Mean Girls

Unlimited Mean Girls - by Lucy Felthouse - Mean Girls, Mean Girls Adele Blackthorne is a big girl She knows it and she s been picked on all her life because of it But she s gotten to the stage where she doesn t care She may be Rubenesque but she s healthy too Muc

  • Title: Mean Girls
  • Author: Lucy Felthouse
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  • Page: 218
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Mean Girls - by Lucy Felthouse, Mean Girls, Lucy Felthouse, Mean Girls Adele Blackthorne is a big girl She knows it and she s been picked on all her life because of it But she s gotten to the stage where she doesn t care She may be Rubenesque but she s healthy too Much healthier than the mean girls at the leisure center that point and stare and say spiteful things about her Adele rises above it all and enjoys her secretive glances atAdele Blackthorne i Unlimited Mean Girls - by Lucy Felthouse - Mean Girls, Mean Girls Adele Blackthorne is a big girl She knows it and she s been picked on all her life because of it But she s gotten to the stage where she doesn t care She may be Rubenesque but she s healthy too Muc

  • Unlimited Mean Girls - by Lucy Felthouse
    218Lucy Felthouse
Mean Girls

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  1. Another quick read from Lucy Felthouse, but again I feel satisfied This is about Adele, a bigger woman, and Oliver, a lifeguard I m guessing if he s a lifeguard he is fit and in shape, so let s just go with that Either way, Oliver wants Adele Adele is crushing on Oliver It s quite perfect Well, it is once we get rid of those pesky mean girls You know the ones Those who bad mouth and judge everyone because a they re jealous or b they re petty Or both It could be both.You ll get sexy times, laught [...]

  2. I really enjoyed Mean Girls As a big girl myself, I love it when the drop dead gorgeous man wants the BBW lead.cially when there are skinny, can I say bitches , women who are tripping over themselves to get his attention They can suck it Heheh.Adele is a healthy size 20 that converts to a USA size 18 woman who swims and exercises at the local gym There are three thin, bikini clad, brats who mercilessly hurl insults at her She always lets it run off her back because she s mostly confident in hers [...]

  3. If you re looking for a short story that has curve appeal and sexy lifeguard, then look no further.Lucy brings us a story about a singleton named Adele that has curves but is by far healthier than those that make fun of her She runs her own business along with her partner and takes time for a swim at the local club She s not the type to swim idly and pass the time, no, she s fast and takes 30 laps faster than most Defiantly as fast or faster than hunky lifeguard Oliver And Oliver has taken notic [...]

  4. Received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.Who says big girls can t be loved I totally loved this fun, sexy, hot short read Love, seduction and sex is not just for skinny girls Men prefer meat not bones and something to hold on to while having the best ride of their lives lol This is a fabulous, fun short read that sees a big girl get what she wants a sexy man and the skinny means girls are left gawping with their mouths wide open A hot life guard who has a thing for big girl [...]

  5. I love a heroine who is strong, independent and knows what she wants In her life is happiness and being healthy is her goal Curvy women united and fans will celebrate this love affair I enjoyed fun, sexy, and super hot short read This was a captivating tale of mean girls not getting their way A hero who is sexy plus down to earth his heart is beautiful and compassionate.

  6. Though much of Mean Girls plays like an after school special, the overall message that it portrays is one that pulled me in completely and had me rooting for Adele every step of the way Her whole life she s been curvy and has gotten used to the name calling as she has strong self esteem The only time she feels uncertain is when it comes to the super sexy life guard Oliver She has the hots for him but doesn t think she can get a man like him Little does she know that he feels the same way about h [...]

  7. Adele has spent her whole life as a big girl After nearly forty years she has accepted her size and doesn t let other people s opinions and looks bother her When the lifeguard at her pool seems to notice her she never thinks its as anything other than him being friendly Oliver has been crushing on Adele for months He loves her curves and confidence and wants the chance to get to know her better When he hears some patrons of the pool making fun of Adele s curves he gets angry on her behalf After [...]

  8. Sweet and Sexy Rubenesque Romance I loved this sexy erotic short by Lucy Felthouse This rubenesque romance ticks all the boxes when it comes to a sizzling yet sweet read In it the heroine Adele rises above the mean and petty comments of a group of skinny girls at her local leisure centre and at the same time attracts the attention of its hunky lifeguard Oliver.Both Oliver and Adele have been eyeing each other up for month and circumstances conspire to draw them together and the fun begins Oliver [...]

  9. Adele is a large girl that for the most part is comfortable with the way she looks She feels Oliver s eyes on her as she swims at the health club and feels desire pulling her toward him, but used to being made fun of, she doesn t pursue it Oliver has other ideas As he watches Adele get bullied, he realizes his feelings for her and becomes not only her knight in shining armor but her lover as well It just goes to show you, big girls really can have fun This was a sexy foray into the inner life o [...]

  10. Mean Girls by Lucy FelthouseFinally an author who tells it like it is.There are women out there everyday putting down others because of their size.Lucy tells us Adele s story and how she copes with these skinny hags Adele is a brave woman who knows that she will never skinny She has struggled with her weight since she was young She has finally decided that she can be happy with her life if she just maintains her exercise Not everyone has to be skinny to be healthy Adele has a crush on the life g [...]

  11. 4.5 I loved it So many parts of this book rang true the nasty, spiteful things that perfect witches say about girls ladies that have some meat on their bones I know because I have heard them all my teenage and adult life.This book shows what my hubby always tells me big is beautiful Thank you Lucy for writing about a real person I could wholeheartedly relate to.A quick read about an hour read it in one sitting.Copy kindly gifted by the author for an honest review.

  12. A fabulous short story that resounded clearly with me Adele is a curvy, healthy woman who catches the eye of Oliver, the lifeguard at the swimming pool she uses frequently I loved how confident Adele was in her own skin I could happily have lynched the three skinny cows with the equally skinny personalities I identified with the nastiness Adele encountered and I cheered at both her and Oliver s responses to it A great romance with some hot sex scenes perfect for me Copy kindly gifted by author f [...]

  13. Took me a while to get into the swing of the slang the author used but once I did I enjoyed the book unlike Adele I would have drowned the mean girls and let the chips fall where they may.Oliver and Adele were meant to be since fate step in to lend them a hand.

  14. Adele is a confident woman, a business owner, and a great cook She also happens to be plus sized, although she s healthy and spends at least three days a week at her local leisure center Adele doesn t let her weight define her, and she ignores the snickers and comments of the other women at the pool.Oliver, a young lifeguard at the leisure center, has a harder time ignoring the rude comments and stares Adele happens to be his perfect woman, and her sweet smile and bubbly ways attract him than a [...]

  15. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.Mean Girls is a quick and steamy read listen, but the narrator, title, and cover are sort of misleading or confusing The narrators adolescent voice made me think that the age of the characters was perhaps in the teens, but it turns out we re dealing with grown people Adele the female lead is near 40 She s fit and healthy, but overweight She s constantly harassed at the swimming pool she frequents by a [...]

  16. Adele Blackthorne is a big girl, a curvy chick She knows it, and she s been picked on all her life because of it But she s gotten to the stage where she doesn t care She may be Rubenesque, but she s healthy, too Much healthier than the mean girls at the leisure center that point and stare and say spiteful things about her Adele rises above it all, and simply enjoys her secretive glances at the center s hunky lifeguard, Oliver.As the bullying of Adele becomes worse, Oliver finds it increasingly d [...]

  17. I liked that Adele is fit, healthy, and plus size She shows that people can be confident and sexy at any size most of the time.The interactions between Adele and Oliver are a bit strange, on several occasions I thought Really Would anyone actually say that I also sometimes felt that there was sections of dialogue in there just for the sake of having the characters speak, it added nothing to the story.The story is OK, but I didn t connect with it or the characters.The narration fits the story, th [...]

  18. Quick, easy listen with a great message I love stories about women who are not perfect The story of Oliver and Adele is sweet The two have been attracted to each other for a while and Oliver finally made the move Being a big girl, Adele has put up with snide comments and putdowns so when the good looking man makes the move, there is talk The reaction of Oliver is priceless and really puts in perspective how beauty is both inside and out.Xanthia Bloom is the narrator It took me a little while to [...]

  19. A really good short sexy romance What made the experience of listening to Mean Girls the most enjoyable The narrator did a great job especially with the different character voices.Any additional comments I enjoyed the story, but I wish it was longer, a lot longer I identified with the main character and liked her attitude She seemed so confident until she wasn t It made her character very realistic The chemistry between Oliver and Adele is wild This is an adult read 18 I voluntarily reviewed thi [...]

  20. So many of us can relate to Adele It is hard to live life as a plus size with mean girls everywhere Adele masters that with self confidence Her ability to ignore the mean girls gets her noticed by the one guy all the girls are after What a wonderful, upbeat story The narration was a bit too fast At times it was hard to understand the narrator and since she read quickly, there was little time to decipher words.

  21. Mean Girls by Lucy Felthouse was a good book Adele is a big girl who is finally at the stage of not caring what people think Adele is a very healthy woman who meets the sexy lifeguard Oliver while swimming Unfortunately there is one clique of women who make it a point to bully Adele I loved reading this book.

  22. Reviewed by ShylaBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookMs Felthouse shows us love comes in all shapes in sizes in this romantic tale with a twist.Adele is a plus size woman comfortable with her looks and resistant to the foolish comments made by others At her local leisure center, the English version of a Y.M.C.A she swims at least three times a week under the watchful eyes of Oliver The young lifeguard is always quick with a greeting and a smile [...]

  23. This gets a bit credit than I would normally give for such a short insta love kind of storyline because there is something really vulnerable about the writing to me This totally reads as a fantasy imagined by a chubby middle aged woman like myself who is defending herself against Mean Girls types that hyperbolicly represent the death by a thousand cuts that overweight womens self esteem experiences in this fat phobic world It is simultaneously super sweet and super smutty Not really into the yo [...]

  24. i cant believe this book was over 5 for only 66pge short story was ok a bit immature for the age of the characters but I understand the message she is trying to get out but not worth the money.

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