The Lotus Palace

The Lotus Palace Best Download || [Jeannie Lin] - The Lotus Palace, The Lotus Palace It is a time of celebration in the Pingkang Li where imperial scholars and bureaucrats mingle with beautiful courtesans At the center is the Lotus Palace home of the most exquisite courtesans in Chi

  • Title: The Lotus Palace
  • Author: Jeannie Lin
  • ISBN: 9780373777730
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The Lotus Palace Best Download || [Jeannie Lin], The Lotus Palace, Jeannie Lin, The Lotus Palace It is a time of celebration in the Pingkang Li where imperial scholars and bureaucrats mingle with beautiful courtesans At the center is the Lotus Palace home of the most exquisite courtesans in ChinaMaidservant Yue ying is not one of those beauties Street smart and practical she s content to live in the shadow of her infamous mistress until she meets the aristocraIt is a time The Lotus Palace Best Download || [Jeannie Lin] - The Lotus Palace, The Lotus Palace It is a time of celebration in the Pingkang Li where imperial scholars and bureaucrats mingle with beautiful courtesans At the center is the Lotus Palace home of the most exquisite courtesans in Chi

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  • The Lotus Palace Best Download || [Jeannie Lin]
    468 Jeannie Lin
The Lotus Palace

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    USA TODAY Bestselling author Jeannie Lin grew up fascinated with stories of Western epic fantasy and Eastern martial arts adventures When her best friend introduced her to romance novels in middle school, the stage was set Jeannie started writing her first romance while working as a high school science teacher in South Central Los Angeles After four years of trying to break into publishing with an Asian set historical, her 2009 Golden Heart Award winning manuscript, Butterfly Swords, sold to Harlequin Mills Boon Her books have received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal with The Dragon and the Pearl listed among Library Journal s Best Romances of 2011 Titles by Jeannie Lin Gunpowder Alchemy Gunpowder Chronicles 1 The Jade Temptress The Lotus Palace 2 The Lotus PalaceButterfly SwordsThe Dragon and the PearlMy Fair ConcubineThe Sword DancerFor updates, sign up for her newsletter at eepurl 42oZLFind out about Jeannie Lin online at jeannielin


  1. I ve heard my face described as flawed, ruined, unfortunate A bad omen People avert their gazes and move away from me as if it s a disease they might catch But after being separated for so many years, my sister was only able to find me because my face was so recognizable The red faced whore A tear slid down her cheek, but she ignored it I don t wish to be owned ever again I just have a lot of feelings right now Tears may have been shed during the reading of this book.Jeannie Lin is one of the be [...]

  2. WHAT A romance mystery historical fiction novel NOT set in Regency England WHAT IS THIS SORCERY IS THIS EVEN LEGAL Needless to say, I was thrilled.

  3. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestJeannie Lin s works always reminded me of the Chinese wuxia films, only with happier endings They share the same themes of danger, forbidden love, class differences, soulful men, and strong heroines Except, you know, with Jeannie Lin s books, you re 99.9% sure that your new favorite hero and heroine aren t going to die at the end of the story and that is a big sell, trust me.Recently, I read SILK, SWORDS, AND SURRENDER, which is a collection of her short stori [...]

  4. I read romance books for the HEA and I ve been known for trashing a book for a less than satisfying ending, but I have to say that the HEA in this particular romance felt wrong to me Not that Bai Huang and Yue ying didn t deserve it I loved them and they certainly deserved to live happily ever after, butI don t know how to explain it, I just know that I d be giving this book a higher rating and let s not forget that I gave it 4 stars if the HEA was nowhere in sight I d be sobbing like a ninny, b [...]

  5. Read any romances about secretive courtesans and dashing, young lords during golden age China lately Then read Jeannie Lin s Pingkang Li Mysteries The Lotus Palace isn t simply a romance, it s a Romance, an epic that embroils six characters no, an entire district While we read 99% of the narrative through the hero and heroine s perspectives, Lin captures the throb and glitter of the capital s pleasure quarter, as well as the poetry, the intelligent, subtle women Lin evokes the beauty of protocol [...]

  6. I think this is the most romantic of Jeannie Lin s books I ve read so far All the other ones seem to be so forbidden all the time, stolen moments of bliss against a situation of how the relationship would never be accepted by society Sure, this has that too, but it takes some time to get there The first fourth of the story flirting, courtship, wooing with gifts Quite sweet actually, with Yue ying s stubborn practicality and Bai Huang s privileged fop attitude.Then finally, mutual familiarity and [...]

  7. There are reasons why Jeannie Lin makes my most awaited books list time and time again The unusual timeline Tang dynasty China aside, she constantly reinvents her settings, plots and characters making each of her books a new discovery Here, we foray once into the imperial capital of Changan, into the pleasure district of Pingkang Li.One of the highlights of the Tang Dynasty series is the sheer amount of intricate historical detail interwoven in the stories I was completely fascinated by Li Bai [...]

  8. As soon as I learned The Lotus Palace was a historical romance mystery set in Ancient China, with actual Chinese people as main characters, I knew I HAD to read it When you have read as much historical romance as I have, you don t find many new things Even with the known trope rich playboy falls for servant girl I found the culture and setting so different that half the time I didn t know how characters would react to things It made for a fascinating read.The Pingkang Li is the City s pleasure q [...]

  9. What I liked Yue ying FTWShe s a likeable and feisty character As the novel progresses, we get to find out the events that shaped her personality and she ends up being 1000% sympathetic I liked her practical nature Like, even after she fell in love, she didn t have a sudden personality change Even better for her as well as the rest of the characters, there was a lot to what she presented to the world You know, kinda like people do in real life Amaze worldbuildingIn a world that s filled with V [...]

  10. The Lotus Palace is one of the upscale houses of pleasure in Pinkang li, the red light district of Changan It s 847 AD, and our heroine Yue ying is the maidservant of the popular courtesan Mingyu She shouldn t attract attention, but somehow, Lord Bai Huang decides that she s clever and feisty When someone starts killing the courtesans in the district, and Lord Bai starts poking his nose into the matter, Yue ying finds herself swept up in the mess.That s basically the plot of Jeannie Lin s offic [...]

  11. The first time I read a Jeannie Lin book, it brought back memories of when I used to watch historical Chinese television series all the time While I still watch the occasional Chinese historical, I don t marathon them like I used to Reading The Lotus Palace, I find that that feeling is still there of course, the television series are a bit chaste, while this book has a few steamy sex scenes, but that s still the feel.And of course, because of this, it might make me a bit biased towards this boo [...]

  12. S per recomendado Lo empece de tarde y no me fui a dormir hasta que no lo termin creo que en esas horas mi hijo me estuvo llamando o llorando o algo pero no estoy segura.Para los que quieren leer un romance historico de calidad con un misterio aceptable nada del aburrido chica tiene acosador chicabusca chico que la proteja , que es mas o menos la f rmula que siempre me encuentro en los romances con suspenso , sin estereotipos y con muchos di logos hermosos.

  13. My second book by Jeannie Lin, and I was not disappointed.Lin s writing brings the place and time of the book to life, as we read there is not a dull moment, no urge to flip through the pages, no eye rolling, just pure pleasure.In this book Lin takes us to the pleasure district, the Pingkang Li, where courtesans entertain scholars and bureaucrats, under a strict set of rules And where a courtesan is murdered and a set of events triggers as one maidservant and a noble man start investigating the [...]

  14. Yue ying lived life the way she was expected to, as a servant she does not take for granted what her Courtesan employer has done for her Yue ying makes a habit of studying the patrons who are trying to win her Courtesan s favors, she pays attention to all of her surroundings in order to have knowledge in case it is ever needed When Bai Huang, a privileged playboy begins to pay Yue ying attention, she quickly puts him in his place, after all they both have their stations in life and there are lin [...]

  15. I would grade this as a C Yue ying is a servant to famous courtesan Mingyu, the queen of The Lotus Palace Yue ying can never aspire to such a high position herself as she has a red birthmark covering half her face and neck Bai Huang is considered by all to be a handsome, lazy rapscallion But in truth he is sober and observant, using the information gained by visiting the pleasure houses for his own ends When the celebrated courtesan Huilan is murdered, he pulls the fascinating Yue ing into his i [...]

  16. i especially loved this novelfor its focus on a heroine who isa handmaid to another woman, andalso the friendship and loyalty between these two women as well my next Xia duology also has thisdynamic which i very much enjoyedwriting i liked the mystery to this, andthe themes that arose with duty,and class, and sexism, and love.i also liked that the heroine issomeone with a past , and not aninnocent, and how her past affectsher love relationship with the herory well and realistically renderedth Hu [...]

  17. I was really surprised how much I liked this I kinda thought it would be good since I d seem some glowing reviews of this author and mystery plus romance set in ancient china sounded all up my alley But it s published by Harlequin and I mean to each their own but I have never been into any of Harlequin s releases ever So I gave it a shot anyways and I was kind of blown away It took a little while to really sink into the story but once I did it was like a breath of fresh air The story had a lot o [...]

  18. It s difficult for a multiple award winning historical romance to live up to expectations.This is a pretty good read Love the ancient Chinese culture and the strict traditions keeping wealthy families wealthy and proud, and the turmoil that dishonour brings a family It s a nicely written fiction depicting both sides of the tracks so to speak.My challenge was that the actual mystery wasn t overly enthralling, and I found some of the writing repetitive If you re looking for a good historical roman [...]

  19. I have been having such bad luck with books lately and mostly Jeannie Lin has been one of my favourite authors after I found out about her first book, Butterfly Swords and enjoyed it so much I have been eager to see what else she writes about the Tang Dynasty Stories on historical chinese romance are not usual and that is one of the reasons why JL s books are unique and interesting.Going into this one, I had my usual skepticism but I found myself enjoying the book very much The cover was subtle [...]

  20. There are a few reasons that I read historical romances with one of the obvious being that I love romances set against a historical backdrop I have come to lower my expectations over the years to accommodate the fact that while many people are good at writing romance, few are good at writing a romance set against a well written historical backdrop And now I come to the pointJeannie Lin is one of those few because she writes a wonderful historical setting, a tight and engaging plot, and colorful [...]

  21. I gave this a B on AAR, so 4.5 stars here I ve enjoyed Jeannie Lin s China set historicals for the Harlequin Historicals line so far and I was thrilled when I heard she would be writing single title as well I went into The Lotus Palace expecting some element of suspense in the plot, but otherwise I had no idea what I would be getting into As it turns out, it was quite a treat.First of all, if you ve never read Jeannie Lin, you are missing out She is one of those increasingly rare authors who wor [...]

  22. This review is based on an ARC Expected publication August 27, 2013ISBN 10 0373777736 ISBN 13 9780373777730I found this story to be a very pleasant, easy, engaging read The story is a romance, but it has a nice element of mystery around each character Everyone has a secret or intrigue to hide, and it s quite fun reading along to find out what will be revealed about whom.This book, while following the lead characters Yue ying and Huang, actually contains three basic plots occurring in the world a [...]

  23. 4.6 starsIn which Jeannie Lin joins Zoe Archer as one of my fave purveyors of romance crack.I enjoyed two other novels by this author, but this one is almost purr fect As in a nice, slow burn romance with a strong non romantic subplot, in an unusual setting Tang Dynasty China Did I mention how much I love that this isn t another Regency romance populated by rich white people the ton that word, ugh, seriously.Technically, it s follows the same structure as other historicals or romances in general [...]

  24. This story is comprised of many elements than it s synopsis would have one believe.There is of course the story of Bai Huang and Yue ying Which in and of itself, is loaded with than enough drama to fill two or three volumes When you add to that the murder, mystery, lies, scandal, and corruption what you get is stories within stories, all held together by the central plot built around Yue ying and Bai Huang.What makes this book so fascinating is the author s ability to surprise readers with nug [...]

  25. 3.5 starsIs really nice to find historical romances set in Asia, and I greatly enjoyed the first 30% of the novel The setting is vivid and colorful and detailed without losing the reader even if they are unfamiliar with old Chinese customs Unfortunately, the mystery half of the plot did nothing for me while it took a lot of space, and after a bit, neither did the main characters Yue Ying is an awesome MC and she s worth 5 stars, and her love interest, Huang, was interesting at first but then kin [...]

  26. Things I liked a pragmatic female main character Really, any pragmatic main character in a romance, but I especially like the dynamic here complex character backgrounds that make sense As in, both characters have history, and they have connections with people, and it all feels like it fits together the setting the plot It neither took attention away from the slow burn romance, nor was it just set dressing Instead it complemented the character focussed plot nicely the ending view spoiler I was h [...]

  27. A mystery is a common plot flourish for romance novels, providing circumstances that bring the hero and heroine together But in this instance, the politics and mystery are meatier than the usual romance flair.

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