Calling Home

[PDF] Calling Home | by ☆ Zee Monodee - Calling Home, Calling Home It s the little things that keep people calling homeForensic pathologist Margo Nolan is described by colleagues as a cold unemotional man hiding inside a woman s body Clinical and rational the Ice Q

  • Title: Calling Home
  • Author: Zee Monodee
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  • Page: 317
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Calling Home | by ☆ Zee Monodee, Calling Home, Zee Monodee, Calling Home It s the little things that keep people calling homeForensic pathologist Margo Nolan is described by colleagues as a cold unemotional man hiding inside a woman s body Clinical and rational the Ice Queen persona is only a facade to protect herself after she lost the only thing she ever longed for Emma the daughter she was raising as her own When tragedy strikes EmmaIt s the little t [PDF] Calling Home | by ☆ Zee Monodee - Calling Home, Calling Home It s the little things that keep people calling homeForensic pathologist Margo Nolan is described by colleagues as a cold unemotional man hiding inside a woman s body Clinical and rational the Ice Q

  • [PDF] Calling Home | by ☆ Zee Monodee
    317 Zee Monodee
Calling Home

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    From always choosing the storytelling option in English French classes to sneaking a MillsBoon romance under the desk at school, Zee went on to make a career out of writing the kind of emotional romances all young girls junk on.Her Mauritius and Indian based romances have all the classic makings of Bollywood type drama overbearing mothers, matchmaking aunties, proper eligible suitors who look like frogs, race class divides.Travel to the UK London, Surrey, North Yorkshire , and you meet people young and mature struggling to find The One amid the drudgery of day to day life, never mind if they re a simple graphic designer working from home, a world renowned supermodel battling anorexia, or a reluctant heiress on the run.Take to the Corpus Agency mantle, and become lethal spies assassins who nevertheless feel the call of love in their dark and shady lives A Muslim of Indian origin a 2x breast cancer survivor, Zee lives in paradise aka Mauritius with her long suffering husband, their smart mouth teenage son, and their tabby cat who thinks herself a fearsome feline from the nearby African Serengeti plains When she isn t in her kitchen rolling out chapattis or baking cakes while singing along to the soundtrack of Glee, she can be found reading or catching up on her numerous TV show addictions In her day job, she is an editor who helps other authors like her hone their works and craft.


  1. Earlier this year I read Zee Monodee s Edge of Danger, and found it to be a wonderful read I wanted of the author s work Initially, I d planned to dive into the rest of the Corpus Agency series however, when the chance came to read Prescription for Love I was happy to dive in.Prescription for Love is the first book in the Destiny s Child series These are standalone stories where a child brings together two characters I m always tentative about such reads aware such books will fall on one extrem [...]

  2. Article first published as eBook Review Calling Home by Zee Monodee on Blogcritics.This book intrigued me ever since I read the blurb even so when I found out that the author s inspiration for the male character was one of my favourite celebrity crushes Jared Padalecki Calling Home is the story of Margo Nolan She s led a complicated life with much heartbreak, which has resulted in her becoming a self confessed Ice Queen She s incredibly good at her job as a forensic pathologist, and she s prett [...]

  3. Prescription For Love is about a sweet romance that developed between two unlikely characters Margo Nolan was a woman who had everything under control She ruled her position as a forensic pathologist with an iron fist She did not care if she ruffled any feathers with the local law enforcement or anyone else She had a good rapport with her colleagues and was okay with sacrificing any personal life for time at her job She really enjoyed her job and it helped her forget the past and the heartache [...]

  4. This ARC was received in exchange for an honest review This is the story of Margo Nolan, busy in her life as a forensic pathologist and working on the biggest case of her life, when everything is turned upside down when eleven year old Emma comes back into her life, moving to surrey they move into a big house which is shared with the sexy Doctor Jamie Gillespie.Sparks fly but Margo can t let go of the past, Jamie has got into the heart of her daughter Emma and herself but she doesn t know if she [...]

  5. Calling home is a wonderfully written love story, about hope, trust, love and change and a place to call home Zee has created a wonderfully compelling storyline that will suck you in from within the first pages, you will find yourself at the end sighing and sheepishly grinning The storyline is fluent flowing and will have you reading till the very last pages and wandering where the hours have gone Im a sucker for a well balanced love story and Calling Home is certainly this Margo becomes a paren [...]

  6. This is not the first book I ve read by Zee Monodee, and in this, as in other works of hers, I see her masterful touch with characterization This book is so different from her romantic suspense offering, the edge of your seat plot of Walking the Edge from the Corpus Brides series Calling Home is not about a sweeping adventure, epic quest or heart stopping action Here, however, it really shows how the author is a pro at building memorable, believable characters that creep into your heartal people [...]

  7. I wish I could be one of the characters in one of Zee Monodee s stories She has such a wonderful way of writing Her characters are relate able so much so they could easily be your actual neighbours or friends Their thoughts and problems are ones that you can sympathize with and understand, and no matter what happens in Zee s stories, you know you will get a fulfilling ending.This was indeed the case with Prescription for love Margo is a headstrong, fiercely independent woman, and Jamie is the bo [...]

  8. Prescription For Love by Zee Monodee is an amazing book Ms Monodee has delivered a book that is well written and furnished it with phenomenal characters Margo is a forensic pathologist and is guardian to 11 year old Emma Jamie is the town physician and their new neighbor Their story is touching and will warm your heart There is plenty of drama, humor and spice to keep readers wrapped up in this fantastic story I enjoyed reading Prescription For Love and look forward to reading from Zee Monodee [...]

  9. This book was amazing Filled with emotion, mystery, just enough drama, and of course romance I love how Jamie first saw Margo for what she presented herself as, but looked deeper and saw the truth in who she actually was Margo possessed a tenderness that both her past and profession forced her to hide from the world, until she no longer needed to because of her daughter and Jamie s loving ways It takes Margo a long time and a full powered blowtorch to break the ice she d encased herself in.Jamie [...]

  10. Margo Nolan has built a wall around herself after one man ruined her perception of love But a young girl bursts into her life, and begins to melt away the ice surrounding her heart But will it melt enough to let young doctor Jamie Gillespie in, or will her cold demeanor return Zee Monodee does it again with Calling Home This book is filled with well developed characters, and raw emotions, instantly grabbing me into the story and not letting go until the very end I look forward to the next in thi [...]

  11. Prescription for Love is a lovely romance novel about a strong and determined woman, Margo, who is a forensic pathologist She takes her job very seriously and is wholeheartedly committed to work and her city lifestyle She is not interested in emotions only facts As the plot thickens, we learn about events in her life that have caused her to become so cold, calculating and callous The story is about her reticence toward love, the evolution of her feelings and her ability to finally let love into [...]

  12. Margo is a forensic pathologist and Jamie is a doctor Margo finds her busy lifestyle uprooted when she becomes a mother to Emma, her best friends daughter Jamie, a doctor who cares for Emma after an accident and also the man who lives next to them, becomes someone that Margo never pictured Having a rocky past love life and an aversion to relationships, Margo is not ready for what is to come.This book was so good The story was filled with pain and love It showed the love of mother even if not bio [...]

  13. Marie s Tempting Reads ARC Review Here we get a sweet, hypnotic romance set in a wonderfully charming place with extremely memorable characters, a solid, likable plot, and fantastic chemistry between Jamie, the sexy new doctor and Margo, a spirited woman who has her fill of trouble thanks to the teenager she is in charge of I got into Zee Monodee s books with The Lawyer s Pregnancy Takeover and I fell in love with her writing and I immediately wanted to read of her books This romance made me si [...]

  14. For the full review, please check bookishheaven.wordpress 2 This book was given to me in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the first book I have read by this author, and it was an interesting, enjoyable yet fast read including a forensic pathologist and a doctor.The story was a tender romance filled with plenty of emotion.After Margo Nolan was ruined by one man, she has built a wall and plenty of layers around herself for protection.Margo was used to living by herself, but now she has respon [...]

  15. After being pushed out of a baby s life that she considered her own, Margo is thrown back in After her best friend s death, Margo is left to be mother again Emma calls Margo her mum Although not biological, psychologically Margo is Emma s mum Margo is a well known and liked forensic scientist who has to leave whenever death calls After Margo s nanny is not found fit, she is in pursuit of another When the new young doctor, Jamie Gillespie, comes into the picture, Margo is beside herself After two [...]

  16. Margo is a brilliant forensic pathologist She has recently become the guardian of an eleven year old girl She has been hurt by love in the past and believes she is incapable of a true loving relationship.She moves next door to a Jamie,handsome, much younger doctor and the sparks begin to fly Can Jamie break through Margo s tough exterior and show her how to love again This is a well written and quick and easy read Very entertaining.

  17. I got this book as an ARC reader This book was Great I couldn t put it down I didn t want it to end Want to read of her Books Zee you are an Fantastic author.

  18. Being able to write a romance heroine that s an ice queen and to pull it off without putting the readers off poses a huge challenge I don t think I could do it Whew, Margo is a tough cookie She s as difficult to crack as one of the cases she would work on as a forensic pathologist But the hero, Jamie, is the perfect man who has the skill to break through all her layers and she has plenty He melts her heart Who wouldn t want a man like him He s not perfect in a stuffy, uncomfortable way but in a [...]

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