Modern Baptists

Modern Baptists Best Read || [James Wilcox] - Modern Baptists, Modern Baptists Universally and repeatedly praised ever since it first appeared in Modern Baptists is the book that launched novelist James Wilcox s career and debuted the endearingly daft community of Tula Spr

  • Title: Modern Baptists
  • Author: James Wilcox
  • ISBN: 9780141187976
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback

Modern Baptists Best Read || [James Wilcox], Modern Baptists, James Wilcox, Modern Baptists Universally and repeatedly praised ever since it first appeared in Modern Baptists is the book that launched novelist James Wilcox s career and debuted the endearingly daft community of Tula Springs Louisiana It s the tale of Bobby Pickens assistant manager of Sonny Boy Bargain Store who gains a new lease on life though he almost comes to regret it Bobby s handUniversally Modern Baptists Best Read || [James Wilcox] - Modern Baptists, Modern Baptists Universally and repeatedly praised ever since it first appeared in Modern Baptists is the book that launched novelist James Wilcox s career and debuted the endearingly daft community of Tula Spr

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  • Modern Baptists Best Read || [James Wilcox]
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Modern Baptists

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  1. James Wilcox

    James Wilcox b 1949 in Hammond, Louisiana is an American novelist and a professor at LSU in Baton Rouge.Wilcox is the author of eight comic novels set in, or featuring characters from, the fictional town of Tula Springs, Louisiana Wilcox s first book Modern Baptists 1983 remains his best known work His other novels are North Gladiola 1985 , Miss Undine s Living Room 1987 , Sort of Rich 1989 , Polite Sex 1991 , Guest of a Sinner 1993 , Plain and Normal 1998 , Heavenly Days 2003 , and Hunk City 2007.Wilcox s books have rarely been out of print but he has yet to write a bestseller His work has received consistently fine reviews, although reader s opinions appear to be mixed judging by .Wilcox is also the author of three short stories that were published in The New Yorker between 1981 and 1986, three of only four short stories that the author has published He has written book reviews for The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, and two pieces for ELLE He was the subject of an article by James B Stewart in The New Yorker s 1994 summer fiction issue entitled Moby Dick in Manhattan , it detailed his struggle to survive as a writer devoted purely to literary fiction.Wilcox, a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1986, has held the Robert Penn Warren Professorship at Louisiana State University since September 2004 He is also the director of the university s creative writing program.


  1. Bobby, do you think you drink too much I guess so And we re Baptists Modern Baptists can drink It s only stuffed shirts like Dr McFlug who don t Well, I guess I m a modern Baptist, then She was still looking at the sky Want to get drunk Bobby Pickens s life will never be the same now that his half brother, F.X has been sprung from prison and parked himself on the plastic covered love seat in Bobby s house Within a matter of days, EVERYTHING will be crazy, convoluted and spiraling out of control [...]

  2. A very satisfying read with a gentle story The hero Mr Pickens is brilliantly exasperating and exasperated with his brother s the awesomely named F.X constant pursuit of fame and adoration I fell in love with the female characters Donna Lee and Burma as they try to fix the lives of the hapless brothers, although I secretly hoped they d give up on them and leave Tula Springs for better things This book makes you feel like you re bathing in a hot southern sun on a wooden porch maybe in a creaky ro [...]

  3. Jim Wilcox is one of the nicest writers I ve ever had the pleasure of meeting He s super generous with his time, gracious in his feedback on others writing, and always the Southern gentleman And in Modern Baptists, a sense of the genteel buts up against some fairly Faulkner esque happenings, and the comic plot that ensues provides characters ample opportunities to miss sharply described chances at changing for the better Tula Springs, the fictional setting of this novel, is so clearly inscribed [...]

  4. Funny, I think I know some of the characters in this book I live in the community in which this story takes place and, I can tell you, it is an accurate account The humor is subtle but sharp I found myself laughing at things a few pages later Don t understand why some people hated it so much I do agree that you kind of expect to happen but then, nothing really happens here anyway.

  5. Poor Bobby Pickens His doctor has diagnosed him with malignant cancer, his half brother, F.X has moved in after being been released from Angola Prison, and Bobby is in danger of losing his job as assistant manager at the Sonny Boy Bargain Store in Tula Springs, Louisiana.If that doesn t sound particularly funny, read on for a few pages and see why Bobby Pickens or Mr Pickens as he is usually addressed might be the most amusing Southern anti hero since Ignatius Reilly in Confederacy of Dunces Jam [...]

  6. This is one of my favorite books of all time, but there s really nothing I can say about it that hasn t already been said in this review.

  7. I discovered this book in a search for authors like Charles Portis, which I knew was a fool s errand but couldn t resist the possibility that there might, somewhere, be another author out there I liked as much.So of course my first reactions to Modern Baptists were of a comparative nature, and generally negative I d say the closest Portis analogue is Norwood, and Norwood got me laughing a lot and a lot louder However, as I made my way through Wilcox s novel, it grew on me in all the right ways [...]

  8. This is another one of those books I m not sure whether I m judging myself or the book This is humorous fiction The characters are or less ordinary people living in a small town in Louisiana Almost all reflect the community s lack of intellectual, educational and financial opportunity At the beginning, Mr Pickens is an assistant manager of what seems to be a cheap department store called Sonny Boy Two of the prominent female characters are Burma, in her late thirties, and Toinette, much younger [...]

  9. This was the first James Wilcox novel I ve read but it won t be the last Quirky, funny and a good read I enjoyed it and am definitely going to check out his other work.

  10. If you like novels of the Southern States as I do, and you like those novels set in fairly nondescript places we all have to live in, and you like characters that are nothing special and don t save the world then you will really like this book Really like it I rarely laugh when reading novels and have read a few which I have found sad than funny but this one does justice to the term understated humour I had to reread some of the paragraphs and sentences because they were written in such a way t [...]

  11. In New Orleans she used to jog all the time in Audobon Park, but when she tried jogging in Tula Springs, a grizzled farmer with a wad of tobacco in his cheek offered to give her a lift in the back of his pickup, then she got chased by a mangy three legged dog This is a modern day fable of Tula Springs, the home of the main character, Carl Robert commonly called Mr Pickens Mr Pickens is middle aged man of no import whatsoever who has his stride thrown off by the fact that the spot on the back of [...]

  12. Mr Pickens is intensely unlikeable He s that dumpy, clueless, slightly creepy guy you ve undoubtedly run into during the course of your life He probably hit on you He doesn t realize he smells faintly of BO or that his hair hasn t been washed in a while There were probably food stains on his haphazardly tucked in shirt He s desperate to be liked, but he s so unlikeable and socially inept that he s always alone, thus exacerbating the antisocial behavior He doesn t pick up on social cues that woul [...]

  13. The Southern United States is difficult We are backwards yokels who still delude ourselves with the legend of the genteel Southerner, that the Civil War was fought over states rights, that we are righteous before God and man Wilcox s wonderfully awkward hero, the man child Mr Pickens, tries his best to find love and respect within his painfully podunk town But unlike the jokes many Northerners tell, none of the characters are stupid or cruel They are earnestly, yet ignorantly, pursuing their dre [...]

  14. I like absurd, flawed, rascally characters And it s better when they remind me of myself and everyone I know Some of the forms pride, narcissism and pseudo intelligence take down here I like the desperation of the characters There is no grand finale or driving plot Things just happen in a loosely related, non hierarchical fashion I don t mind that I don t go after a climax, but instead an atmospheric message It s very funny as well I am sure some parts hit some people as funnier than others I th [...]

  15. Don t be deceived by the first 50 pages I was super disappointed by the novel s first 50 pages or so It wasn t funny, engrossing, or interesting, and so I wasn t sure if I wanted to read on, but when it hit the halfway point, things got better and the story sucked me in The way Wilcox weaves together various character threads in the second half of the book is really masterful, reminding me of John Kennedy Toole s A Confederacy of Dunces and P.G Wodehouse s The Code of the Woosters.Though I simpl [...]

  16. Modern Baptistsis a comic satire set in Tula Springs, Louisiana We follow Mr Bobby Pickens, a middle aged bachelor diagnosed with malignant cancer, through a chain of unfortunate events riddled with social faux pas, as he allows his drug dealing ex con of a brother, FX, to move into the family home.Modern Baptistsis subtle and off beat, the plot is charming and amusing although, at times, tinged with sadness I absolutely adored this book and the good old Mr Pickens.

  17. Yet another in the pile of satirical books I received a few birthdays ago, I would never have come across this had it not been looking at me in the dusty pile of to be reads I think I ve disliked most of them, so this didn t do too bad to get 2 stars On the plus side its a nice, gentle, picturesque story The humour lies in its absurdity, and in some of the descriptive observations On the other hand, why bother, its a sort of farce where people chase or try to avoid people, do stupid things, get [...]

  18. Not really sure what to make of this book According to the reviews, the author has real comic genius but I can t say I noticed it It is certainly a different book to one that I would usually read and I haven t read one set in America for a long time I suppose it is quite a good depiction of middle class life in America s deep south but I couldn t really relate to the central character initially As the plot unfolded I began to understand Mr.Pickens and and will conclude that the book is fairly [...]

  19. A re read for me Wilcox was at the Radcliffe Publishing Course a million years ago when I attended, and I read it back then I think I recall it as better than it was Characters weren t all that appealing, and one of the key ones the lawyer shows up two thirds of the way through The book is obviously comic, but I wasn t laughing much Maybe it s just me Can anyone suggest another Wilcox book I d like to give him another try.

  20. Overall pretty disappointing thankfully it wasn t too long Very slow start and didn t pick up much pace until close to the end How anyone can mention it in the same conversation with Confederacy of Dunces is beyond me CoD was frequently laugh out loud funny while MB barely elicited a couple of smilesly because I was almost finished reading it.Writing was very good, the characters were interesting but the story was pretty dull.

  21. Living myself in a small town somewhat distanced from London I couldn t help but wondering if James Wilcox was nostalgic or snubbing his hometown Tula Springs in favour of New Orleans New York The notes say the former is true and it makes for a better read seen in that light.It s very funny too.

  22. Long on character and short on plot, but funny This genre of odd southern characters behaving crazy is entertaining and somewhat stereotypical Having lived in the south for many years, however, I have met and known many of these types You can t help but laugh at loud at some of the antics and dialog I can picture most of it and it tickles my funny bone Good fun.

  23. I had read this would be an amazing book It was supposed to be James Wilcox s best I wasn t impressed at all I thought the plot was slow and that nothing really ever happened Maybe this is exactly what he wanted to write about He s supposed to be a great southern writer and so I think that the slowness and plodding plot reflect the genre It just wasn t for me.

  24. It s quirky and droll, but ultimately lacking in any overt humour There s certainly a lot to be said for subtlety and understatement, but there needs to be eventual pay off at some stage Pickins is a fine character nervous, socially awkward, self absorbed but ultimately apathetic, he is very believable It s just a shame he didn t have to do.

  25. The back cover keeps describing this book as a comedy but while there were surely some absurd moments, I found myself reading it with sadness The characters seemed pathetic and I was waiting for to happen To me this book is sort of like a walk on a cloudy day not unpleasant, certainly the right thing for a certain mood, but nothing to make particular note of.

  26. This is modern Louisiana literature in the same family as The Moviegoer or A Confederacy of Dunces , but a mild and forgettable cousin in relation to those two masterpieces Humorous and tinged with sadness I actually can t decide whether I liked it or not.

  27. Wilcox s humor is definitely subtle and off beat, but it s a variety I enjoy More than the storyline, I enjoyed the characters and Wilcox s writing style I am not breaking my neck to get to the bookstore, but would definitely read this author again if I happened across another of his books.

  28. You don t have to be a Baptist or crazy to enjoy this book, but it probably helps.Having grown up in the South I can really relate to the characters in this book.I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.

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