Ares: Bringer of War

✓ Ares: Bringer of War ï George O'Connor - Ares: Bringer of War, Ares Bringer of War In the chaos of the Trojan war Ares arrives in a chariot armor blazing like fire Strategy has failed and gore drips from every surface but the god of war denies his nature and sits on the sidelines

  • Title: Ares: Bringer of War
  • Author: George O'Connor
  • ISBN: 9781626720138
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Ares: Bringer of War ï George O'Connor, Ares: Bringer of War, George O'Connor, Ares Bringer of War In the chaos of the Trojan war Ares arrives in a chariot armor blazing like fire Strategy has failed and gore drips from every surface but the god of war denies his nature and sits on the sidelines as the blood of both mortals and demigods stains the ground red Strong vengeful and just plain angry Ares enters the battle his mind set on one thing total obliterationIn the ✓ Ares: Bringer of War ï George O'Connor - Ares: Bringer of War, Ares Bringer of War In the chaos of the Trojan war Ares arrives in a chariot armor blazing like fire Strategy has failed and gore drips from every surface but the god of war denies his nature and sits on the sidelines Sensorik Technik Customer Relationship Management A . Persnliche Schutzausrstung BG RCI Infrastruktur SMI Stabilisierung kommt voran Markttechnik A Bchler Finanz Beleuchtung am Arbeitsplatz Fachbeitrag arbeitssicherheit Alle Module Inhaltsbersicht Module beck online ADHS bei Erwachsenen Besonderheiten, Behandlung NetDoktor

  • ✓ Ares: Bringer of War ï George O'Connor
    344George O'Connor
Ares: Bringer of War

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  1. George O'Connor

    George O Connor is the author of several picture books, including the New York Times bestseller Kapow , Kersplash, and Sally and the Some thing JOURNEY INTO MOHAWK COUNTRY was his first graphic novel, a long held dream that weaves together his passion for history and ongoing research into Native American life He s also the author illustrator of a new picture book, If I Had a Raptor He lives in Brooklyn, New York.


  1. We re so proud to have published George O Connor s latest Olympians graphic novel, ARES BRINGER OF WAR.It features Ares And it also features a lot of war, as that is what he s the god of This is probably the bloodiest of all the Olympians books yet how fun is that And you get to see all of the Trojan War in a most super awesome way.If you re a fan of this series, you should definitely check this new volume out

  2. I loved this book It presents the Trojan War from the perspective of Ares and how his relationship with the other gods is a factor in a war that seems to have no end sound familiar in which sides change men wading waste deep in blood the shores of peace and war equidistant.

  3. openbooksociety article arBrought to you by OBS reviewer OmarThis volume is dedicated to the god of war, Ares, and the re tell of the Iliad the Trojan War The war that started with a bet between goddesses, combining love and anger, but mostly, this war is an inner war that has been in the brewing for a long time among the gods up in Mount Olympus.Author George O Connor shows us in this new installment of the Olympians series, how the gods played a major role in the Trojan War We can also see tha [...]

  4. Forgive me, George O Connor, for I did sin I was way harsh on Aphrodite before I d read the rest of the series Now, I ve done a total 180 and I absolutely adore these graphic novel retellings of Greek myth It s clear that O Connor loves the subject matter, and I really like that the gods and goddesses are as diverse as the people who would have worshiped them.Ares isn t exactly the most popular god on the block, although I did find Rick Riordan s incarnation of him as a biker dude kind of spot o [...]

  5. Book Ares Bringer of WarAuthor George O ConnerBy Ethan SantiagoThis book is about a god that is the son of Zeus named Ares.Which takes place during the trojan and greeks war.Where Ares sides with the trojans and his sister Athena sides with the greeks.This first part takes place in the mountain of olympus where they argue over which side should win and which is better.Also,they fight physically and mentally.They fight over and over and then they stop and look at the battle field.Now the story of [...]

  6. Filled with violent action, impressively erudite, and packed with wit, George O Connor s latest installment in his Olympians series, Ares Bringer of War, tells the story of the Trojan War As O Connor freely admits in his engaging author s note, you d have to be a lunatic to adapt the Illiad into a 66 page graphic novel Not only is that precisely what O Connor has done, he has pulled it off beautifully Handsomely colored, graphically strong panels and inspired dialogue intrigue, excite, appall an [...]

  7. George O Connor is a master at making mythology accessible and interesting In this Ares focused retelling of the Trojan War, we see a humanized side of the blood thirsty god of War My students who are fans of the other books of the series, will definitely enjoy this one as well Also, if anyone questions if graphic novels are complex or not, they should read this one

  8. Rating 5George O Connor has real talent with his drawings and the story line I love that it keeps you engaged and you also get a bit of a history lesson on Greek Mythology.

  9. ARES BRINGER OF WAR by George O Connor is the latest addition to the popular OLYMPIANS graphic novel series designed for middle grades and young adults.Although each of the graphic novels in the OLYMPIANS series stand alone, those new to Greek mythology may want to read them in order because ARES assumes that readers are familiar with the backstory of the gods Each volume focuses on one of the gods in the Olympic pantheon including Zeus, Athena, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Aphrodite In addition t [...]

  10. I m officially obsessed with George O Connor Olympians graphic novel series I ll be reviewing the first seven both for their individual qualities but also on how fabulously well conceived and executed the graphic novels are in catching the middle grade YA audience, teaching ANYONE who reads them a little something about Greek mythology or reminding because I can t remember middle school English well enough though I do remember discussing gods and goddesses but in an important and simple way thro [...]

  11. I am a traditionalist, so I can be a bit picky when it comes to myths It irritates me to no end when a book talks about Hercules in the context of Greek mythology Hercules is the Roman name it should be Heracles , and watching the movie Troy was an unpleasant experience.This is to all say that when I read George O Connor s Olympians series to my daughter, I was prepared to interject a wealth of corrections and clarifications into the narrative But none was needed Instead I fell into the visual a [...]

  12. Another outstanding volume in George O Connor s Olympians series Book 7 brings us the story of Ares, the god of war, and the Trojan War If you ve read this far in the series you know what to expect with the artwork and O Connor brings the same magnificent illustration to the table once again This story is quite a complex one and brings together all the gods we ve met in the other books, plus minor ones who ve popped up here and there They are all assembled watching as the Greeks and Trojans figh [...]

  13. Once again, George O Connor manages to bring mythology to life in engaging fashion In this graphic novel, part of his Olympians series, the focus is on the volatile, bloodthirsty Ares As the gods and goddesses watch on and sometimes intercede the Trojan War continues, shedding blood on both sides They are portrayed as argumentative, petty, and jealous of one another Somehow, as the story come to an end, readers may feel some compassion for Ares, the never satisfied god of war, for the humiliatio [...]

  14. Another brilliant retelling from O Connor Here, we focus tightly on the end of the Trojan war with an emphasis on the gods involvement It s the Iliad told Marvel style Some of the fighting reaches a point of hilarity, such as when Ares whines about getting stabbed dude you re immortal and then immediately plunges into tragedy when characters you have just started to care about actually die, and the whole time you are on the edge of your seat watching the fighting both on and off the battle field [...]

  15. Summary This book is about the Greek god of war, Ares Ares loves war and is hard to defeat during a war In the book the Titans are fighting the Spartans Most of the Gods have kids in the war, and they need to protect the This causing some of the gods to fight and changes the outcome of the battle Find out who wins My take I thought this was a good book It had tons of action which I liked Ares is a beast in the book and so are so of the other gods I highly recomeded this book to people that like [...]

  16. Ares was definitely a change of pace in comparison to the other books in the series Instead of focusing on the stories where the god is the main character, Ares is shown on the sidelines and how he handles things Overall the story was interesting and the graphics were again well done arc from NetGalley

  17. Ares doesn t really shine the brightest in this story but he does get the best comeback line to Zeus at the end Everyone in this story isn t very likable, least of all Ares But you can kind of see where he s coming from and are mostly on his side by the end of the war.

  18. That was actually a very good read.i really love the side of aresspite his brutally and his lust for warere is another side to him.

  19. Ares The god of war And some would say the god of destruction and chaos But no, he is than that When the best laid plans of war go awry, when Athena s logic has left the playing field, that is when Ares enters into the playing field He brings forth blood lust, discord and strife But than that, when all seems lost and your enemies about to overwhelm you, Ares gives his power and strength to let you make one last stand That is Ares.In this, the seventh entry into the Olympians series, George O C [...]

  20. I a rating from 1 to 10 in violence I would say it is 4 because there was a big chunk of violence.But it had a lot of meaning and sometimes hard to understand nice book.

  21. A retelling of the Fall of Troy in which we see the battles from the perspectives of the Olympians Focus on the bringer of war as a lover of chaos, but also a sensitive father.Many highlights of the Illiad are pictured but must be read about in the G r eek notes.Ares heavenly body is mars his month is March, and martial, as in martial arts, is a derivative of his roman name Mars As horrible as he is, i guess he s supposed to be my guyoh dear.

  22. The book Ares Bringer of War by George O Connor was a book about the god Ares, bringer of war I really liked this book because it had a lot of action in it and just had a lot of things going on at once but was still really easy to follow.I would give this book 5 stars because I really liked it because it was fantasy, it had a lot of pictures in it because it s a graphic novel so I like that The story line was good and it had a lot of action so I liked it.

  23. The Trojan War from the POV of the gods This volume brought to light a few of the mortal combatants in the war on both Greek and Trojan side who had been faceless until now but I suspect there are other books out there that achieve that task better It seems to me it took slight liberties with the gods motives while still remaining true to the classic myths.

  24. Ares definitely has anger issues The Olympians have to find him a therapist, or else, he would probably lose it if a 12 year old killed him in CS GO or Call of Duty for the 50th time, unlocking an achievement RAGE QUIT

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