Four Children and It

[PDF] Four Children and It | by ✓ Jacqueline Wilson - Four Children and It, Four Children and It The new bestseller from Jacqueline Wilson creator of Tracy Beaker Hetty Feather and The Illustrated Mum is a funny moving and heartwarming story of four children who discover a way to make wishes

  • Title: Four Children and It
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780141341422
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Four Children and It | by ✓ Jacqueline Wilson, Four Children and It, Jacqueline Wilson, Four Children and It The new bestseller from Jacqueline Wilson creator of Tracy Beaker Hetty Feather and The Illustrated Mum is a funny moving and heartwarming story of four children who discover a way to make wishes come true Echoing the classic E Nesbit novel Five Children and It this new story from this mega selling author winner of the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize is a brilliThe n [PDF] Four Children and It | by ✓ Jacqueline Wilson - Four Children and It, Four Children and It The new bestseller from Jacqueline Wilson creator of Tracy Beaker Hetty Feather and The Illustrated Mum is a funny moving and heartwarming story of four children who discover a way to make wishes

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  • [PDF] Four Children and It | by ✓ Jacqueline Wilson
    434 Jacqueline Wilson
Four Children and It

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  1. Jacqueline Wilson

    Jacqueline Wilson was born in Bath in 1945, but spent most of her childhood in Kingston on Thames She always wanted to be a writer and wrote her first novel when she was nine, filling in countless Woolworths exercise books as she grew up As a teenager she started work for a magazine publishing company and then went on to work as a journalist on Jackie magazine which she was told was named after her before turning to writing novels full time.One of Jacqueline s most successful and enduring creations has been the famous Tracy Beaker, who first appeared in 1991 in The Story of Tracy Beaker This was also the first of her books to be illustrated by Nick Sharratt Since then Jacqueline has been on countless awards shortlists and has gone on to win many awards The Illustrated Mum won the Guardian Children s Fiction Award, the 1999 Children s Book of the Year at the British Book Awards and was also shortlisted for the 1999 Whitbread Children s Book Award.Double Act won the prestigious Smarties Medal and the Children s Book Award as well as being highly commended for the Carnegie Medal The Story of Tracy Beaker won the 2002 Blue Peter People s Choice Award.Jacqueline is one of the nation s favourite authors, and her books are loved and cherished by young readers not only in the UK but all over the world She has sold millions of books and in the UK alone the total now stands at over 35 million In 2002 Jacqueline was awarded the OBE for services to literacy in schools and from 2005 to 2007 she was the Children s Laureate In 2008 she became Dame Jacqueline Wilson.


  1. I feel the cosy buzz of nostalgia covering me like a warm blanket right now.This book was a delight, I loved rereading this and rediscovering memories in the pages the first time I read this.I haven t read this book neither any of Jacqueline Wilson s other books since i was a child and I m so happy I made the decision to reread this one and Four Children and It is one of my favourites from this wonderful and beloved childhood author of mine.I did get a bit emotional throughout this reading exper [...]

  2. Rosalind has been sent to live with her dad and stepmother for the summer while her mother goes to sumer school and is not best pleased Rosalind is a bookish girl, her brother Robbie is similar, lost in a world of playing with his toy animals But at their dad s house they have to cope with their new stepsister Samantha, always appropriately known as Smash, and life with a dad who always seems to be disappointed in them However, there is compensation in the form of Maudy, their new half sister, a [...]

  3. This just came out in the UK, but I couldn t find any indication if it is to be published in the US so I picked it up while in London and quickly read it while there figuring I d leave it behind with someone if it wasn t that great And I admit I was skeptical because Wilson isn t a fantasy writer plus in a recent interview she said she liked the Bastable stories Now I think there are two kinds of Nesbit fans those who love the realistic Bastable tales and those who love the fantasy ones with the [...]

  4. Four Children and It is about four children who go on a trip to the woods where they find a psammead like a magic alien who gives them wishes of whatever they want, but they soon find that you don t need everything all you need is your family.Jacqueline Wilson s inspiration is E.Nesbit s Five Children and It I tried to read this book as well, but the words were quite hard and I m going to wait until I m 8 to read it.The main characters are Rosalind, Robbie, Smash and Maudie and they are the four [...]

  5. Reading through Jacqueline Wilson books I have missed this was one of them It pays tribute to Nesbit s book, which I ve not read either it s on my list but never made it to the top The children in this blended family are not happy and bicker amongst themselves when they are forced to spend several weeks of the summer holiday s together but the discovery of a creature in the sandpit in the woods,which has the power to grant wishes,changes this for the better And on the journey to this happiness t [...]

  6. A lovely book All of my kids 9, 6 and 4 found it funny and could follow the story quite well I adored Five Children and It on which this book is based and so it was a nice trip down memory lane for me too, especially when the children wish themselves back into the original book The Psammead is still endearingly grumpy, the wishes still go wrong on the whole A great modern take on a classic children s story.

  7. Continuing on with my journey back into my childhood, I picked this up because I love the story of Five Children It and wanted to see what Jacky had done to make the idea her own And it was okay Quite a few things irritated me within this book but the actual inclusion of E Nesbit s amazing work was really great.

  8. Jacqueline Wilson makes a brilliant tribute to my all time favourite book, five children and it Rosalind and her younger brother Robbie and lumped with their dad and his new family over the summer Bring in the psammead and their holiday takes a magical turn With bumps in the journey, just like the original, can the children find a way to make the wishes bring this reluctant family together.

  9. E Nesbit was one of those authors who wrote big, thrilling, seditious, moving books that pushed at the boundaries of what defined the genre of children s literature of her day And I d argue, quite happily, that that s pretty much what Jacqueline Wilson does today The stylistic parallels of both authors are inescapable But for Wilson to write a contemporary spin on Five Children and It That was a lot for me to think about I love Five Children and It I love the darkness, and the family dynamics an [...]

  10. When I began reading this book I didn t think I would enjoy it as much as I did I have always loved Jacqueline Wilson s books and still haven t stopped reading them although I m an adult This one I thought looked a little too childish and very unlike her other books but I m glad I gave it a chance as I really enjoyed the book.Four Children and It is based on the classic book Five Children and It by Edith Nesbit I have never read that book so I had no idea what to expect.The story begins with two [...]

  11. The basic plot of the story is about four children who were brought together due to the Dad re marrying The characters are Rosalind and Robbie who are brother an sister, Smash who is there step sister and Maudie who is their half sister Normally they dislike spending time together as they do not get along, so Rosalind and Robbie s Dad organised a picnic in the wood in the hope that maybe this would help Whilst in the woods the children discovered a sand pit and by digging into it managed to find [...]

  12. As the title suggests the book is about four children plus an atypical fairy called a Psammead, or It I like the way that Wilson builds the relationships between the characters as the book progresses Based around the lives of an extended family Wilson explores the relationships between step parents and siblings The inspiration for the story of the book comes from Nesbit s Five Children and It which I haven t read incidentally This book was written in a way that reminded me of some of the books I [...]

  13. My daughter is an avid fan of Jacqueline Wilson and one of my favourite childhood reads was Five Children and It by E Nesbit so we were both keen to dive into the modern version, Four Children and It.Firstly, my 8 year old daughter s verdict My favourite Jacqueline Wilson book I love the magic and fantasy Rosalind is into books just like me and I want to read the E Nesbit books now.Now for my opinionI have reservations about modern authors revisiting and rejigging classics but Jacqueline Wilson [...]

  14. I was a little unsure about this at first because I am very fond of Five Children and It and much less fond of Jacqueline Wilson That sounded wrong I am not unfond of Jacqueline Wilson but Five Children and It is a favorite book of mine The premise of a wish granting sand fairy is something that can be adapted to modern children and it was interesting to see how that was done Modern children would wish for things like being famous The actual children themselves well this is something that I noti [...]

  15. I really like this book and think it is very interesting It is about a Girl Rosaline and her brother Robbie who s parents are divorced, and she is visiting her dad for the holidays Her dad has a wife and a toddler named Maudie, her half sister Her step sister, Smash, is also visiting from her dad s house The four of them, Rosaline, Robbie, Maudie and Smash and their parents all go to the woods for a picnic, when they find a creature the Psammead aka a sand fairy that is in the book that Rosaline [...]

  16. This is the first and only Jacqueline Wilson I have read, and I was drawn to it by hearing an extract read on Woman s Hour the description of the children unburying the Psammead It s got a very big bottom It is a very lovely book, from the gold and red cover to the modernisation of E Nesbit s even lovelier FIVE Children and It read that, if you haven t and especially if you are a child, you will LOVE it Wilson captures the delicate magic of Nesbit very nicely, and puts in a good word for reading [...]

  17. I didn t read Five Children and It , so I don t know what inspired the author.It s about four children bookworm Rosalind, her Robert, handful Smash , and adorable little Maudie who find a Psammead in the park.Most wishes don t go as expected, which is good After all you need to be careful what you wish for The characters are rather coolRosalind, the main character is your typical bookworm She plans on getting a writer someday She spends her holidays with her dad and step mum.Robbie, her brother, [...]

  18. Rosalind and her brother Robbie are staying with their dad while their mum is on a holiday course The problem is their stepsister Smash Samantha , who is younger than Ros but rougher, louder, ruder and stronger She is constantly nasty and doesn t change that much through the story There is also Maudie their little half sister who is just a toddler.Dad wants them to get along and so he and Smash s Mum take them for a picnic in nearby woods to a sandpit he used to play in The children find a Psamm [...]

  19. This book is good, not the best of Jacqueline s books, but still very good.I think the reason why I was not enjoy this book as much as I expected because it was based on a story I ve never read before although this book still made sense without the original one I m not a big fan of classic, but five children and it sounds like fun, maybe if I finished that book this one will be much fun to me, this book, as same as any other Jacqueline s books, shows the great power of magic and the beauty of f [...]

  20. Four Children and It was one of the best books I ever read.My favourite bits were when the children found the passamead, who sounded really cute, and when they had their good wishes granted One of the worst bits was when one of the children wished their stepmother had never met their father I won t tell you what happened but thank goodness the wishes only lasted a while This book was very happy and magical.

  21. I thought this was okay but I think it would have been better if I had read the book it was based on before as I didn t really get the premise, and as an avid Enid Blyton reader, trying to translate the fairytale whimsy into a modern setting didn t really work for me However for younger children which the book is obviously aimed at I think this could be a winner I did like how the relationships between the siblings developed.

  22. This is is a great book.It is about a girl called Roslinda She loves the book 5 Chlidern and it So when she is stuck with her little brother Robbie, Her half sister maddie, And her step sister Smash She thinks it is going to be the worst summer ever So when they find it Will it turn into the best summer ever I loved this book And a lovely rewrite of the 5 childern and it.

  23. A really lovely story Classic Jacqueline Wilson, with dysfunctional family learning to rub along just a bit better by the conclusion The fantastical elements were nicely balanced with real world issues and the protagonist is classic JW The wishing and its various rules made me think of Edward Eager s Half Magic , in a good way My reading group would have loved this

  24. I always loved E Nesbit s Five Children and It and as a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan I was very excited to hear about Four Children and It Five Children and It could have been a disaster but Jacqueline Wilson is a fantastic writer and it is worth reading by children, Jacqueline Wilson fans and of course people who loved Five Children and It.

  25. I think, that this was a very wonderful book for a kid in the ages 9 11 I m a bit older then that, so I just wanted to Try reading this book since I am a huge fan of Jacqueline But in my honest opinion, I think that this book was somewhat boring I still think the plot was nicely planned though

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