilliant , best one yet , Ms Roxie you did good so much explained in this one, you get loads of answers but I m afraid new questions asked too, but that s a good thing cause that means books , this was drama, tension filled, had me gasping at some points but also smiling in others, I loved the relationship between Nikolai and Vivi, it s not all hea, they messed up, they argued, said hateful things, but ultimately couldn t deny the bone deep feelings they had for each other, I thought N [...]

  24. O M G Awesome story Roxie Rivera does it again Wonderful continuation of the Russian Mob stories, with Nikolai and Vivian This one cements all the other stories together, wraps up the confusion and sorts out almost all of the secrets We learn about the Houston crime families, scenarios, and power struggles Vivian and Kolya are so super sexy and romantic He s a man ridden with angst about not deserving her, yet he gives her everything and unending love She is stressed about the lack of communicat [...]

  25. Nothing better than an impossible situation made beautiful with loveThis series Roxie Rivera, you are a genius.A GENIUS I have loved Nikolai since the very beginning and I thought I got a good taste of him in his first book, but I was wrong to think it was complete.Vivian and Nikolai are the King and Queen of not only Houston but of this entire series I love every single character in this series and everything they contribute It wouldn t be right without them However, you only run into a love li [...]

  26. Well I enjoyed the continuation of Nikolai and Vivian s story, it had a few eye roll moments with both of Nikolai and Vivian s stupid decisions but overall I enjoyed it.As I read her other spin off series like the Connolly Brothers etc in the order of publication I felt we got most of the story from those books and this was a repeat of those incidents from their POV, so it felt a little repetitive Minor criticisms though.Loved reading about all the previous character and getting to know the newe [...]

  27. Excellent continuation of Viv s Nikolai s story I just love it It is not really over yet How they will stay alive and together is what will keep me coming backt to mention the angst of everything trying to tear them this series.youtu RfAHBVMguDQ

  28. I loved that we go to read of their story I went thru some emotion when Nikolai was having lunch with another female or when he didn t make it to the first doctors appointment He eventually saw his mistakes and Vi being the best she forgave him, she is such a strong underground queen Im really excited for Holly s story.

  29. Love the continuation of the Russian protector series Vivian Nikolai are two of my favorite characters They both have been thru so much and deserve the happiness they ve found together Loved this book and amazed what Nikolai goes thru to get to be with Vivian at her debut Would recommend

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