Redemption Best Download || [Donna Augustine] - Redemption, Redemption Redemption Alchemy Series Book Four I ve done everything wrong until now Feeling alone than ever I need to lead my people in this new barbaric world defend them against the power hungry senator a

  • Title: Redemption
  • Author: Donna Augustine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Redemption Best Download || [Donna Augustine], Redemption, Donna Augustine, Redemption Redemption Alchemy Series Book Four I ve done everything wrong until now Feeling alone than ever I need to lead my people in this new barbaric world defend them against the power hungry senator and shield them even from themselves Sometimes redemption is found in your darkest moments Redemption Best Download || [Donna Augustine] - Redemption, Redemption Redemption Alchemy Series Book Four I ve done everything wrong until now Feeling alone than ever I need to lead my people in this new barbaric world defend them against the power hungry senator a

  • Redemption Best Download || [Donna Augustine]
    182Donna Augustine

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    Donna Augustine Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Redemption book, this is one of the most wanted Donna Augustine author readers around the world.


  1. Update Ok, here s the thingis was a really great series Reminded me a lot of Ilona Andrews writing style The romance was a slow burney were attracted and their were feelers but issues kept them apart longer than necessary but HOT DAMN when it happened it was amazeballs But it was too quick I prefer details in my smut, especially with how long it took for them to finally get to it It actually detracted from the story a bit because I was just as frustrated as they were and it was starting to get [...]

  2. 2.5 starsSo much pointless drama If Jo and Cormac would have simply talked to each other many of their problems would have been solved No I did not appreciate what Cormac did at the beginning of the book, but I figured he had a good reason for it Jo had the right to be mad She took it too far and ended up acting childish.Jo was the most special snowflake of them all in this installment There wasn t anything she couldn t do Although she lacked training, she always managed to pull off some phenome [...]

  3. I skipped to the end of this just to knock it off my pile As I said liked book 1 book 2 was ok and books 3 4 were just drawn out and pointless I suggest you read book 1 as a standalone and just right the rest off

  4. Redemption book 4 the last book in The Alchemy SeriesThe story starts with a heart broken, brave faced Jo as Cormac has left her without an explanation or reassurance of a return and the panic of abandonment after giving her heart to Cormac have settled in Jo in her usual default defence mode puts up a front of strength and nonchalance to hide her vulnerability of abandonment and her broken heart seeps through the pages as we learn of her memory of the separation and the hurt she feels.Add to t [...]

  5. There is a lot of drama in this book, Jo and Cormac just can not be happy for than a minute Seriously, if it isn t her angst, it is his.Once again everything is from her POV, so we have no idea what the big lug is thinking It really limits the reader and leaves you to wonder, until Jo is told what is happening.I really wanted to love this book, but there was drag in the story than I generally like We could have skipped much of the moping and posturing, it has all been done before Jumping to th [...]

  6. I ve taken some time after I finnished this to think about what I thought, to give it a fair review For me, book 4, Redemption, was like book 2 on my fantasy scale.I prefer PNR what I define as PNR IMO, this serie is a mix of PNR and fantasy again, what I define these as Not sure if the experts define it the same way For me the serie has had pieces of both, and sometimes it has been to much fantasy for my taste I ve continued Reading because I liked the writing and the pnr in the books The seri [...]

  7. AnticlimacticAfter building up to a battle for the last three books, this was huge letdown If the main character could have resolved this so easily, why didn t she do it way before now So many loose ends, so many unresolved issues Feels like the author just got tired of the series and ended it easiest and fastest way possible.

  8. It took me a long time to get through this series I love Donna Augustine s Wild Ollie Wit books My biggest problem was with Jo She was so damned wishy washy the story was so bogged down with the back and forth between her Cormac It was like a broken record and got boring I found Jo to be insufferable at times I get that she has emotional relationship issues, but some of her choices were nuts Like how she got mad when Cormac left for a few months but wasn t she going to leave at the end of the 3r [...]

  9. Well, as a series it wasn t terrible It was interesting to follow along, and a easy read if you re bored But Augustine needs to work on her book endings asap Every installment was left unfinished something akin to watching Chinese dramas that just cue to credits as soon as 45 minutes have passed But still, Redemption was surprisingly my favorite of the four I really enjoyed reading about life without Cormac I finally felt like I was getting a better grasp on Jo and her power and her badass abili [...]

  10. Overall for the series 3.5 to 4 stars The MC s Jo and Corbac did begin to irritate after a while Jo with her stubborn childish attitude and Corbac with his stubborn domineering attitude Their on off , hot cold bickering almost made me DNF on the second and third book I obviously didn t but it was not due to the writing, but due to not having anything else to read at the time The ending well , there s definitely a feeling of a HEA but its not 100% conclusive or maybe I just don t really care any [...]

  11. Yay After the darker books in the middle of this series and the beginning of this book, we finally see Light triumph I love action, adventure, and romance This series melded these with an imaginative plot to create an inspired concept of death and renewal It shows in exaggerated scale the fight of light and dark going on in our world today, and does so beautifully If you are a very sensitive soul, read this knowing that it is an extreme version of this fight, and may be traumatic in certain part [...]

  12. I have loved this series but this book ended too quick Without spoilers, it s almost like she didn t know how to end it gently There s much of cormac and jo s story to tell, never mind burrom, Dodd and all the other fae and wolves as well as a certain infant changed who wasn t mentioned at all at the end Loved the series, but disappointed with the ending.

  13. A fitting endSo the final book is complete and I know there s been some that feel like it wasn t a good ending but I think it is because it fits the whole series It s never been sunshine and roses, so I didn t expect the last one to be either Yes, our lovebirds didn t fix everything till the end but it made sense after what happened, plus, it s who they are.

  14. Could not put this series downI started with the first book in this series Just finished this one, the last book in the series Could not read fast enough I highly recommend this book series Donna Augustine never disappoints.

  15. Donna Augustine, master level world builder, has taken her world and systematically destroyed it in Redemption, the last installation of the Alchemy series Alone and broken hearted Jo Davids is left holding the pieces the world together Jo has taken the helm of Cormac s team but is filled with doubt at every move as she works to keep the world from breaking apart any than it has Through this last book, Jo learns just how strong she can be when there are no other options.I simply love the Alchem [...]

  16. Great seriesThis was a thoroughly enjoyable read, full of action and surprises Sunbelt recommend taking time to read it, for anyone who enjoys a world of magic

  17. I loved it not tge ending or the story that i expexted but it was great.I didnt like the overdoing of the character stubbornness, it was lind of frustration but i like how it was always smthg new and exciting

  18. I had been waiting, rather impatiently because I love the series so much, for the next chapter in the lives of Jo and Cormack, and was not disappointed when I finally got my hands on REDEMPTION As with the first three books in the series I was immediately pulled into the story from the first page read and there was no putting this baby down until the last page was turned Pure entertainment is what you should expect when reading any book by Ms Augustine If you ve not been following the Alchemy Se [...]

  19. This series had a ton of potential, but unfortunately lacked in delivery I did not rate any of the other books, but will only leave a final review on the last book and sum of the general feel as to why the lack of stars in my opinion.Editing is not only important for grammatical errors but for story flow, dialogue, and plot If someone did edit any of these books, they should be fired The story jumped from one place to the next without a clear flow of things to come For instance, we meet Dark, wh [...]

  20. Major disappointment Predictable ending, but not a HEA no closure on relationships or society as a whole and poor editing.In this seemingly final installment in the Alchemy series, we see Jo having to take up the mantle of leadership, albeit unwillingly and heartbroken, only to have those she has lead desert her in her time of need The senator starts to show a romantic interest in Jo, and Jo also gains the notice of another powerful being It seems she may have options romantically, but her fost [...]

  21. I adored this series so much That is not to say it is perfect My star ratings do not necessarily reflect that the books were flawless It is just to say that if the world was to end, this is how I would want it to happen.Cormac leaves Jo at the beginning of this He is drawn thin and hasn t slept in weeks literally He has the faith in Jo though, that she can take care of things While she does have a bit of a meltdown, she rebounds quickly and grows enough to take care of business She is boss lady [...]

  22. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsRedemption starts off in a really crazy place Cormac makes a decision that sets Jo in the path of leadership Now, she must take over the casino and help out all of the beings still in it.This does not go over well, but Jo does her best And on top of that the Senator is make appearances and she s afraid war will start soon She s going to need all the help she can get, and when Cormac returns things aren t going to be so easy for him either.This book was [...]

  23. Glad to see the series kind of wrapped up I thought it was done at a good pace I only marked it down one star because I was frustrated that the author did not follow through that Jo was a med student in the first book and it was a gaping inconsistency in my mind reading the 4th book Frankly, I really did like the series It reminded me of reading Jim Butcher in the Harry Dresden series Lots of other worldly things happen Destruction that can not be prevented and personal guilt by the people who a [...]

  24. A lot of build up, but no bangI read the whole series Seemed a bit thin on the back story I was given a lot of information to believe but no reason to, if that makes any sense Basically an ok read except I kept expecting a of bigger climax to the action I was very disappointed with the ending Build, build, build then taa daa, it was done I felt cheated and betrayed by the writer who all along had been promising me this really satisfying buffet but only supplied a cookie and a half glass of milk [...]

  25. This easily could have been a 5 star book, had it not ended the way it did It felt like there should have been another quarter to it At least Wow, after all the amazing world and character building to have it end like that was crap I feel like maybe Donna Augustine is the new Jenna Black of crappy series endings They do fantastic until the end, where apparently they can t pull it off Ya, don t judge me, I m mad I read all 4 books back to back and feel like I got shafted And it s making me over l [...]

  26. I really love this series and was sad to see it end Especially because I have so many questions about the future for them Hopefully Donna will come back to Jo and Cormack in the future, especially since we hardly got to see them together at all in this story My only complaint about this story was the totally off pattern cover Where is the blonde Jo we ve seen on all the other covers I really didn t like the boring tree and think they shouldn t have broken the theme, especially since it s the las [...]

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