The Infinity Cage

The Infinity Cage Best Read || [Alex Scarrow] - The Infinity Cage, The Infinity Cage Liam O Connor should have died at sea in Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in But all three have been given a second chance to work for a

  • Title: The Infinity Cage
  • Author: Alex Scarrow
  • ISBN: 9780141337203
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback

The Infinity Cage Best Read || [Alex Scarrow], The Infinity Cage, Alex Scarrow, The Infinity Cage Liam O Connor should have died at sea in Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in But all three have been given a second chance to work for an agency that no one knows exists Its purpose to prevent time travel destroying history The end is approaching for the TimeRiders In a final effort to prevent tiLiam O Connor should The Infinity Cage Best Read || [Alex Scarrow] - The Infinity Cage, The Infinity Cage Liam O Connor should have died at sea in Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in But all three have been given a second chance to work for a

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  • The Infinity Cage Best Read || [Alex Scarrow]
    202 Alex Scarrow
The Infinity Cage

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    I live a nomadic existence with my wife Frances, and son Jacob For now we re living in Norwich I spent the first 10 years out of college in the music business chasing record deals and the next 12 years in the computer games business as a graphic artist and eventually a games designer For those of you who like their computer games, here s some of the titles I ve worked on Waterworld, Evolva, The Thing, Spartan, Gates of Troy, Legion ArenaSince signing up as an author with Orion, I seem to spend most of my time hunched over my laptop in various cafes and coffee bars sipping lattes, tapping keys and watching the ebb and flow of shoppers outside on the street As I write this, I m awaiting the launch of my next book the sequel to , LAST LIGHT, and getting ready to find a publisher for the first book in a separate series, ELLIE QUIN Ahead of me, lies research work for my next thriller, and also some screenplays I m looking forward to writing Although I m glad to be where I am now, I do occasionally kick myself for not having succumbed to the writing bug much earlier But then we all just muddle along through life, don t we There s rarely a plan Source scarrow page9ml


  1. The biggest question I have about the timeriders series, what the hell am I going to do with my life when it s all over

  2. THERES ANOTHER ONE OOOOOOOOO THERES A COVER WOOW It s super awesome Its not at all like the other covers that have come out that are awful Its awesome

  3. NON SPOILER review The least adventurous instalment but narratively wise a superb conclusion to a brilliant thought provoking seriesThis final novel in the Timeriders series is a little disappointing in terms of maintaining an exhilarating narrative that the previous 8 books delivered Having said that, the purpose of this final instalment was to drill a definitive message on the state of our world in ecology, religion and the nature of humanity It does so with an aggressively preaching approach [...]

  4. Time Riders is one of my favorite series OF ALL TIME It s rare that I love a series as much as this one It s nine books long, and got incredible with every book I was constantly surprised while reading It s an incredibly well thought out and researched sci fi time travel series, and those of you who follow what I read know how much I love a great time travel story Everything tied up perfectly at the end, which is a MUST for a fantastic time travel book I got chills when the loop of time was fig [...]

  5. SPOILERS AHEAD Having stuck with the Timeriders series from start to finish, now that it s over I feel a little unsatisfied.It s not that Infinity Cage is a bad read s just that once all the secrets were revealed and all the questions answered I just really was happy with how it played out I m not sure why just felt as though it finished with a whimper instead of a bang On a side and personal note, as a man of Faith i really didn t like how Jesus Christ and in fact Christianity as a whole was p [...]

  6. The last and final book in the series.I read the book in one day.After 300 pages there was still no hint how the story would end and I was near the edge of diappointment.But the last 100 pages have been most satisfying.There is even the possibility to return to the main characters one day.Until then there is enough stuff to think about.What a great time travel series with a worthy final

  7. I was really disappointed by this book The whole series beforehand was great, and I totally recommended them, but after The Infinity Cage I feel that the entire series has been a complete waste of time The writing in itself is quite good, but the actual things that happened in this one I didn t like at all The book dishonours Jesus As a Christian, that would never make me like a book It quotes things that he apparently says that are just modern thinking and so wrong It portrays Jesus crucifixion [...]

  8. Astoundingly satisfying conclusion to what has become one of my favourite series No whisper of a cop out here Author faces the deep underlying themes of the story head on, and does a brilliant job of tying up the various time travel conundrums and loose ends The characters that we ve grown to know and love are on top form here, and it is compelling to watch them deal with mind blowing revelations akin to what was dropped on them in City of Shadows All in all, TimeRiders has been a wonderful seri [...]

  9. At last the last one Admit that I have mix feelings, loosing good friends and coming to end and wonder how it will be Author knows what he does, that s for sure Even his message at the end of book shows that he has clear vision and plan for the story to go on in each of us This book is not fully packed with action, not any, there is no need for it Last who are here need to dig deeper and check what s inside them and then make decision Hardest in their life Liked that book and series had a messag [...]

  10. 17 20 En bref, un dernier tome qui nous apporte toutes les r ponses que l on pouvait en attendre et qui nous entraine encore une fois facilement la suite des personnages On craint pour leurs vies raison, l auteur n pargne personne et ce dernier voyage est assez magique Le final est la hauteur de ce que l on pouvait en attendre et il cl t parfaitement cette saga en 9 tomes.leslecturesdemylene 20

  11. I have adored this series and reaching the conclusion of its ninth and final novel was a painful business I will miss it enormously You can tell Alex Scarrow mapped out the complicated plots and ending at the very beginning It means that the end is not only satisfying, pulling everything together, but it also honours the spirit of the all the books that went before no mean feat

  12. I guess I was always interested in the time travelling adventures of the series, less so in the mysteries of Pandora and not at all in the post apocalyptic landscape of 2070 This last book was all about these things I did not love, as well as a lot of wrapping up and explaining, which was meh Interesting series overall, though, with maybe 5 or 6 great books.

  13. Can t wait till the last book comes out It s bound to be amazing and there are so many questions I want the answer to.

  14. A superb end to a great series Any parent with a child interested in history and or SF, you need to tell them about it.

  15. A good ending to a good series I d love to say I ll come back to it someday, but I m not making any promises after all, it does have 9 installments But honestly, that s the only reason why I d hesitate.Overall, I just enjoyed every book, and I got so, so much from it honestly, it made me feel a little queasy at times, with the author s depiction of the future I feel like if everyone read this, they d be a little inclined to solve some of our planet s problems lol and I m really sad to be leavin [...]

  16. 3.5 stars To be honest, I m disappointed with Liam s way to write new history I was expecting something what, neutral This way, it contains too much christian truth Not wrong am a christian myself but for such big issue, I think it needs better conclusion And Waldstein s end was also an anticlimax or is it meant to be a loose end, to be elaborate in the next sequel series Rashim s end, btw, was simply dumb If anything, I think Scarrow needs to make stronger characters His characters were good, [...]

  17. This is it, the last book When I picked up the first book back in 2012, I had no idea that I would grow to love something I picked up out of pure stubbornness It was on a poster recommending books for boys I was a 13 year old girl I had no choice really But I have I have genuinely loved this series.And this is the last book After the horrendous ending of book 8 it was a great book, I just did not want those things to happen , and a wait of over a year, I finally bought it, and then didn t read i [...]

  18. After completing the TimeRiders series, it has forever occupied a place in my heart Truly, it could defeat a well known series too It has a left a mark on the way I think I read the entire series tagged along with Maddy, Liam and Sal It was such a wonderful adventure, the way they thought and how the mysteries unfolded themselves I won t forget Rashim, Adam, Bob, Becks, Computer Bob anddddd Sponge Bubba They were incredible, humourous and supportiveI highly recommend this series I also love that [...]

  19. An fantastic series that will keep you guessing to the very end I m kinda sad the ride is over, but I am so glad I went on it

  20. Reflecting on our regrets, we often imagine going back in time and fixing our mistakes Time Riders takes that notion and asks the question What can happen Time Riders is a series follows three teenagers from different time periods Liam, Sal, and Maddy The three work for an enigmatic agency that is supposed to prevent time travel technology from changing history, even for the better Throughout the series, the trio have corrected history time and time again, and start to question their purpose To [...]

  21. I m currently reading the TimeRiders series by Alex Scarrow.While reading this series, I realised 3 things 1 Time travel is way fascinating than I d thought it would be.2 Not all important characters have plot armour.3 Alex Scarrow is an evil genius.The suspenseful and gripping nature of all the 9 books kept me reading them, even if they got boring The 3 main characters in the book were just the perfect amount of relatable and out of this world The time travel technology was also believable, no [...]

  22. 5 starsGood ending I thought left it up to the reader to make up their own minds would recommend this book

  23. Yeah ok it s finished, it s over TimeRiders are put to bed at last Like many I felt the same sense of desolation and sadness at reading the last book in the series.It s not particuarly earth shattering as a climax to the series, but a worthy end I thought they d all get massacred, but they didn t Mr Scarrow has done a great job on this series and as I progressed I thought the last book s going to be a bugger to write I m not saying he s done it, or saying he s failed Somewhere in between And I t [...]

  24. Overall score of series 4 starsAnd thus the Time Rider series has ended The king is dead, long live the king It s been several years since I began this series and now that it has ended I can honestly say I don t regret a minute of it.The author, Alex Scarrow, has taken me far and wide across humanities timeline, from the era of the dinosaur to ancient Rome, from the golden age of piracy to the streets of Victorian London and from alternate war torn realities to a post apocalyptic future All with [...]

  25. Verdict The Time Riders series is in my opinion a classic example of the phrase Don t judge a book by its cover The series have always posed the We get it you re a generic young adult novel look, particularly with the first novel But as you begin to read the series evolves into something really spectacular The infinity cage has two concurrent narratives Liam and bob in Jerusalem and maddy sal and rashim in the future Liam s adventures in Jerusalem are mostly interesting, but what really makes th [...]

  26. I read this book within hours.That says a lot.And by a lot I mean that I loved it so much my heart wanted to burst.I love how this book ended, making me wanted to cry myself to sleep Not because it was heartbreakingly sad book, because it was heartbreaking to think of my favourite series was over Finished Never to be eagerly waited for as I charge through the bookshelves looking for the next installment No longer would I be able to read it and burn with curiosity with what might happen next and [...]

  27. So the journey ends here The loop is broken Timeriders is over It s hard to say what I m feeling So I won t Best parts Black Jesus I wonder how many are going to be offended by the portrayal of Jesus as something other than white BOB defender of Christ Liam AKA JC The entire sequence showing the effects of KN virus was surreal It was brilliantly described and seemed so real Poor Rashim He will be missed Roald Waldstein The enigmatic genius Using his wife s and sons DNA Damn that s something The [...]

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