Remote, Volume 1

Remote, Volume 1 Best Download || [Seimaru Amagi Tetsuya Koshiba] - Remote, Volume 1, Remote Volume Kurumi Ayaki is a police officer with a record of excellence on the force and the guts and guile to back it up She is summoned to solve those crimes that have been classified as unsolvable Partnered w

  • Title: Remote, Volume 1
  • Author: Seimaru Amagi Tetsuya Koshiba
  • ISBN: 9781591827405
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback

Remote, Volume 1 Best Download || [Seimaru Amagi Tetsuya Koshiba], Remote, Volume 1, Seimaru Amagi Tetsuya Koshiba, Remote Volume Kurumi Ayaki is a police officer with a record of excellence on the force and the guts and guile to back it up She is summoned to solve those crimes that have been classified as unsolvable Partnered with a mysterious young genius that is unable to feel emotions she acts as his eyes and ears to piece together clues even as her own personal life falls apart around her Remote, Volume 1 Best Download || [Seimaru Amagi Tetsuya Koshiba] - Remote, Volume 1, Remote Volume Kurumi Ayaki is a police officer with a record of excellence on the force and the guts and guile to back it up She is summoned to solve those crimes that have been classified as unsolvable Partnered w

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  • Remote, Volume 1 Best Download || [Seimaru Amagi Tetsuya Koshiba]
    255 Seimaru Amagi Tetsuya Koshiba
Remote, Volume 1

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  1. Seimaru Amagi Tetsuya Koshiba

    Real Name Shin KibayashiPseudonym of Tadashi Agi, Yuya Aoki, Yuma Ando, Joji Arimori, Hiroaki Igano, Ryo RyumonBlood Type O Agi Tadashi is a Japanese manga storywriter, novelist and screenwriter His original name is Shin Kibayashi Kibayashi Shin He was born in 1962 in Tokyo, and graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Musashi Senior High School and Waseda University School of Economics Political Science The penname Tadashi Agi is shared with his sister Under the name Yuma Ando, he received the 2003 Kodansha Manga Award for sh nen for writing Kunimitsu no Matsuri.


  1. Let me be the first to say that I don t mind fanservice While I m not the target audience for it, I could really care less if the artist were to include it in the manga Fanservice sells manga However, this series tends to push the fanservice meter up past the normal levels into extreme levels of panty ecchi shots While it still didn t stop me from enjoying the series, at than one point I remember shaking my head saying enough already She wears panties, I get it While with some series that s all [...]

  2. I read this when it first came out, probably in 2004 I didn t finish the series, though, so I m re reading the first few volumes and will hopefully finish the whole series this time.This is an oddball mystery series, with a premise somewhat similar to Nero Wolfe The main detective doesn t leave his home he has other characters to do his legwork In this case, the Archie Goodwin character is a young policewoman, a former meter maid.The central mystery storyline isn t resolved in this volume It s a [...]

  3. 1.5 out of 5.Remote is a 10 volume crime manga with lots of fan service rated 16 Ayaki is a big breasted cop assigned to work with an agoraphobic detective Himuro in the Unsolved Crimes Division Despite the fact she has only worked as a metre maid, she tries to solve a string of murders involving a clown meanwhile making wedding plans with her fiance The story is silly and unbelievable Ayaki is useless and has to be told what to do constantly by Himuro The half star is because I found her fiance [...]

  4. This is one of those series you either like or loath Story wise it s great The mysteries aren t easy to solve I m still trying to get how the guy solved the first puzzle and there s a very copycat feel with the agoraphobia main male character That being said, the series down fall is the art itself It is really un pretty I put it nicely as a lot of it looks like he took something an super imposed a characters face on it.Still I like the series and if you can over look the art, the series delivers [...]

  5. Seinen Thriller series the thriller portion is relatively suspenseful and the references to american thriller mystery and horror movies are amusing but the generic artwork and the increasingly graphic intense in your face fanservice is incredibly distracting i just read it cuz a friend of mine left it at my house and they were quick reads i read vols 1 3 or 4 i wouldn t go out of your way to read to this its nothing speical and can be pretty off putting in parts if they had toned down the fanser [...]

  6. The female officer is not the capable hero the synopsis would have you believe, but she is likable and sympathetic Not all good female characters need to be kick ass I m kind of a sucker for Sherlock Holmes type characters, which is what her mysterious, homebound partner is And the mystery involves killer clowns, so I m there My only objection is the tedious, juvenile, TA shots If it gets much worse, I ll stop reading.

  7. So so so so much fan service unnecessary pantie shots and shower scenes The lead character is a super big cry baby and constantly says shes quitting I m only on volume 2 now , but obviously it hooked me enough to keep reading I mostly want to know what kind of accident happen to her boss and see if she ever grows up I really hope she stops crying, stops needing constant direction and stops needing to be rescued If not I m wasting my time Fingers crossed for character development.

  8. Favorite manga series ever, I ve re read the entire series MANY times and have encouraged many friends to read it too Very graphic, but the stories are great

  9. Since I usually like mysteries, I thought this would make a good manga However, it s just too slow paced for me.

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