Bo at Iditarod Creek

Free Read Bo at Iditarod Creek - by Kirkpatrick Hill LeUyen Pham - Bo at Iditarod Creek, Bo at Iditarod Creek Ever since five year old Bo can remember she and her papas have lived in the little Alaskan mining town of Ballard Creek Now the family must move upriver to Iditarod Creek for work at a new mine and

  • Title: Bo at Iditarod Creek
  • Author: Kirkpatrick Hill LeUyen Pham
  • ISBN: 9780805093520
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read Bo at Iditarod Creek - by Kirkpatrick Hill LeUyen Pham, Bo at Iditarod Creek, Kirkpatrick Hill LeUyen Pham, Bo at Iditarod Creek Ever since five year old Bo can remember she and her papas have lived in the little Alaskan mining town of Ballard Creek Now the family must move upriver to Iditarod Creek for work at a new mine and Bo is losing the only home she s ever known Initially homesick she soon realizes that there is warmth and friendship to be found everywhere and what s her newEver since five y Free Read Bo at Iditarod Creek - by Kirkpatrick Hill LeUyen Pham - Bo at Iditarod Creek, Bo at Iditarod Creek Ever since five year old Bo can remember she and her papas have lived in the little Alaskan mining town of Ballard Creek Now the family must move upriver to Iditarod Creek for work at a new mine and

  • Free Read Bo at Iditarod Creek - by Kirkpatrick Hill LeUyen Pham
    277Kirkpatrick Hill LeUyen Pham
Bo at Iditarod Creek

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    Kirkpatrick Hill lives in Fairbanks, Alaska She was an elementary school teacher for than thirty years, most of that time in the Alaskan bush Hill is the mother of six children and the grandmother of eight Her three earlier books, Toughboy and Sister, Winter Camp, and The Year of Miss Agnes, have all been immensely popular Her fourth book with McElderry Books, Dancing at the Odinochka, was a Junior Library Guild Selection Hill s visits to a family member in jail inspired her to write Do Not Pass Go.


  1. It makes me very sad to be writing this review This book started well with interesting, well rounded characters doing interesting things and treating each other with love If anything, I was enjoying this sequel even than Bo at Ballard Creek Then Bo s family arrived at Iditarod Creek with its noisy dredge and ugly tailing piles everywhere and the entire book took a horrible turn It started when they moved into their new house and declared that Jack would be sleeping in the closet Seriously This [...]

  2. In this sequel to Bo at Ballard Creek, Bo, her new brother Graf, and her papas Jack and Arvid must move from their small town of Ballard Creek to Iditarod Creek, where the men have jobs in a mining operation in about 1930 The trip is long, and involves passing a ghost town and a boat with a gramophone on it Once they arrive, the family sets up shop in a house in a town where mining sometimes dictates that houses be moved, giving the whole place a haphazard air Bo has to explain her story to all [...]

  3. If you had asked me 10 years ago if there would ever be a kids book about two gold mining bears who adopt a bunch of kids that is also extremely cool about native Alaskans, people who can t read and why you shouldn t say the n word but you might hear it around , I would have been like I DOUBT IT But, here it is

  4. Just as sweet and enjoyable as the first I love how these books are full of interesting information about living in Alaska at this time but also full of heart and fun These books deal with a lot of serious issues in a very easy to handle package and with so much love and community support I think this is some truly great historical fiction

  5. I loved this historical fiction about a non traditional family Gold rush camps and mining towns in Alaska This author knows Alaska The Year of Miss Agnes is one of my favorite stories.

  6. I enjoy the closeness and understanding this blended family shows to their entire community Repeated uses of racial slurs, while true to the time period, may require some discussion.

  7. This is the second book in a series of two books so far, but I hope many to come This time Bo, her two papas and her new brother Graf well, new to her leave Ballard because there is no gold to mine They get in a boat and spend a long, long time getting to the mining camp at Iditarod Creek where they have many new adventures The end of the book seems like another new beginning to me, so hopefully that means the author has another book in the series coming out soon.

  8. This review also appears on my blog, Read at Home Mom.Bo is back In her second adventure, she and newly adopted younger brother Graf set off with their papas gold prospecting partners for their new home at Iditarod Creek Unlike Ballard Creek, this new town is heavily populated, but has few children Houses are moved from place to place as necessary to facilitate access to gold, and there are loud dredge machines that make frightening noises Though Bo misses her old friends, she makes the best of [...]

  9. It s 1930 Bo, her part Indian new brother Graf, and her two papas, Swedish Arvid and African American Jack, need to leave Bo s beloved Alaskan town of Ballard Creek because the gold mine is closed They make a long, long journey by river to the papas new jobs at Iditarod Creek The town is nothing like Ballard Creek all the houses sit on the gravel tailings from the everlastingly loud dredges, and there is no green and no animals anywhere What they do find is a town full of diverse and mostly kind [...]

  10. Following up on her delightful Bo at Ballard Creek, which won the Scott O Dell Award for Historical Fiction, the author continues to tell the story of a blended Alaskan Family The previous book left off as Jack and Arvid, two strapping miners with hearts of gold, leave Ballard Creek after the mine plays out They take Bo and Graf, their adopted children, with them, of course The trip takes quite a long time, and they contend with mosquitoes and boredom as well as having the chance to take a look [...]

  11. Bo is back This welcome sequel to the 2014 Scott O Dell award winner for historical fiction Bo at Ballard Creek begins where the previous novel ended as Bo and her family must move to Iditarod Creek after the mine at Ballard closes Their travels take them down two big rivers and then up two on a boat to a remote area of Alaska There her fathers will work for a dredge mine that breaks up rock for the gold inside One dredge can do the work of hundreds of men, but it leaves behind a mountain of gra [...]

  12. I really did enjoy the first book in the series And I wanted to love this one just as much But it was of an almost book for me I still love Bo as a narrator She still has a very unique voice to her And the illustrations by LeUyen Pham are oh so wonderful which is probably why I like Bo so much In this second book in the series, Bo and her new brother, Graf, go with their fathers Jack Jackson and Arvid Ivorsen to a new community Iditarod Creek They go where there s work, to keep it simple So the [...]

  13. Loving the continuing adventures of Bo and her family One thing that I really enjoy about these books is the way children are treasured by the community They aren t taken for granted by the majority of the adults that surround them another thing that I think must be unique to places and times where children are scarce The one thing I find controversial is the use of racial slurs I appreciate that the author addresses them directly in this book, and applies them widely to a variety of characters [...]

  14. As with Bo at Ballard Creek, this is a sweetly cheerful child s eye view of life with two loving papas in a hard scrabble mining town Bo and her adopted little brother Graf spend their days exploring the town meeting the miners, storekeepers, hotel managers, etc and hanging out with new friends Will and Buddy The author s note at the back addresses the use of the N word in one of the chapters The note is somewhat unsatisfying and would benefit from context and explanation She does not address t [...]

  15. Like Bo at Ballard Creek, this second book featuring spunky little Bo is full of humor and warmth At it s heart, it is a book about family, community and accepting people as they are The book starts off with the family making its way along the river to Iditarod Creek so that they can work at a new mining operation While there is talk of the mining operation itself, the story really is centered around Bo and her two fathers, Arvid and Jack and her little adopted brother, Graf The family is the he [...]

  16. Bo at Iditarod Creek is the sequel to Bo at Ballard Creek It continues the story of Bo and her somewhat unusual family of two dads and just adopted Graf as they move their home to Iditarod Creek The noisy dredging machines are always running in this barren mining land with no trees and endless gravel, but the community, like Ballard Creek, is filled with lovable characters that teach Bo and Graf unforgettable life lessons, many of which include basic human kindness for people and animals The boo [...]

  17. I really wanted to like this book , because I loved The Year of Miss Agnes It is well written, and the characters are likeable, but there just isn t much conflict to draw us in It s a nice slice of Alaskan gold mining life in the 1930 s, but nothing really happens beyond the day to day No one is mean except Miz Eller, who is mentioned and with whom Bo has one momentary uncomfortable encounter, but we never see her again , no major struggles to overcome, no inner turmoil Bo leads a charmed life E [...]

  18. Set during1929 1930 in the Alaskan mining town of Iditarod Creek, the book is filled with wonderful descriptions of the environment, rivers, plant and animal life through the seasons Will appeal to a grade 3 5 interest level, but has a the plot which focuses on serious family issues such as adoption, two dads no mom, education, child abuse and neglect All are presented in an age appropriate way, realistic, without being overly graphic, and with adults stepping into the children s lives as loving [...]

  19. In this sequel to Bo at Ballard Creek, Bo, Graf, and their two Papas have left Ballard Creek since the gold dried up They are on their way to a dredge mine at Iditarod Creek Once there, Bo and Graf find that there are only a few other children it town Nonetheless, they manage to have grand adventures My main problem is wondering who this book is written for, with a kindergarten age main character, but issues such as the use of a the N word as well as child abuse I understand that it is true to l [...]

  20. I did not realize this was a sequel, but did not feel as if I had dropped into the middle of a story I enjoyed the child s eye view of Alaska in the 1930 s The author rationalized her use of the n word, which did not bother me at all as I understood it was within the setting What bothered me was the swearing Granted, there would be talk like that in a mining camp, but in a children s book

  21. When the gold runs out at Ballard Creek, Bo s two papas take her and Graf to Iditarod Creek It s still a rough and tumble mining town, but different from the home they knew The details of everyday life in 1930 Alaska are fascinating, and the characters warm my heart I was not surprised when the papas Arvid and Jack take in a third abandoned child whose Indian mother died and whose Italian father has left him without a word More, please.

  22. I love these books about Bo and her non traditional family and I think the first one despite the Scott O Dell award is really underrated I liked this one just as much, if not and find the details of life in early twentieth century Alaska absolutely fascinating For families who have shied away from the Little House books because of problematic issues, I think these are terrific alternatives So much humor and heart.

  23. I love these books and I love Bo This should be an instant classic Laura Ingalls Wilder meets the Alaskan Frontier I think these books are an easy read and very interesting Students from Upper Elementary to Middle school should enjoy this story I love the two papas I also enjoy reading about what life would be like in the gold fields of Alaska.

  24. Bo has two father s and two brothers And a last name that s a combination of her dads names Here we encounter child abuse, death, moving to new places, and people with disabilities Organized religion, racism, the great depression and classism are encountered, but not dwelled upon Mostly it s a story of love, acceptance, generosity, and hard work.

  25. Didn t like this quite as much at the first, but 6yo and I enjoyed it She really got attached to the characters We are definitely hoping there s a third fourth, fifth book I love the settings and the characters We ve both learned a lot about the particular time and place.I had to do a little editing, as it s not meant for 6yos If you want specifics, ask me.

  26. This is an unusual story in several ways I really liked it as an adult reader but am not sure if young readers would be quite so receptive The author has lived the life she describes so well, and the authenticity drew me into her story of this unconventional family.

  27. Loved this second installment of this series by Kirkpatrick Hill Bo has a new brother and the entire family moves to Iditarod Creek where they encounter a whole new set of adventures Gentle stories from a rugged time period of US history.

  28. I loved this second story about Bo and her Dads in Alaska Bo continues to make friends and have fun adventures in Alaskan mining country.

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