Dead Dreams

Dead Dreams Best Download || [Emma Right] - Dead Dreams, Dead Dreams Note Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B ESVEVBQEighteen year old Brie O Mara has so much going for her a loving family in the sidelines an heiress for a roommate and dreams that might just come

  • Title: Dead Dreams
  • Author: Emma Right
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Dead Dreams Best Download || [Emma Right], Dead Dreams, Emma Right, Dead Dreams Note Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B ESVEVBQEighteen year old Brie O Mara has so much going for her a loving family in the sidelines an heiress for a roommate and dreams that might just come true Big dreams of going to acting school finishing college and making a name for herself She is about to be the envy of everyone she knew What could she hope foNote Alternate new cover Dead Dreams Best Download || [Emma Right] - Dead Dreams, Dead Dreams Note Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B ESVEVBQEighteen year old Brie O Mara has so much going for her a loving family in the sidelines an heiress for a roommate and dreams that might just come

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  • Dead Dreams Best Download || [Emma Right]
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Dead Dreams

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  1. This book was exciting to read I was curious why someone like Sarah would show up in Brie O Mara s life I think this should be read by young adults so they learn to be weary of people and sometimes it is not a great idea to trust blindly I enjoyed the book and thought it had a great but a little bit of a cliffhanger ending How is Keith involved, if he is even I can t wait to find out in the next book

  2. First let me say that this book is a complete thriller through and through I thought okay I am going to read some crazy paranormal book but what I got was a complete mind F% and a crazy cliffhanger So yes I was screaming at my kindle thinking I am going to go crazy because I need book two I mean there was so many things going on that the book flowed flawless but I needed no wanted I was so into reading that I had not realized what time it was and then I realized I missed dinner and it was 3am i [...]

  3. Fab cover but the plot just lost me and the main character was so na ve and gullible that I couldn t connect I read this book as part of a blog tour however I have waited until the tour was over to post my review So for all those wondering if participating in blog tours means you sugar coat your review, then my answer as you can see below is NO, definitely not.First Line It started on warm April afternoon My Thoughts My main thought is that the main character was so naive that she practically be [...]

  4. Visit a reader lives a thousand live for Blog Tour Giveaway I received a copy of Dead Dreams in exchange for my honest review.Brie has been looking for a flatmate, and when Sarah turns up she thinks she has hit the jackpot But as things start to come to the surface about the other young woman, Brie becomes less and less sure Can she leave everything she knows behind for a flatmate that she barely knows I really enjoyed Dead Dreams, it was fast paced, intriguing and mysterious I ll be honest, I m [...]

  5. For some reason I went into this one thinking it was paranormal and after a few chapters realized that couldn t be right and finally read the synopsis again To say I was thrilled to find out this was actually labeled as a psychological thriller mystery is an understatement It has been while since I have read a really good thriller and I was pretty excited about continuing with the story after that.This kind of played out like a movie would in flashes Not quite a before and after but close Brie n [...]

  6. When I read the summary for this book, I thought it seemed super cool I don t get a chance to read too many psychological thrillers, but I watch lots of these types of movies and I love them Unfortunately, Dead Dreams just was not the book for me I thought the story was jumpy and confusing.I thought this was going to be a story about Brie And while she is the main character, it really isn t a story about her at all It is about a chain of events that happen to her My biggest problem with this boo [...]

  7. DNF at 35%I don t get why Brie was so involved in her new roommate, Sarah s issues Clearly Sarah comes from a bad sketchy background that is causing unnecessary problems in Brie s life, I don t understand why instead of getting rid of Sarah as a roommate, Brie continued to dig stuff up Makes no sense to me And that s why I couldn t continue the story and had to DNF it.A Copy was provided by the Author and CBB Book Promotion for review purposes Thank You.

  8. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl.Dead Dreams, from the cover, looks like it would be a paranormal kind of novel, but surprisingly not I checked the genre again just to be sure even though it s clearly stated on the cover that this is a psychological thriller It was definitely thrilling to read I felt like I was holding my breath throughout the entire novel I enjoyed taking a break from the paranormal genre for Dead [...]

  9. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Emma Right has created a lightning fast page turner filled with suspense and intrigue Dead Dreams is book one so needless to say it ends in a major cliffhanger I couldn t help but feel a bit disappointed since it s a relatively short book anyway approx 50k words or so It appears that the author plans to divide the entire story into two separate books It will be interesting to see what Ms Right does with book two because by the [...]

  10. christycoleman14.wordpress That s my blog The review is up Dead Dreams by Emma RightDead Dreams us a book where you meet two girls, Brie O Mara and Sarah McIntyre They re two similar, but different girls These girls are here for two different reasons They re different personality wise, but they are very similar in other ways, especially in the end But, there is a huge lesson in the book, always trust your gut feeling It s there for a reason It could just save your life Reality and dreams could j [...]

  11. Dead Dreams is about two young girls, Brie, who wants to become independent and is living on her own for the first time, and Sarah, an independently wealthy secretive know it all.The book is supposed to be a psychological thriller for YA, but reads like chick lit with the light, casual, conversational feel of the book, with some mystery thrown in There s lots of twists and turns that will keep you reading the part that I enjoyed, along with the good writing.But Brie is so, so stupid and unbelie [...]

  12. Dead Dreams is a fast paced and thrilling first novel in what promises to be an exciting YA mystery series We meet the main character, Brie, at the beginning of the book after everything has gone terribly wrong The main story is Brie recounting what led up to and eventually happened that got her in the predicament she was in Brie was a great main character strong, kind, full of hope and ambition, determined, loving And yet, she had flaws along with her strengths, which made her all the realisti [...]

  13. Dead Dreams totally screwed with my mind Just when I thought that up was down, I found out that down was up This book was intense and suspenseful and left me with not only a cliffhanger but a ginormous book hangover18 year old Brie is on her own for the first time She longs to be independent and is enrolled in college with, Sarah, a wealthy heiress for a roommate She has a pretty good life and big dreams of becoming a famous actress But somehow it all goes wrong There are sharp twists and turns [...]

  14. It s tough being the sister of an almost perfect brother, but eighteen year old Brie plans to make her own way in the world, and if a life without sleep can earn her enough money to pay for acting school well she ll work two jobs and do whatever it takes.Lack of sleep is probably the only excuse for the foolish decisions Brie makes Taking on a roommate just because she can pay, ignoring all that roommate s secrecy and trusting every twisting change in her story, allowing temptation to overrule c [...]

  15. Brie O Mara dreams of becoming a well known actress and showing her family she s truly an adult She s living on her own at 18, but advertises for a roommate to help cover the expenses In walks Sarah, very cultured, knowledgeable, and richBrie thinks she ll work out perfectly But is Sarah too good to be true Dead Dreams Book 1 is an interesting psychological thriller which really does keep you guessing Brie strikes me as someone who is functionally innocent She dreams of making her family see her [...]

  16. I just finished reading an e Book that I thought was a good young adult read Dead Dreams, by Emma Right, is the first book in a series, as it does not finish in the first book Yes, there is a sequel Now I say young adult for there were a few things that I found myself questioning Quick read, yes But I did not think that the thinking of the main character was sound Too quick and hasty to jump into a dangerous plan Why would I thing this would work for a young adult Well for that very reason The e [...]

  17. My reaction to the book is a straight line While I can t say that I hated the book but I can t say that I liked it even a little I was expecting agony and excitement and I got nothing Nada Brie can be described as selfish, greedy, stupid and naive She dives into deep waters without knowing how to swim.The writing was medium The chapters ended a little abruptly They were also short and it was bothering me The story hasn t ended yet and I am not sure if I want to read was is going to happen next

  18. I really wanted to like this, I am a fan of mystery, murder, thrillers but could not connect to the characters, and the unique writing style For this reason I chose not to continue I know others enjoyed it, but the plot felt scattered, and I struggled with time lines, and plausibility.

  19. Registered on Bookcrossing bookcrossing journal 1Wow Great story, I loved the main character Brianna Brie O Mara She s really interesting Once I started reading, I couldn t put it down My only complaint about this book is it ended on a big cliffhanger, and I don t have the next book to read and see what happens, other than that I loved it.

  20. Also published in A Cup of Coffee and a Book as part of Dead Dreams Blog Tour.Disclaimer I received this book from Candace Candace s Book Blog and with the consent of the author, Emma Right, in exchange for an honest review.Dead Dreams is that sort of book that when you start reading you think this is not my cup of tea but can t put it down and end up enjoying than what you d expected Which, in my humble opinion, is a great thing.This book tells the story of a young girl, Brie, who makes the wr [...]

  21. Unlike others, I did not love this book, and perhaps for the same reasons others did The suspense was there, and I was definitely reading to find out what the deal was with the dreams and Sarah, cause she was just plain off However, I struggled with Brie Some would describe her as naive, I saw it as idiocy She was trying so hard to prove to her parents that she could live on her own, that she made some really bad decisions Brie is 18, and on the one hand she seemed so intelligent, then on the o [...]

  22. 2.5 starsI both really liked and really disliked this book at the same time, and as such, had a hard time choosing a star rating for it This book was a very quick read I literally couldn t put it down I flew threw this book because I was so hooked into the suspenseful story and reading it almost felt like I was watching a movie The author did a great job with the mystery aspect of this book I really like psychological thrillers, but only if they re done right And Emma Right really knew what she [...]

  23. I received this book from the touring host for an honest review.Cliffhanger Really, after all that build up The whole time I am reading this book, one word stuck with meSCAM Maybe it is because I was in a recent one myself The character s inquisitive mind could be seen throughout the plot The tension at a steady pace at it builds to the final ending Deliberately planned and filled with mystery, the author keeps your attention on the unfolding plot Making it an exciting read for young and old Lov [...]

  24. I took part in a tour for this book and couldn t wait to get my hands on it I was very thankful to receive a copy for review I honestly couldn t put this book down I am so new to the review world, so I hope that I don t give anything away I haven t quite figured out how to talk about the characters without giving too many things away There was a time in the book where I thought that the MC was a little too naive for my liking, but then I realized that she was 18, first time away from home, first [...]

  25. Dead Dreams is the first book in the Dead Dreams series This book follows an eighteen year old girl, Brie O Mara.Brie moves into an apartment to get away from her family She works two jobs to save up for college She aspires to be an actress When she accepts Sarah as a room mate without doing any background check, she slowly starts to learn about her room mate Brie finds out that Sarah is an heiress and that her brother and uncle are after her to get her inheritance Further, she begins experienc [...]

  26. Dead Dreams by Emma Right is certainly a book to make one stop and think Brianna, known as Brie, needs to find a roommate to help with the rent and she accepts Sarah, the first person to answer Brie s advertisement on Craig s List Brie did not do any kind of background check on Sarah before she asked her to move in and later she begins to think that this was a grave mistake I could not decide if Sarah was a poor little rich girl or a ditzy female So many of the things she does are almost too far [...]

  27. When Brie O Mara moved out of her parent s house, she never imagined just how much her life would change All she wanted was a little independence, as well as a chance at the college scholarship that was always denied her In her mind, a place of her own was just what she needed to start sowing her seeds in the world around her Yet never once did she give thought to what she d end up doing with her life when the time came to truly live it.Determined for further her independence, Brie decides that [...]

  28. Braine s Talk Supe reviewWell I ll be damned Where s book 2 I love the plot and how it was executed by ERight As this is book 1 of the series, all I can say at this point is everything is timed and calculated to the last point From what was told, Sarah is the ultimate manipulator and mastermind and I love it You gotta love Sarah s puppy dog victim drama which Brie fell for She had Brie wrapped around her finger with promises of big bucks and a means to fulfill the latter s big dreams of independ [...]

  29. I received this book in exchange for my honest review Thank you I ve read a lot of books my whole life, but to be honest, I didn t love them all It s hard and rare to find a book that you really love from top to bottom, to say so This is one of the books I love I started reading at work, in my lunch break and I couldn t stop The time passed right by me, and I didn t care, I wanted to read Anyway Emma Right managed to steal my heart and make me fall in love with her writing The story starts with [...]

  30. Read the full review atrubinaramesh 2013This is one of the most frustrating books I ve ever read in my life When I began reading this book it was a tale of a young girl, trying to fulfil her dreams The starting line caught my attention.Well, it speaks of a dead body and the main protagonist of the story being involved in this whole situation It grabs my attention, and I was ready for lots of mysteries, bloodshed and murders And not to forget dead bodies I like the character of Brie initially, bu [...]

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