The Sacred Book of the Werewolf

[PDF] The Sacred Book of the Werewolf | by ☆ Victor Pelevin - The Sacred Book of the Werewolf, The Sacred Book of the Werewolf A Hu li is beautiful slender and curiously foxlike She lives in Moscow and works as a classy prostitute in the city s premier hotels But when a client goes inexplicably and fatally berserk at the sig

  • Title: The Sacred Book of the Werewolf
  • Author: Victor Pelevin
  • ISBN: 9780571227990
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Sacred Book of the Werewolf | by ☆ Victor Pelevin, The Sacred Book of the Werewolf, Victor Pelevin, The Sacred Book of the Werewolf A Hu li is beautiful slender and curiously foxlike She lives in Moscow and works as a classy prostitute in the city s premier hotels But when a client goes inexplicably and fatally berserk at the sight of her in his luxury suite A Huli has to leave in a hurry She decides to explore new avenues and place an ad on the internet and that s when the trouble really star [PDF] The Sacred Book of the Werewolf | by ☆ Victor Pelevin - The Sacred Book of the Werewolf, The Sacred Book of the Werewolf A Hu li is beautiful slender and curiously foxlike She lives in Moscow and works as a classy prostitute in the city s premier hotels But when a client goes inexplicably and fatally berserk at the sig

  • [PDF] The Sacred Book of the Werewolf | by ☆ Victor Pelevin
    363 Victor Pelevin
The Sacred Book of the Werewolf

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    Victor Olegovich Pelevin is a Russian fiction writer His books usually carry the outward conventions of the science fiction genre, but are used to construct involved, multi layered postmodernist texts, fusing together elements of pop culture and esoteric philosophies Some critics relate his prose to the New Sincerity and New Realism literary movements See also enpedia wiki Victor_P


  1. Even if you don t ordinarily read science fiction or novels with werewolves, you will still enjoy The Sacred Book of the Werewolf since Victor Pelevin grounds his novel in a fund of everyday reality and tells his tale in easy to follow linear narrative True, the narrator is a two thousand year old female werefox in the body of a sleek, shapely gorgeous sixteen year old girl, but, still, there is enough human like traits to identify with her desires and aspirations and conflicts We follow our sly [...]

  2. Think of this a a re telling of a classic Russian Fairytale a young redhead girl meets the big bad wolf in the urban jungle of Moscow, in the wildness of the post perestroika social restructuring Be prepared for some radical role inversions, some black humour and a lot, I mean A LOT, of metaphysical introspection with an Oriental flavour.It s also a kind of love story with kinks in it view spoiler That was it Two lonely hearts met among the pale blossoms of the Moscow spring One told the other s [...]

  3. Victor Pelevin has been one of those writers that has been calling out to me for years now I see his books at work, and some of them I think, I should buy this someday , and others look like books that would irritate me And over the years the idea that his books will irritate me had been winning out over getting enjoyment out of his books I don t know what I really expected from his books Maybe a Russian Douglas Coupland mixed with Chuck Palanhuick Look at this cover This looks like it could be [...]

  4. I don t know I wanted to like this book The cool cover caught my eye and after reading the description it being a tale about a werefox I thought I would love it.I m afraid not.It is lame, pretentious, and tries way too hard to be so slick and so post moderne that it affected me in the same way as when some guy cuts you off while recklessly driving his damn annoyingly expensive car down the road dressed in an overstuffy suit tie no doubt as he gabs away on his ultra bling blingy iPhone, completel [...]

  5. Viktor Pelevin has given us a delightful critique of modern Russia inside a love story, which is inside a fairy tale, which is inside a meditation on the Tao, or perhaps it is the meditation on the Tao that is inside the fairy tale, which is inside the love story contained in a critique of modern Russia Whichever way the elements of this magical narrative nest, the matruschka doll nature of the novel is appropriate to the subject What that subject may be is a bit harder to describe, since what c [...]

  6. Not sure how a book about a werefox prostitute in post Soviet Russia manages to be boring, but this novel managed to do just that Color me seriously disappointed.

  7. In modern Moscow, a werefox prostitute falls in love with a werewolf FSB formerly KGB agent, and seeks enlightenment through philosophy and Buddhism Sexy and smart, and full of Nabokovian turns of phrase Just as the fox s tail spins a glamour on her clients, Pelevin s wordplay ensorcells the reader, and a satire of contemporary Russia transmutes into a profound exploration of the very notion of existence itself.The only quibble I had at all was a minor one, that of the werefox nomenclature A Hu [...]

  8. This occupies that zone of the post modern era where the stupid and the intelligent can coexist easily without contradiction Thus it s an adventure story and supernatural romance about Were creatures Albeit written before all that rose to new prominence via the YA market as conduit for post Soviet satire, interspersed with philosophical discussion that I m actually not really ready to discard out of hand It says something that the latter were some of the most gripping parts one of the things it [...]

  9. Every so often while reading the burgeoning urban fantasy genre, I long for a literary text Though I thoroughly enjoy my escapist and predictable werewolf yarns, the yearning for something with weight often assails me at the novel s completion Attesting to Pelevin s reputation as one of Russia s leading contemporary novelists, The Sacred Book of the Werewolf provides that density of subject and verbage Knowing this is a translation, I am amazed at the translator s adept handling of Pelevin s w [...]

  10. Two cautions Waterstones put this on their horror shelf it isn t a horror novel and it adds nothing consequential to the werewolf genre It might just slip into the dark fantasy category but only at a stretch It should sit nowhere else but under general fiction.The second is the claim on the dust jacket that it is very funny or outrageously funny It is not in English It can be mildly amusing at times but I think you have to be a post Soviet Russian to get this book I would bet that it is funny in [...]

  11. This is a weird book that was recommended to me by a friend It certainly was strange enough to keep me entertained Sometimes it makes you laugh, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes enlightened but always I wanted to know what would happen next Though I had to put the book down a few times and return to it later when my brain felt it had had enough Its has elements of dark fairy tales and a kind of magical mysticism but set in a realistically abrasive reality There are many wordplays and puns whic [...]

  12. Uf,namu i me Viktor,za njega zaista morate biti u pravom raspolo enju.Gomila referenci,oslanjanja i citata to klasika knji evnosti to filozofije upakovano u naizgled fiction pri u.Kad ogolite sve maske,repove krzna i mitologije ostaje samospoznaja i odnos mu kog i enskog ,psihologija odnosa i ljubavi.

  13. I hated this book truly There may have been great metaphors that I missed, but mostly it felt like a pretentious effort to link al ot of erudite stuff in what was really just a Beauty and the Beast meets Nabakovian pedophile effort of prurient crap.

  14. A Russian speaking friend expressed some doubt, when I said I was reading this, about whether it would work well in translation Having finished, I share her feelings Pelevin fills his pages with wordplay and puns, and while the translator makes a noble effort to translate them, too many fall flat partly because, I suspect, English speakers are less inclined to pun to begin with, which makes the constant barrage feel out of place.Even so, I enjoyed a lot of the prose on a page by page basis If I [...]

  15. I m in love in the language of this book If it could be a scarf I would wrap myself in it And the storyoh the story is philosophical pleasure, something in between Sophie s World by Jostein Gaarder and Kate Bush s song The Sensual World Its a re reading type of novel, its an absolute indulgence.

  16. I m enjoying this so far It seems to be a perfect follow up to Lolita, which I just finished, and which it is constantly referencing.

  17. Una torta millefogliee rende meno l idea ma suona meglio di Il libro cipolla Recentemente, come alcuni di voi sapranno, ho partecipato ad una conversazione su GR sul postmodernismo All interno di un thread per la scelta di un libro per un gruppo di lettura, ci si chiedeva quale potesse essere la definizione di postmoderno e quali autori possono essere ascritti a tale gruppo Senza entrare nei dettagli della discussione, ch non l intento di questa recensione per chi fosse interessato invece, riman [...]

  18. Brilliant Will say later when I have time to register thoughtful ideas.April 19, 2014 From my Blog finally decided to add here From the Book of the Sacred Werewolf another Pelevin philosophical mind blower So, Victor Pelevin and I have an interest in mining the same vein The West s America s effect on the East Russia , and visa versa Other books of his aim directly at this, but this one still plays around with subconscious connections as well Solidarity vs Rugged Individualism Capitalism and [...]

  19. If I was judging this book on pure imagination and the content of its ideas, it would receive a much higher ranking Unfortunately, I am judging it as a novel And as a novel, it was hit and miss Sometimes Pelevin can coast for chapters on his premise a two thousand year old Chinese werefox in the body of a teenage prostitute , but as I got deeper into the book, I wanted a stronger narrative and less philosophical digression to keep me locked in The protagonist was well done and even set up with a [...]

  20. This book s beginning is very promising and highly original A werewolf does make an appearance eventually, but the main heroine is a werefox and werefoxes are a very interesting, hitherto unknown to me breed The translation seems excellent, with lots of word play rendered v deftly in English There is a compelling love story, and a lot of imaginative sex scenes and I do mean imaginative Let me just allude to the importance of the tail in a werefox s life in general and sexual passion in particula [...]

  21. I admit I enjoyed this book overall The story was interesting though I feel it was kind of awkwardly written, possibly because the story was really secondary and I m not used to reading that kind of fiction It might only appeal to people who are into Eastern philosophy already and have done some previous reading on it The stuff Pelevin talks about is pretty much right out of almost every single book I ve read on Taoism and Buddhism, but he obviously understands it or he wouldn t have been able t [...]

  22. Pelevin doesn t seem to get the sort of press he deserves, especially considering how popular Murakami is nowadays The comparisons are inevitable, and hell, Pelevin even namechecks Murakami here While also naming his characters Adele and a Russian translation of Sasha Grey And werewolves And a right wing liberal because Russia who gets snotty about not getting flogged hard enough during his escort services And lots of letters to and from a sister who s working as a werefox prostitute in Phuket Y [...]

  23. For such a densely philosophical novel so packed with obtusity, paranoia, occultism, prostitution, and meandering, this has a surprisingly mushy, almost but not quite maudlin theme love is the only thing that will save you Here is a quote from late in the book that prettily sums it all up Two lonely hearts met among the pale blossoms of the Moscow spring One told the other that she was older than the city, the other confessed that he had claws on his dick For a short while they twined their tail [...]

  24. A strange book indeed It had some of the most hilarious passages I have read in a very long time, especially a very compelling argument in favor of hunting the English aristocracy and a great description of a modern art piece, making the overall read than worthwhile Overall though these were a few bright spots in the overall ruminations on the philosophy of life which depending on mood either intrigued or bored Maybe best read after a succession of days in the bitter cold with little to do.

  25. Not at all to my liking The author apparently turns himself on with constant name dropping of authors His self proclaimed hipster status as exhibited through the writing itself is laughable Also, here s a word or two of advice if you re going to write an urban fantasy novel, it NEEDS a plot, fast moving action chicken hunting in the woods does NOT count , and some sort of spine tingling je ne sais quoi.This novel is crap.

  26. I read this book twice and I still love it It is fooling the reader with its fake depth and sarcasm turning to be very sensitive and sensible and prophetic It feels like a dialogue with a well educated person It gives me the kind inner peace and clarity of mind I usually get after a two week vacation Have I mentioned the sarcasm

  27. I should probably start by saying that I most certainly judged this book by its cover I m sure I would ve been much reluctant to pay it any attention had I stumbled across one of the seedy looking editions listed here the combination of the word werewolf in the title, and the provocatively silhouetted figure of the main protagonist would ve been enough for me to draw some hasty and ill informed conclusions about what I could expect from such a novel With that in mind, I m hugely thankful for t [...]

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