Ten Creepy Monsters

Unlimited Ten Creepy Monsters - by Carey Armstrong-Ellis - Ten Creepy Monsters, Ten Creepy Monsters Ten creepy monsters met neath a gnarled pine One blew away And then there were nine And so the countdown begins A mummy a witch a ghost a werewolf a vampire and others all gather but one by one

  • Title: Ten Creepy Monsters
  • Author: Carey Armstrong-Ellis
  • ISBN: 9781419704338
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Ten Creepy Monsters - by Carey Armstrong-Ellis, Ten Creepy Monsters, Carey Armstrong-Ellis, Ten Creepy Monsters Ten creepy monsters met neath a gnarled pine One blew away And then there were nine And so the countdown begins A mummy a witch a ghost a werewolf a vampire and others all gather but one by one their crowd diminishes At last there is only one creepy monster left But what kind of monster is it Squeals of laughter are sure to accompany the reading of this boTen creepy mons Unlimited Ten Creepy Monsters - by Carey Armstrong-Ellis - Ten Creepy Monsters, Ten Creepy Monsters Ten creepy monsters met neath a gnarled pine One blew away And then there were nine And so the countdown begins A mummy a witch a ghost a werewolf a vampire and others all gather but one by one

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  • Unlimited Ten Creepy Monsters - by Carey Armstrong-Ellis
    409 Carey Armstrong-Ellis
Ten Creepy Monsters

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  1. Another cute rhyming piece that not only teaches the young reader about counting, but does so in a monster based theme Cute developments to whittle the group from ten to none will keep your own little monsters wanting this one read over and over Neo liked it and how could he not I suspect this will be one of his own reads by next Hallowe en

  2. The kids and I had a really good time reading Ten Creepy Monsters Ten Creepy Monsters starts out just like the title says with ten monsters One by one something happens to each monster.Ten creepy monsters met neath a gnarled pine.One blew away,And then there were nine.The premise for Ten Creepy Monsters is so cute and each monster is eliminated in a creative way fitting to that particular monster In the example above, the one that blew away was a ghost My only complaint is it was a bit over my k [...]

  3. What happens on Halloween night Ten creepy monsters go out together The ten monsters are having a good time together but they all slowly start disappearing throughout the night Each monster disappears in their own way The ghost blows away, the scarecrow catches on fire, the witch burns from one of her potions, the vampire burns in the sunrise, and the rest disappear in their own funny ways The last creepy monster takes off his costume and crawls into bed at the end of a long Halloween night The [...]

  4. Ten monsters start out on a journey on the first pages of this book written in rhyming text, and one by one, bad things befall them The surprising revelation about the last monster is sure to make young readers smile in delight and maybe, in self recognition The acrylic illustrations showing hilarious expressions on the monsters faces as misfortunes keep occurring add another layer of glee to the story My favorite page shows a toad wearing a witch s hat after some swamp brew had spilled upon her [...]

  5. This is a funny book about 10 creepy monsters going out at night Throughout the story, the monsters are one by one dwindling in count In the end, there is just one monster left as the sun begins to rise and it turns out to be a young boy who was in his Halloween costume with a bag full of candy underneath his bed This is a good book to introduce to students the concept of counting backwards The story also incorporates the theme of monsters which would be engaging for young children and the perfe [...]

  6. A creepy couting story in which ten monsters are whittled down to just one by a serious of unfortunate accidents Each monster meets a fitting end i.e the mummy snags his wrap on a doorway and unravels Artwork is a little creepier than cutesy Halloween pictures, but is still suitable for preschoolers Good Halloween read aloud.

  7. You think that monster counting books are all played out, do you They might be, but don t skip this one It s a hoot A favorite but currently out of print book that is comprable is TEN LITTLE MUMMIES Since that is not an option, consider this one a humorous substitute.Recommended for storytime

  8. HmmmI assume the intended audience is preschool aged children counting down the number of monsters as mishaps occur but nto sure I would want one of the monsters to disappear by going up in flames.

  9. I used this monster counting book with kindergartners for Halloween They used their fingers to count the coming and going of the monsters as I read the book Their teacher used the story to reinforce the concepts of and less which she had been teaching in her classroom.

  10. I loved the pictures in this book and how the storyline leads up to the end of trick or treating All the little monsters were kids who had to go home how cute This would be a great book for kids to read an have them try to come up with this conclusion themselves great critical thinking task

  11. Sooo cute A darling rhyming Halloween read that s sure to bring a smile to your face The little ones will love it

  12. This would be really cute for a Halloween storytime, each page has one monster leaving for some reason or another until there is just one left.

  13. Counting book with a bouncy rhyme featuring great Halloween illustrations though on the smaller side and not 100% storytime friendly.

  14. Cute My 6 year old compared it to 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed But it s creative And it has monsters always a plus.

  15. This book would be lots of fun to share in a storytime about monsters Great illustrations the illustrator just happens to be from the area Kids will really enjoy this.

  16. I m considering this a holiday book so when Halloween rolls around I remember to read it to my kids at story time a great countdown book instead of a fingerplay.

  17. Enough gruesome ends here the zombie s foot breaks off, the scarecrow burns in the bonfire to satisfy the I need a scary book crowd Loved the ruffles on the butt of the witch s swimsuit.

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