Lisette's List

[PDF] Download ✓ Lisette's List : by Susan Vreeland - Lisette's List, Lisette s List From Susan Vreeland bestselling author of such acclaimed novels as Girl in Hyacinth Blue Luncheon of the Boating Party and Clara and Mr Tiffany comes a richly imagined story of a woman s awakening

  • Title: Lisette's List
  • Author: Susan Vreeland
  • ISBN: 9780553399585
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Audio

[PDF] Download ✓ Lisette's List : by Susan Vreeland, Lisette's List, Susan Vreeland, Lisette s List From Susan Vreeland bestselling author of such acclaimed novels as Girl in Hyacinth Blue Luncheon of the Boating Party and Clara and Mr Tiffany comes a richly imagined story of a woman s awakening in the south of Vichy France to the power of art to the beauty of provincial life and to love in the midst of war In young Lisette Roux and her husband Andr movFrom Susan Vr [PDF] Download ✓ Lisette's List : by Susan Vreeland - Lisette's List, Lisette s List From Susan Vreeland bestselling author of such acclaimed novels as Girl in Hyacinth Blue Luncheon of the Boating Party and Clara and Mr Tiffany comes a richly imagined story of a woman s awakening

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Lisette's List : by Susan Vreeland
    328Susan Vreeland
Lisette's List

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  1. Susan Vreeland

    Susan Vreeland is an internationally renowned best selling author and four time winner of the Theodor Geisel Award for Fiction, the San Diego Book Award s highest honor She is known for writing historical fiction on art related themes, including Girl in Hyacinth Blue, The Passion of Artemisia, Luncheon of the Boating Party, and Clara and Mr Tiffany Her books have been translated into 26 languages She lives in San Diego, California.


  1. As a little girl in the orphanage in Paris, Lisette s love of art is born as she looks at a painting of the Madonna and Child How a human being, not a god, could re create reality so accurately, how the deep blue of her cloak and the rich red of her dress could put me, a young orphan without a sou to her name in touch with all that is fine and noble, how such beauty could stir something in me so deep that must have been what Sister Marie Pierre called soul such things drenched me with wonder, So [...]

  2. I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this novel Lisette s List was a thoughtful and moving read for me, with a scene mid book that touched on the universal, giving me reason for pause and deep contemplation, what all great literature strives for Vreeland s mastery of language and descriptive images are on every page The first word that comes to mind after reading the book Exquisite I loved Vreeland s characterization of Parisian and Proven al life, along with learning about Marc Chagall and hi [...]

  3. Lisette and her husband Andr move to Provence when summoned by his grandfather, who is in poor health Only he seems fine, and is intent on teaching them some appreciation of the paintings he had long ago acquired from some up and coming French artists maybe these sound familiar C zanne and Picasso Lisette is unhappy with the deception that forced her to leave her beloved Paris but soon learns to love Provence as well and makes some good friends She also learns much about art, as do we readers Co [...]

  4. ETA I feel I need to clarify what exactly I found too cute What I found too cute was the fictional story crafted by the author, of course not the historical events In no way is WW2 cute In addition I found the historical events, although not inaccurate, without depth So much could have been said OK, dear friends, do you want the truth Friends recommended this book to me, and I don t want to hurt any feelings, but this book did not work for me at all By the end I absolutely hated it For me to gi [...]

  5. 4.5 stars Lisette s List is the latest release by the fabulous historical fiction author, Susan Vreeland Vreeland is definitely on my list of authors whose books I m definitely going to want to get my hands on it as soon as I can whenever they come out I very much liked some of her other releases and believe that Lisette s List is a very good follow on to her other works In this book, Lisette left the glittering world of Paris behind in order to go with her husband to a small French town in orde [...]

  6. In this story we follow the life of Lisette, a young Parisian woman who is forced to relocate to a small Provence village when her husband s only living relative, an old grandfather who reared him, writes to tell them he is failing and needs Andre to care for him This is a blow to Lisette who had been about to follow her passion for art by getting a job in a gallery She consoles herself with the knowledge that Pascal owns seven paintings by famous artists since he used to work in the ochre mines [...]

  7. Art lovers and Francophiles will enjoy Lisette s List Fictional characters Lisette and Andre Roux left Paris to live in Roussillon de Provence to care for Andre s ailing grandfather, Pascal Cosmopolitan Lisette misses Paris, but becomes very fond of Pascal who tells her stories about Pissarro and Cezanne Pascal had worked in the ochre mines and later sold paints made from the ochre pigments He made frames for the artists who paid him with their paintings.When World War II breaks out Andre joins [...]

  8. When a man finds a place he loves, he can endure the unspeakable Vreeland writes pleasant books based around artists and paintings years ago I enjoyed her Girl in Hyacinth Blue and The Passion of Artemisia In this latest novel, Lisette Roux and her woodcarver husband, Andr , move from Paris to the small village of Roussillon, Provence in 1937 to care for his ailing grandfather, Pascal It s a tough adjustment for Lisette, a socialite and aspiring gallery assistant.Pascal, who sold paints and fram [...]

  9. Sue Vreeland s LISETTE S LIST is essentially written on two levels and while it does an admirable job in recounting certain aspects of WWII as well as presenting an art history lesson focusing on the fate of paintings by Pissarro, Cezanne, Picasso and Chagall during the German occupation of France it is not as effective in fulfilling expectations in the areas of plot intensity nor in character motivation and development.Lisette, the title character, is a Parisian girl raised in a Catholic orphan [...]

  10. Fall in love with this novel of late 1930 s Provence Suffused with the colors of Provence in the late thirties to forties, Lisette s List tells the enchanting, sometimes deeply sad and always moving story of a young Parisian girl Lisette who agrees reluctantly to move to the south of France with her husband to live with his weakening grandfather The old Pascal has stories to tell of his memories of Pissarro and C zanne, both of whom he knew he also has five gorgeous paintings to leave them But w [...]

  11. I love Provence, Impressionist art, and historical fiction, and thought I would really enjoy this book However, while the general thread of the heroine learning about artists from a man who used to sell paints and who received a few precious paintings from Cezanne and others was intriguing, the plot grew less believable and contrived as the book went on Further, the characters did not draw me in i felt almost no emotion through their triumphs and tragedies Thanks, Netgalley, for an advance gall [...]

  12. I absolutely loved Vreeland s Luncheon of the Boating Party, so when I found this by chance in the library, I scooped it up And I did read it cover to cover, and I did love learning about painting in the first half of the twentieth century through the lens of small town Provence daily life, and what WW II was like in Vichy France That said, this book had a Serious Mansplaining Problem If Donald Trump looked into a magic mirror and asked, Who is the mansplainiest one of all an honest magic mirror [...]

  13. A spectrum of colors created from ocher, mined and mixed to create a palette for Cezanne Lavender growing wild and scenting the Provencal village of Roussillon Fresh goat cheese and eggs in a creamy omelette Gritty marzipan on your tongue An old man s voice, telling stories that stitch together two centuries of art All of the senses are engaged in Lisette s List, a novel about the power of art to engage the human instincts to survive, learn, and grow Lisette and Andr Roux love Paris, where they [...]

  14. I received an advanced copy of this book and was excited to read a novel that combined art and a strong woman set against WWII The story started out wish a burst of energy as Lisette attempts to assimilate to a small town having becoming very accustomed to the te glittering life of a Parisian wife When she learns her husband s grandfather lured them to the town under false pretenses she is oddly not upset He imparts his love of art to her and regales her with stories of his interactions with fam [...]

  15. I loved this book I love this author I have read all of her books and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them I would definitely recommend any of her books Even if you do not know a lot about art or art history, it doesn t matter She brings paintings to life I feel like I understand about art when I m finished In this book, she delves into pigments and the progression of different styles, starting with Cezanne and Pissaro and ending with Chagall Instead of focusing on a single painting or artist, [...]

  16. If you are going to read a novel by Susan Vreeland, you are going to learn something And even if you think you don t want to learn something about art and art history, you ll be pleasantly surprised at how easily she dishes it up Lisette and her new husband move from Paris, where they both worked in the art world, to Roisson, in the Provence region, a place known for it s wine, olive groves, ochre mines and fields of lavender, to care for Andre s grandfather who is aging and needs to tell his st [...]

  17. Susan Vreeland is one of the authors I anticipate with joy Her latest book, Lisette s List, did not disappoint First of all, it took me to Paris, my favorite city to visit, and then on to the countryside village of Roussillon, an area of France that has now moved to the top of my list of places to experience Add to that Vreeland s ability to describe art and the artistic process in a way that brings it to life, the historical setting of WWII and paintings taken during the Nazi occupation of Fran [...]

  18. This is my third novel by Vreeland and the one I least enjoyed Lisette is bequeathed a collection of paintings by her grandfather in law who forces Lisette and her husband to swear to protect them Fearful that these masterpieces will be stolen by invading Nazis, her husband hides them before heading off to war When he does not return after the war, Lisette makes recovering them her personal mission Vreeland describes these pieces of art in gushing detail and likewise this village in southern Fra [...]

  19. This is a fabulous book that tells Lisette s story from pre war Paris through World War II and beyond Susan Vreeland tells such a tale that one forgets that this is fiction and that these are characters and not real persons who have experienced the war and its hardships Plus, she gives some of the greatest painters in history a fictional life on her pages She captures the spirit of the times and showers us with the emotions and the wants of the French people during wartime.Lisette s List is our [...]

  20. Written by one of my most all time FAVOURITE Authors, Susan Vreeland I have been fortunate to be one of 12 Lucky readers to have been given the first 3 chapters to read, before the novel is distributed, which I happily did This has left me craving to read the rest So for my rating on what I have read thus far , I am definitely giving this Novel 5 Star Rating Read this, I know you will LOVE it

  21. This was a pretty good book It was full of Beautiful details It dragged in a few places and some parts weren t feasible but over al it was a fun read.

  22. The book opens as Lisette is on her way from Paris to a small town in Provence She is going to meet her husband, Andre, at his grandfather s house, and to take care of the old man in his final years Lisette is not happy that they are leaving their friends, and art centered life in Paris for small town life Lisette grows to live Pascal, and loves to hear his stories of the famous artists to whom he sold paints and frames Sometimes, in exchange for his work, he was paid in paintings, and he has 6 [...]

  23. Andre and Lisette move from Paris to Rousillion in the late 1930 s to care for his Grandfather, Pascal, who had raised him as a child Pascal is ill and has acquired original paintings be famous painters during the course of his life as a dye salesman He became quite friendly with them He cherished them and wanted to tell Lisette the story behind each one Each day he tells her of his memories but he is getting sicker and sicker After he passes, WWII starts and Andre joins the forces Before he lea [...]

  24. There were so many interesting details to this book art and artists, surviving World War II in occupied France, the city of Paris and the town of Roussillon Ms Vreeland writes beautifully on these subjects and creates sympathetic characters Just before the beginning of World War II Lisette Roux and her husband Andre move from Paris to Roussillon to care for Andre s ailing grandfather Pascal Pascal owns several paintings by men who are now well know artists He and many of the men in Roussillon ha [...]

  25. I loved this book This is the first historical fiction book that I ve read and I m planning to read after finishing this book I won this book from giveaways and plan to read Susan Vreeland other books.The story takes us to many historical places in France during WW II and how it affected the artists and their paintings How one woman lives her live while searching for hidden paintings of her late husband s grandfather that her husband hid prior to leaving to fight in the war While reading this b [...]

  26. Wonderful descriptive writing takes us through the life of Lisette, stranded in Provenance with her new husband s grandfather at the beginning of WWII Learning about art and life from the grandfather, working to find her place among the people of the village while trying not to give up her dream of living in Paris and working with art, we watch her struggles and come to feel them as our own When she finally learns to Love Love again Love broadly Love without reservation, we are left hopeful and [...]

  27. I would actually give this a 3.75 It was a charming book very French Really liked the writing the descriptive detail of life in a rural French village during WWII The description of the art the rich characters made this an enjoyable book

  28. I loved the setting and the details about the art, but I felt that the plot was flat and undeveloped Not one of my favorite of her books.

  29. Nice tie in for the Museum of Fine Arts Houston book club you can tell the author is an art lover which she also explains in her authors notes.

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