Dragon Ship

☆ Dragon Ship ¹ Sharon Lee - Dragon Ship, Dragon Ship from Baen in the award winning Liaden Universe saga Space ships action adventure all tied together with a strong dollop of romance and intrigue First Class courier pilot Theo Waitley was already k

  • Title: Dragon Ship
  • Author: Sharon Lee
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  • Page: 466
  • Format: ebook

☆ Dragon Ship ¹ Sharon Lee, Dragon Ship, Sharon Lee, Dragon Ship from Baen in the award winning Liaden Universe saga Space ships action adventure all tied together with a strong dollop of romance and intrigue First Class courier pilot Theo Waitley was already known as a nexus of violence and then she inherited the precarious captaincy of a mysterious self aware ship Now she has a trade route to run for Clan Korval while she conv from Baen in t ☆ Dragon Ship ¹ Sharon Lee - Dragon Ship, Dragon Ship from Baen in the award winning Liaden Universe saga Space ships action adventure all tied together with a strong dollop of romance and intrigue First Class courier pilot Theo Waitley was already k

  • ☆ Dragon Ship ¹ Sharon Lee
    466 Sharon Lee
Dragon Ship

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    Sharon Lee has been married to her first husband for than half her lifetime she is a friend to cats, a member of the National Carousel Association, and oversees the dubious investment schemes of an improbable number of stuffed animals.Despite having been born in a year of the dragon, Sharon is an introvert She lives in Maine because she likes it there In fact, she likes it so much that she has written five novels set in Maine contemporary fantasy trilogy Carousel Tides, Carousel Sun, Carousel Seas, and mysteries Barnburner and Gunshy.With the aforementioned first husband, Steve Miller, Sharon has written twenty novels of science fiction and fantasy many of them set in the Liaden Universe and numerous short stories She has occasionally been an advertising copywriter, a reporter, photographer, book reviewer, and secretary She was for three years Executive Director of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc and was subsequently elected vice president and then president of that organization.


  1. For Liaden fans, Dragon Shipis essential For newcomers, it will probably be confusing The last two books fit together Ghost Ship and Dragon Ship , resulting in transformation Bechimo the lonely, timid, ancient ship yearning for captain and crew becomes a dragon Of sorts Simultaneously, a suppressed young dragon learns to accept her fiercer self Some unexpected sexual stuff goes on, too not to my taste, and not a good fit in the plot.Dragon Ship is a direct sequel to Ghost Ship Theo Waitley, 3 In [...]

  2. 3.5 5 4 stars B Dragon Ship is clearly part of the Theo Waitley storyline that Lee and Miller have been developing but I think a reader would be hard pressed to enjoy it if they didn t have the context of the whole Liaden Universe series I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it, as I do the whole series, with reservations due to the context issue It was fun to see Hevelin and the other Norbears again and I enjoyed seeing the characters of Clarence and Theo working together as well a the re in [...]

  3. I like visiting this universe, but this felt a littledisjointed and unfinished I ll definitely read the next one, but I hope it s got a little plot to it, and a little resolution I m getting tired of authors dragging things out for thousands of pages And that s not a dig at these authors in particular, they aren t the only ones doing it Sure, I get it, they think this is what their readers want, to spend as much time as possible visiting old friends, butt this reader This reader thinks they ne [...]

  4. First of all yeah Korval This story had some wins and some losses.There was a fairly big dose here of the Korval is ships, Korval has the luck, Korval breeds for pilots, don t cross Korval mystic so yeah for that I love to see secondary characters responding to the sight of Tree and Dragon There were scenes with Val Con and Miri my favorite couple, The scenes were true to previous tone and character development.Theo seemed to be finally coming into her own She was making good solid decisions abo [...]

  5. Warning this review contains spoilers for Ghost Ship, the previous book in this series.The main focus of this latest entry in the long running Liaden Universe series is young Theo Waitley.As seen in Ghost Ship, Theo is now the Pilot in Charge of the good ship Bechimo Bechimo is a piece of Old Tech, run by a very powerful and self aware AI With Win Ton safely tucked in Bechimo s super duper healing unit, Theo accepts a contract for exploring a trade route for Korval.With only one other person Cla [...]

  6. This is another Theo and Bechimo focused book, if you can t see it from the cover already We do get a few lovely scenes with Kamele and Miri and Val Con AND quite a few viewpoint scenes from Uncle s and Bechimo s memory perspective, which is fascinating if you re a longtime reader of the Liaden universe.As Rolanni said on her LJ this is a Between book A lot of things that need to happen to keep Clan Korval in business happen and we get a lot of stuff like shakedown work on Bechimo, new members o [...]

  7. This felt like a bridging book in the Liaden series the various dangling plot threads left open at the end of the book meant the ending felt vaguely unsatisfying Also, there was a bit too much politics and backstory for me, and I found the story slightly hard going at times Having said that, as a Liaden fan, it s always nice to revisit the universe, and Theo very much comes into her own in this book.

  8. More like 2.5 rating.Very mixed feelings about Dragon Ship I dare say that I am in the majority of Sharon and Steve s fans who LOVED Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem, Plan B, and I Dare and because of the compelling primary characters and the unfolding DOI plot in these previous novels continue to wait eagerly some 12 years later for every little tidbit in succeeding novels that moves this original plot along I like Theo but without these earlier novels I would not have read any o [...]

  9. Theo Waitley and her self aware ship Bechimo now have a contract with Clan Korval to explore a possible new long loop trade route, unconnected to previous Korval routes that included Liad She s got her first crew member, pilot Clarence O Berin And she and Bechimo are feeling out the delicate matter of whether he and Theo really want to enter into the symbiosis that would make Theo not acting captain but bonded captain.So we know things are way too peaceful and some real excitement is going to co [...]

  10. We pick up not far from where Ghost Ship left off The main storyline follows Theo as she and the intelligent ship, Bechimo, do a shakedown run to get used to working together and it also explores the possibility of a new trade route for Clan Korval The information is old so there are many unexpected outcomes as she attempts to follow up with old contacts As much as it hurts me to say this, I am just not digging Theo Her storyline is kind of dragging for me There does not seem to be a purpose to [...]

  11. As a long standing Liaden fan I m always eager to read of Lee Miller stories.However, this was a disappointment It reads like they have originally written Ghost Ship, Dragon Ship and a future book as one series of short chapters and kind of arbitrarily chunked them as three separate books This book has no real interesting story arc, it s just a mishmash of random incoherent chapters I know I m a bit harsh here, there is the story of Theo and Bechimo, but it is very very weak.I really wish Lee M [...]

  12. I enjoyed this one Feels a bit like a Mike Shepherd or David Weber space adventure book crossed with Liad culture and s Looking forward to the next installment in 2013.

  13. I have to say, self aware spaceships are some of my favorite characters in Science Fiction This is what made Dragon Ship so special Loved it I have to admit, I miss the Clutch.

  14. Another solid addition to the Liaden Universe, though I would have liked to see of Win Ton and Kamele, and less of Bechimo Theo, from her surprise entrance at the end of I Dare to her rise to Captaincy of Bechimo has been a fascinating combination of cultural limitations on Delgado and being raised by a Liaden Scout Ex Delm and his lifemate Not to discount Kamele, a resourceful and highly intelligent woman from a matriarchal planet that considers safety to be a primary concern, and risk taking, [...]

  15. An enjoyable Liaden read but the blurb is a bit misleading with Theo s adventures they are there, but they are a bit succinct and don t leave the sort of impact I was expecting I would like to have seen a few pages of depth for each I felt like maybe the adventures were created with the same sort of length thought as their chapbooks and then assembled into the larger novel My favorite, and unhyped, part is watching Bechimo mature as the AI ship learns to deal with his crew I am looking forward [...]

  16. Oh, Lee and Miller Sigh Why is it that you can get things so right some of the time, and at others get sucked into your own particular brand of murk I can only assume that you don t think of it as murk, but at the same time I know I m not the only person who finds some things unsatisfying in some of this continuing series.I like the way Lee and Miller add a depth of interest in mundane aspects of daily life this has been present in the Liaden series since the first books i.e descriptions of food [...]

  17. Infuriating Takes forever to get going, and then when it finally does, it ends a few pages later Like watching an exceptionally dull episode of a show you normally adore You re caught between boredom and forced watchfulness just in case anything actually happens I m a fan of Liad Been so since the very first book came out 20ish years ago Looks like the authors just aren t trying any Fans of the series will all buy this book because we re hooked There s a pleasure in seeing your favorite characte [...]

  18. The first part of the book it was easy for me to put down, and I was feeling rather disappointed Then the action really started, and well next thing I knew it was 3 am and I d finished the book Excellent space opera Not the best book to start the Liaden Universe series with but someone new to the series wouldn t be completely lost probably part of why the start of the book was slower for me.I can see places where scenes that weren t crucial to the plot were likely cut or just never written I m h [...]

  19. I love, love, love the Liaden Universe books, but I have to say this one wasn t my favorite It had a very housekeeping feel to it, a sort of laundry list of things Theo needed to do fly her ship, gather a crew, face some challenges, bond with the ship, et al and it justwasn t that exciting to me I wanted Uncle and Daav and Korval in general But, I have faith in Lee and Miller and I m eagerly awaiting the next book.

  20. Lee and Miller write a book, I buy it I would get it from interlibrary loan like I usually do, except that libraries don t seem to know about these books That said, this one was disappointing It feels like a placeholder until they get around to actually telling of the story C mon, Theo gets Win Ton back on board and there s no big romantic moment Will I buy the next one even though I was disappointed by this one Do you know nothing about addiction

  21. Definitely couldn t wait until September for this to come out, so purchased the e ARC Plowed right through it surprise, surprise It s wonderful to see of the different storylines starting to get drawn together, with Kamele and Jen Sar Daav and Theo s storylines all beginning to come back together Now I can t wait for the next one

  22. 3.5 stars Loved the action in this book but lost half a star with the weird sexual dynamics that were introduced between Theo, Kara, Win Ton and Bechimo.

  23. Rollicking series continuesAs book17 this is n o t a standalone I suggest starting with Fledgling Dragon Ship is the story of Theo learning about her ship, I liked it but am less interested in reading what a ship is thinking, even a sentient one I glad Theo s mother Kamele comes back into the story and look forward whatever develops.

  24. A bit of a slow start, but then quite good fun I like Theo, and Bechimo is quite an interesting character and counterbalance to Theo I also have a weakness for sentient ships I love the trope, and it is underutilized.

  25. It advances the story line in a much coherent fashion than Ghost Ship.The characters are fascinating I would give this book 4,5 stars I eagerly await their next book The Linden series is only equalled by The Dragon series or Andre Norton.

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