Improper Proposals

Free Download Improper Proposals - by Juliana Ross - Improper Proposals, Improper Proposals Berkshire Newly widowed Caroline Boothroyd passes her days writing a guide for young wives daunted by their housewifely duties She takes it to publisher Thomas Cathcart Ross who makes the outra

  • Title: Improper Proposals
  • Author: Juliana Ross
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  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Improper Proposals - by Juliana Ross, Improper Proposals, Juliana Ross, Improper Proposals Berkshire Newly widowed Caroline Boothroyd passes her days writing a guide for young wives daunted by their housewifely duties She takes it to publisher Thomas Cathcart Ross who makes the outrageous suggestion that Caroline should instead tackle the subject of marital relations and even shocking that she should tell women that sex with their husbands can beBerkshire Free Download Improper Proposals - by Juliana Ross - Improper Proposals, Improper Proposals Berkshire Newly widowed Caroline Boothroyd passes her days writing a guide for young wives daunted by their housewifely duties She takes it to publisher Thomas Cathcart Ross who makes the outra

  • Free Download Improper Proposals - by Juliana Ross
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Improper Proposals

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    Juliana Ross has an abiding interest in British history that first took root during her graduate studies in England She now lives in Canada with her husband and young children In her spare time she cooks for family and friends, makes slow inroads into her weed patch of a garden, and reads romance novels the steamier the better on her eReader.


  1. When I first read a sample of Improper Relations, the first book in Juliana Ross s series, I expressed some hesitations about buying a copy Still, Juliana Ross was an author on my radar, and, when the book was offered for free late last year, I took the opportunity and got it.I read it recently and hadn t planned on writing a review of it because I already had a backlog of reviews to write, but, the most curious thing happened after I finished reading the first book, I was immediately curious ab [...]

  2. Well written but far too full of sex scenes that don t further the emotional connection between the leads, Tom and Caroline There s a formality to the writing that is at odds with the tenor of the novel I guess I don t want to read a erotic romance that reminds me of a lesser Austen work.

  3. Much sexual tension than in the previous two books, but I didn t really feel any connection between the characters My least favorite of the trilogy.

  4. Instead of instructing young wives on how to roast a chicken or darn a sock or ease colic in an infant, I want you to write a guide that will tell them, plainly and directly, what they might expect from marital relations with their husbands It will tell them that it could and should be a pleasant experience, and not a shameful necessity to which they are bound to submit p.24When her husband of eleven years dies, Caroline is distraught and alone, with no other family to turn to As time passes, sh [...]

  5. For this review and visit my blogImproper Proposals is the third book in the Improper series and the second book in the series I have read I preferred this book to the first book in the series, Improper Relations, but didn t fall in love with it despite finding it sweet.I enjoy Juliana Ross writing she really has a style that suits the period settings of her books I find her work very easy to read and get lost in.I enjoyed the storyline and like how Ross deals with the aspects of propriety and [...]

  6. After the tragic death of her minister husband, Caroline Boothroyd keeps herself busy by writing a book for women on how to host guests, cook meals, etc After inquiring with her husband s publisher friend, Thomas Cathcart Ross, Caroline travels to London to present her book to him, ultimately hoping to have her book published Thomas does not publish her book, but instead offers her a proposal to write something altogether different for women a book on how to have sexual relations with your husba [...]

  7. The lack of heat between the two leads made this a very dull read The first person POV did not help either But bonus points must be given for the premise of the heroine writing a how to sex guidebook for ladies and gentlemen by extension and for featuring a bearded hero.

  8. Caroline has written a household guide book, but, when she takes it to her publisher, he suggests a intimate guide of married life might be useful to his readers The two must then, obviously, test out the veracity of the salacious chapters.I like that both Tom and Caroline have radical opinions from the start, and are unapologetic about them all the way through I found both pretty easy to relate to, though initially I struggled to feel their connection between each other, I was nonetheless dr [...]

  9. Originally posted on Tales to Tide You OverImproper Proposals is a reluctant love story tangled with a crude love affair.Reading that sentence makes me shake my head, but surprisingly, it worked The crude language with terms I choose not to repeat sounded modern in contrast to the rest, but that s only because most historical romances focus on the society and social conventions, making everyone a little too formal compared to how it most likely had been Heck, Shakespeare can be quite foul mouth [...]

  10. I am always pleasantly surprised by Juliana Ross s books.In Improper Proposals, newly widowed Caroline has contacted a publisher to publisher her book on household tips But Thomas has a better idea He wants her to write a frank and intimiate book on sex for new wives Caroline agrees, excited to begin this journey When Thomas proposes that they cannot hide their physical attractions to each other and wishes them to be lovers, Caroline agrees to this as well She has sworn off love, ever since her [...]

  11. Very sensuous and super sweet, Improper Proposals was a lovely historical romance read I really liked this novella It was sweet, hot, and an enjoyable read Both characters were lovely Caroline was a likable, though I wanted to shake some sense into her when she almost let Tom go out of fear But, I still liked her just fine Tom was very sweet and determined when he set his mind to something He was adorable and I really liked him.The romance was super hot The bedroom scenes were scorching, yet tas [...]

  12. The third and final book in Juliana Ross wonderful Improper series I absolutely love this series, every single novella, and cannot say enough good things about it This author s voice is so clear and beautiful, I want to read .One of the best reasons to read historical romance, besides the beautiful writing and happy endings, is the sheer history it brings to life on the page Like Victoria Vane, Ross adds descriptive and fascinating notes at the end of her stories, discussing inspiration for the [...]

  13. See of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts This was one of those unexpected stories, and by unexpected I mean one of those unique stories that felt like a blend of than one genre It s historical romance, but sometimes it didn t feel like it Which, to be honest, was pretty cool.The relationship between Caroline and Thomas was a bit unusual for the times, but I thought the way it was handled was pretty nice Caroline was a different heroine, very intelligent and quite [...]

  14. I picked this novella up because I was wanting to read a new author of erotic historical romance This one just didn t quite make it I would call, sexy historical romance.The story is in the first person Caroline s tone is formal and dry, almost to the point of clinical Even though there were plenty of times when Caroline dwells on being a widow and her departed husband I didn t get the expected heartbreak the blurb alluded too Caroline knows her place in the world and is contented to be a [...]

  15. La verdad, las 5 estrellas y halagos van m s que nada por lo claros que fueron los personajes Hab a qu mica y ninguno inhib a al otro Ella est escribiendo un libro sobre varias cuestiones femininas, inclu das las relaciones conyugales y l vendr a a ser su editor Jam s la minimiza, cuestiona porqu escribe lo que escribe o la limita, ni sugiere que oculte que es la autora Al contrario, al final para mi l es quien m s empuja que el libro se publique, sent que estaba orgulloso por la mujer que ten a [...]

  16. Caroline is newly widowed and hoping to improve her situation by writing a practical guide for housewives While Caroline has a talent for writing, her publisher, Thomas Cathcart Ross doesn t believe that a manual on household duties will sell very well Instead, he suggests that Caroline writes about marital relations, a subject that most women know little to nothing about before they are wed to be cont

  17. I was hooked I m one of those readers who sometimes glosses over the erotic sections they sometimes bore me but not here I read every word Not only was this book highly improper , but wow, was it well written Juliana Ross has a real talent for weaving a beautiful story Interesting characters, exciting situations, and wonderful scenes that aren t crude and actually really beautiful I ll be reading much of hers I may have become an instant fan

  18. Sweet but erotically charged, a cross between Scandalous Lovers and Suddenly You, in the best possible sense

  19. Note to self read blurbs closely before picking up new books from Netgalley.This book was far romantica than I d first expected, and while I appreciate the heat, I m not one for filthy language in the bedroom So that was a bit jarring for me shrugs Still, it was an interesting take heh on the affair turns to love trope 4 5 Stars, full review to follow.

  20. I liked how the story flowed in Improper Proposals The setting was interesting and the characters were likeable It was enjoyable to read about Caroline and Thomas I look forward to reading by Juliana Ross.

  21. Tom and Caroline s story was really good I only wish two things, that the epilogue be about what happened to them and that the book be longer I enjoyed the first two books much I hope in the future the books would be longer.

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