Lady Beauchamp's Proposal

[PDF] Lady Beauchamp's Proposal | by ✓ Amy Rose Bennett - Lady Beauchamp's Proposal, Lady Beauchamp s Proposal A runaway countess finds love when she least expects it but she can t hide from her past forever Elizabeth Lady Beauchamp fears for her life When she discovers her dissolute and long estranged husba

  • Title: Lady Beauchamp's Proposal
  • Author: Amy Rose Bennett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Lady Beauchamp's Proposal | by ✓ Amy Rose Bennett, Lady Beauchamp's Proposal, Amy Rose Bennett, Lady Beauchamp s Proposal A runaway countess finds love when she least expects it but she can t hide from her past forever Elizabeth Lady Beauchamp fears for her life When she discovers her dissolute and long estranged husband has syphilis and he wants to beget an heir no matter the cost she flees to a remote part of Scotland to begin a new life as the widowed governess Mrs Beth Eliott at EileA [PDF] Lady Beauchamp's Proposal | by ✓ Amy Rose Bennett - Lady Beauchamp's Proposal, Lady Beauchamp s Proposal A runaway countess finds love when she least expects it but she can t hide from her past forever Elizabeth Lady Beauchamp fears for her life When she discovers her dissolute and long estranged husba

  • [PDF] Lady Beauchamp's Proposal | by ✓ Amy Rose Bennett
    383 Amy Rose Bennett
Lady Beauchamp's Proposal

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  1. Amy Rose Bennett

    Amy Rose Bennett has always wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember An avid reader with a particular love for historical romance, it seemed only natural to write stories in her favourite genre She has a passion for creating emotion packed and sometimes a little racy stories set in the Georgian and Regency periods Of course, her strong willed heroines and rakish heroes always find their happily ever after.


  1. A solid historical romance I liked it, but didn t loved it I really don t know why It IS a very well written book, with nice characters and a very complicated situation, but there was something about it that bothered me.The heroine, Beth was a woman in a very thorny situation and I could understand her actions who wouldn t run in order to save its own life And it wasn t because of physical abuse, like in so many romance novels, but because it was a dire health threat If she remained I don t have [...]

  2. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for , visit Punya ReviewsAmy Rose Bennett was a complete new to me author when I found myself hosting a blog tour on Lady Beauchamp s Proposal It was one of those rare finds where I had no idea what to expect, yet it blew my mind The storyline was pretty unconventional, as were the twists I was honestly expecting a been there done that governess storyline but found something much dark and deep I loved the author [...]

  3. Originally posted at Bunny s ReviewI am a sucker for anything historical, romance, fantasy, mystery does not matter I will read it I am deeply drawn to anything set before 1820 Some people have tried to tell me I still have memories or feeling from a past life coming thru I honestly do not know I just think it is because some much happened along with so many different ways people think and act When this book came up for tour I quickly stated I would read review I am not sorry I requested this.Be [...]

  4. Gothic Inspired Regency Noir par excellence I LOVED this powerful and emotionally charged dark and angst ridden Regency romance it is full of secrets and suspense and brimming with raw sensuality and has a real taste of the gothic about it It is an excellent Regency Noir read and if you enjoy books by authors such as Anna Campbell and Anne Stuart you will also revel in reading Lady Beauchamp s Proposal, a deliciously dark, dangerous and erotic foray into this genre The author, Amy Rose Bennett, [...]

  5. I couldn t put this book down There were several plot twists and two in particular that had my jaw dropping open I was immediately vested in Lady Elizabeth Beauchamps character Any woman that has ever dated, let alone married, a loser knows what it s like to realize that you must get out I admired her tenacity and courage She was able to go on and grab at a chance at happiness with the reclusive Lord Rothsburg aka James Huntly I think James character was the sweetest alpha male hero I ve ever re [...]

  6. A better title for this would be The Boinking of Lady Beauchamp There s very little actual story here I calculate that than half the pages are sex scenes between H and h Now, I have nothing against sex It s a very important part of life It s just that if I m reading a bunch of it in a book I also want a bunch of pages of real, interesting plot to round it out Otherwise, I feel as if I ve wandered into mild erotica Not that there s anything wrong with that, if it s what you like So what s the pl [...]

  7. A sizzling debut from Amy Rose Bennett It s refreshing to read a story with a new take on life in a particular historical period and also to find an author unafraid to tackle a serious issue in this case, syphilis or the pox which was, at this period in history, incurable James and Beth are left untrusting and unwilling to try another relationship after their respective spouses have betrayed them In the wilds of Scotland, in an isolated island castle, they must work together and learn that not [...]

  8. A touch of Rebecca, a dash of Jane Eyre, a sprinkling of Vanity Fair all wrapped up in a delicious package by Amy Rose Bennett.I won t go into the plot suffice to say that the author has given us a richly drawn tale of love overcoming deceit and lies, of a heart s desire unrequited but eventually fulfilled We get richly described scenes of Scottish landscape and Edinburgh landmarks along with a poignant love story of two wounded souls who take a chance at finding everlasting love.There is plenty [...]

  9. Set in London and Scotland in 1815, this beautifully crafted tale has all the feels Read full review in the 2015 February issue of InD tale Magazine.

  10. I received an e copy from the author in exchange for an honest review I first saw this title on a Book Tour, and the minute I read the blurb and excerpt, I just knew I had to read it I have never seen a historical romance even mention the great pox, or syphilis, before, let alone use it as such a big and important part of the plot And that is how we first meet our heroine, Elizabeth, Lady Beauchamp Freaking out about her drunk husband s unexpected visit to her bedchamber, after a loooong dry spe [...]

  11. Harcourt House, London September 1815Lady Elizabeth Harcourt, is preparing to flee from her husband, Hugh de Lancey Harcourt, the Earl of Beauchamp During the few years that they have been married, Hugh has treated Elizabeth with complete disdain and has ignored her Elizabeth has just received a letter from Hugh s lover warning her that Hugh has the pox, or syphilis, and he has given it to her Then, Hugh tells her he wants to make a rare visit to her to get an heir upon her She realizes she must [...]

  12. This book had me from the first page The author beautifully captures Beth s desperate courage, and when her sleazy husband enters on the next page the atmosphere ratchets up another notch Elizabeth is the neglected and ignored wife of the dissolute Lord Beauchamp When she escaped from him before he can infect her with syphilis, she runs as far as she can, applying for a job as governess in a remote castle in Scotland There, she meets James, the Marquess of Rothsburgh, and the attraction between [...]

  13. Oh WOW This book is truly amazing It had a perfect blend between love, betrayal, secret lover, devilishly handsome man and lady in disguise.Lady Beauchamp ran away from her fear of being infected by syphilis from her husband She decided to go immediately and disguised herself as Mrs Beth Elliot, the widow of Liutenant Elliot to work as governess in Eilean Tor Castle What she didn t expect was that there was no longer a child in that castle, but instead the enigmatic father who wanted her service [...]

  14. I wanted to enjoy this, but the book was historically inaccurate, and with far too many typos and anachronisms It is badly in need of a professional edit, and fact checking It has one editor and a proof reader credited, but even then quite a lot of grammatical and spelling errors crept through The cover shows a woman in the clothes of around 1880, but this book is supposed to be set in 1815 The heroine is TSTL, running away from her husband instead of applying for a legal separation But then she [...]

  15. A sweetly emotional, truly lovely historical romance, Lady Beauchamp s Proposal was a wonderful read that I really liked Elizabeth was a great character She was put in a difficult situation but found a way to escape it She was an honorable person at heart and that made her struggle to stay true to her heart or her marriage vows intriguing I thought she was a lovely character James was an absolute sweetheart He was kind, loyal, and just overall adorable I wish we had been able to see of him as a [...]

  16. Sizzling erotic love story A real page turner 6 starsI love historical romance set in the Regency era and written with a touch of eroticism Beautiful debut for Amy Rose Bennett s Regency novel Sizzling love scenes written with tenderness, passion and beautiful words, that flew on the pages I could not put it down, as soon as I, started to read LADY BEAUCHAMP S PROPOSAL, I got pulled into the story and kept me wanting It s the pure love story of Elizabeth and James, two wounded characters, that [...]

  17. sizzling second chance love story with a touch of the GothicDesperate to escape her pox ridden husband, Elizabeth seeks a position as governess as far away from London as she can Lord Rothsburgh s island fortress off the Scottish coast is a perfect retreat except for the fact that there is no longer a need for a governess.The position Lord Rothsburgh has in mind for the lovely widow has nothing to do with teaching children But she s still in mourning for her soldier husband and after his disastr [...]

  18. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I enjoyed this novel greatly The historical aspect of this novel was great You could really feel for Elizabeth and wanted her to find happiness I m not used to reading adult romance in a historical setting but this book was so good in how it was written I will be willing and eager to try others like it in the future The plot is a great concept, and reminds me a bit of Jane Eyre There were some parts where I wondered why Elizabeth m [...]

  19. Elizabeth, Lady Beauchamp, needs to disappear Her estranged, syphilis inflicted husband has decided he needs an heir Assuming the name of Beth, Lady B flees to Scotland to obtain a governess position The handsome, widowed Marquess of Rothsburg, James, no longer needs a governess but proposes a different position Can Beth become James mistress and keep her heart in tact knowing she can never truly be his This was my first book by this author What a delight A true Regency romance with a touch of V [...]

  20. If you are looking for a Regency romance, steamy love scenes, with a Gothic undertone, this book is for you I fell in love with the hero, James and the heroine, Elizabeth aka Beth The book draws you in right from the first page Elizabeth, The Countess of Beauchamp, is on the run from her husband Hugh, The Earl Of Beauchamp She has found out that her husband, Hugh, has syphilis and he now wants Elizabeth to have his heir Elizabeth knows that she has to escape so she runs to Scotland and masquerad [...]

  21. I really enjoyed this story it is moving and emotional as the hero James Huntley Marquess of Rothsburgh and the heroine Lady Elizabeth Beauchamp become involved in a very sensual affair when Beth arrives on his doorstep in the wilds of Scotland to apply for a governess position there are many twists and turns in this story and it will keep you turning the pages as they have a very hot and steamy journey to a HEA.

  22. I enjoyed this story Elizabeth had the strength to run from her cheating husband She found herself on the doorstep of James, Lord Rothsburgh Both are wary of the other but their hearts and souls win out There is a lot of grittiness to this story but their struggle to realize how strong their love is kept me interested I recommend this book.I had a chance to read this in exchange for an honest review.

  23. I have read a quite few historical romances, but this story written by Amy Rose Bennett, whose name says it all, was born to write in this genre This plot was fresh and exciting, full of period detail, the dialogue clever and smooth I loved it.

  24. Oh my I couldn t put it down, I forgot to eat as I devoured every page What a fun, brilliantly written, sexy escape that I didn t want to end Amy Rose Bennett is yet to disappoint, her work is just fabulous

  25. 5 starsSet in London and Scotland in 1815, this beautifully crafted tale has all the feels Read full review in the 2015 February issue of InD tale Magazine.

  26. Lady Elizabeth Beauchamp has it all A fabulous title, respect, wealth, and a husband who is handsome Her life should be perfect.Elizabeth was swept away by Hugh Beauchamp, and she married for love, but very soon she realised that her husband wasn t who she thought he was He is an adulterer and has many mistresses He belittles her at every opportunity and their marriage is far from happy.But one day Elizabeth receives a letter from one of Hugh s mistresses This anonymous woman informs Elizabeth t [...]

  27. Lady Elizabeth Beauchamp and James Hunt, Marquess of Rothbury have both been betrayed by their spouses However, Elizabeth s husband is still alive and he wants an heir despite being riddled with syphilis In fear of her life, Elizabeth writes herself a reference as war widow Beth Elliot and flees to Eileen Tor in a remote part of Scotland The Marquess of Rothbury is not what she expected Blunt and haunted by war but also kind, compassionate and fun The attraction between them is instantaneous and [...]

  28. Elizabeth, aka Lady Beauchamp, is a countess who faces a terrible choice She could stay and have a child with her dissolute and long estranged husband who has syphilis, or run away from her life to hide where her husband won t find her.At Eilean Tor Castle, the runaway countess hopes to find new life as a widowed governess called Mrs Beth Eliott The Marquess of Rothsburgh has a different position in mind for Mrs Eliott than that of a governess Elizabeth must endure the lie of being a governess t [...]

  29. This book is a Regency romance with a few twist and turns, not your average plot Lady Elizabeth Beth Beauchamp is in an unhappy marriage and decides to runaway from her husband Beth pretends to be a widow and escapes to Scotland to be a governess for Lord James Rothsburgh It is a great read that pulls you in My only complaints The timing seemed off in some spots Rothsburgh s wife had only been dead eight weeks, but Beth had heard about it in London within two weeks of it happening News must have [...]

  30. I love that this story pushed aside the shining backdrop of Regency romances the f tes and whist games, clandestine garden kisses, and countryside parties for a look at the uglier side of the time It trended towards being a Gothic novel, in my opinion The protagonist s husband has syphilis from being a cheating cur, is dying and wants to beget an heir, and so she runs away to save her life That s a pretty great start for a book The settings are beautifully described especially the castle in Sco [...]

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