✓ WIZARDS FIRST RULE-24DP ✓ Terry Goodkind - WIZARDS FIRST RULE-24DP, WIZARDS FIRST RULE DP The masterpiece that started The New York Times bestselling epic Sword of Truth In the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father a mysterious woman Kahlan Amnell appears in Richard Cypher s fore

  • Author: Terry Goodkind
  • ISBN: 9780812536652
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback

✓ WIZARDS FIRST RULE-24DP ✓ Terry Goodkind, WIZARDS FIRST RULE-24DP, Terry Goodkind, WIZARDS FIRST RULE DP The masterpiece that started The New York Times bestselling epic Sword of Truth In the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father a mysterious woman Kahlan Amnell appears in Richard Cypher s forest sanctuary seeking help and His world his very beliefs are shattered when ancient debts come due with thundering violence In a dark age it takes courage to liThe masterpiec ✓ WIZARDS FIRST RULE-24DP ✓ Terry Goodkind - WIZARDS FIRST RULE-24DP, WIZARDS FIRST RULE DP The masterpiece that started The New York Times bestselling epic Sword of Truth In the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father a mysterious woman Kahlan Amnell appears in Richard Cypher s fore

  • ✓ WIZARDS FIRST RULE-24DP ✓ Terry Goodkind
    450 Terry Goodkind

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    Terry Goodkind is a contemporary American writer and author of the best selling epic fantasy series, The Sword of Truth, creator of the television show The Legend of the Seeker, and writer of the self published epic, The First Confessor The Legend of Magda Searus a prequel and origin story of the first Mother Confessor He has over 20 million copies in print and has been translated into than 20 different languages, world wide.facebook terrygoodkindtwitter terrygoodkindvimeo terrygoodkindterrygoodkind


  1. It is always curious to see fantasy authors who don t consider themselves to be fantasy authors Case in point Terry Goodkind The former landscape painter has told us how he isn t a fantasy author in every interview he s ever given The books I write are first of all novels, not fantasy, and that is deliberate I m really writing books about human beings 1 To define me as a fantasy writer is to misunderstand the context of my books by misidentifying their fundamentals 2 The stories I m telling are [...]

  2. This is the beginning One book One Rule Witness the birth of a legend.There are books you read once, you enjoy them and never give them a second thought There are books you love and want to share this love with the entire world And then there are books that are so precious to you that talking about them feels like sacrilege, like exposing your bare soul and instead you safeguard them like a treasure For me, Sword of Truth belongs to the latest category The only reason I decided to write a proper [...]

  3. Terry Goodkind is a grossly inept writer, with the writing ability of a somewhat intelligent seventh grader, but he jumped into the wide open fantasy field when there were hardly any good fantasy writers a state that hasn t completely changed, btw and he has the persistence to turn out 600 page novels, and so he got published and now he s grandfathered in, because some people don t have better taste than to buy his novels Additionally, his early work is grotesquely derivative, mostly of Robert J [...]

  4. I very much enjoyed this book I only hope I can say so for the rest of the series Mel

  5. Wizard s First Rule is a good example of why people think all post Tolkien Fantasy is trash It bears one tenth of Tolkien s imagination, a smaller fraction of his brilliant study, and oh look, swords Cliche family drama, an angsty romance between tormented lovers, powerful characters who are so unjustly tortured it s immature at best At its best, it is a clunky and self indulgently obtuse hero s journey Then there s the hundred page BDSM tangent, where the hero goes through excruciating pseudo b [...]

  6. Richard and Kahlen s Relationship Timeline Day One Richard Kahlen, now that we just met, we re the bestestest friends aren t we Kahlen We sure are Day Two Richard Kahlen, we re the bestestest of friends and I would give my life for you even though we just met Kahlen Me too Day Three Richard Kahlen, I love you than life itself What It s only been three days Well, that still seems sensible Kahlen My sentiments exactly Days Four through 20 Richard Love, love, love Kahlen I love you, but we can nev [...]

  7. The sheer depth of Wizard s First Rule is simply amazing His characters are unique and original, yet seem simple when you realize that they aren t perfect Every chapter you read will cling you tighter to his series Of course, many will dislike Terry Goodkind s works, either because he establishes dead on ethics in an I m right, your wrong approach, or because of dissatisfaction with his writing style, but it would be a baseless altercation to state that he is a run in the mill, and mediocre auth [...]

  8. Okay everyone Below is my review from when I tried to read Wizard s First Rule back in 2007 I was fresh out of college You know, back when you thought your opinion mattered While I didn t personally like the book and couldn t get into it, I really went for it in this review I now regret it You don t really understand how difficult it is to write something good until you try and write a book yourself It s taxing, time consuming, alienating Sometimes you think you wrote something amazing, and then [...]

  9. I am adding this author to the list of people that I wouldn t want to have lunch with After this review, I suspect he won t want to have lunch with me either.This book reads like a game of Dungeons and Dragons It s a quest, a bit formulaic, and at times I could practically hear the narrator telling me to roll the ten sided die to see what happens when we go down the left fork In this book, we have the hapless regular guy who through a great series of coincidences finds himself traveling to save [...]

  10. I had no idea that that The Legend of the Seeker tv show was based on a book, so I was super excited about this The tv show is definitely loosely based on the books, though, and took its own direction.This story starts in a world split by magic boundaries that people can t cross An evil guy is trying to find some magic boxes and bring about all this doom it s a long history like a couple hundred pages of backstory Anyways, the main character Richard lives in a peaceful little village where he s [...]

  11. Terry Goodkind likes rape A lot I wouldn t be surprised to find out he s a Neo Nazi Let s have a character who kills everyone who s brown colored and celebrate him And villains that rape a lot Rape Rapedy rape rape rape, rape rape There are entire webpages devoted to people talking about the worst passages of these horrible books I suggest you do something better with your time, like scraping mildew It ll be enjoyable.Fuck you, Terry Goodkind, and fuck your Nazi Randian viewpoints Just die.

  12. a total shitshowspite the common monomythic DNA that should have excused it, this book seemed altogether cribbed from robert jordan s wheel of time seriesd then doused with absurd flourishes of disturbing provenance until it fairly reekedke when some seriously NYC aggro person opens a plate of take out chinese chicken wings in hot sauce on the subway usually just after the express leaves 125th and everyone has to spend the next eight minutes in an enclosed space together, stewing in the fumesbut [...]

  13. The gender ideologies underlying the novel s cosmology are just so profoundly disturbing that I couldn t enjoy what there was of the story not that I was likely to enjoy it anyway, since it featured large amounts of sexual torture of Our Hero It s really not any tasteful when gender reversed.

  14. 4.25 People are stupid They will believe a lie because they want to believe it s true, or because they are afraid it might be true This was much better than it would seem when you first start the book It is a linear story, no multiple POV s or constant action sequences, but engrossing nonetheless Recommend it to all Fantasy lovers, but I think those new to the genre would enjoy it most

  15. To be honest I started this book with certain bias.Because statements like The books I write are first of all novels, not fantasy, and that is deliberate I m really writing books about human beings and The stories I m telling are not fantasy driven, they re character driven, and the characters I want to write about could be set in any world I d like to address a broader audience I had impressions that he is smug at best and delusional at worst and he is unfamiliar with fantasy genre.I started hi [...]

  16. I was referred to Terry Goodkind as a better alternative to Robert Jordan I feel betrayed and lied to Or maybe it was some kind of joke Goodkind s characters are simply not believeable, and this absolutely kills the book The dialog is forced, and it feels as if no one ever proof read Goodkind s masterpiece If you like books written in a style where if you squint your eyes and pretend that instead of reading, you are watching a one liner Bruce Willis fantasy movie, go out and get this book right [...]

  17. OVERALL GRADE B to B plus READ 2000 revised review early April 2012 SPOILER WARNING CONCEPT A young woodsman is chosen as the Seeker, a long lost position of power given to a warrior of ultimate good in distant lands Now, he must go to those distant lands to face the Evil controlling it, as well as to deal with issues of truth Along his journey, his position is tested as his love for his new lady love This didn t hit me as big of a concept as say HUMA or THE HOBBIT But, it attracted a lot of fan [...]

  18. I ripped right through the book and all and all, enjoyed it Here is some of my input 1 I found that the story moved along well and that I was always entertained The main hero is a bit Frodoian, and perhaps a bit Arthurian, but it is its own unique story and an entertaining cast of characters 2 The story sometimes gets a bit twisted with torture, rape, bad guys who like young boys, overly bad bad guys The training and torture chapter was beyond what I was comfortable with, but making it through t [...]

  19. I can honestly say this is the worst piece of fiction I have ever encountered, in any genre It s hard to know where to start critiquing this book since I hated so very many things about it First off, it is about four times too long I m all for an epic sized novel if the story can support it, but this one doesn t come close The dialogue is, for the most part, trite and boring and the characters are all astoundingly two dimensional and unauthentic They are all constantly doing things against their [...]

  20. When an author displays a poorly developed writing style I have a hard time getting past it and caring about the story That s what happend to me with this book The story was decent, but Goodkind s writing was lousy He probably improved with later efforts, but I ll never know because I m not going to read them.

  21. You know, some really sick part of me wants to reread this series but I m pretty sure doing so now would devastate my Middle School self I m letting this 5 star rating stand, but I was 13 or 14 when I read this book EVEN THEN I realized it was very derivative in nature So basically take this with a grain of salt, I was but a wee lass.

  22. An Opinionated Look At Terry Goodkind s Wizard s First RuleBy Eric AllenI ve given Terry Goodkind some very, very harsh reviews of late, and I ve had a LOT of comments on those reviews from angry fans I claim to be a fan of The Sword of Truth, and yet I mercilessly thrash his newer work So, I ve decided to go back and reread the entire Sword of Truth series and review them Except for Faith of the Fallen, which I already reviewed last summer Is it as good as I remember it being, or am I just look [...]

  23. WFR is a book I recommend It was a very powerful story, with tremendously emotional, if occasionally overwrought, situations Richard Cypher an ironic name for the protagonist of a novel, but tremendously so in this particular case is very relatable and sympathetic, his puppy dog eyes for Kahlan, the mystery woman who swooped into his life and shattered his entire world is completely understandable, and as her motivations become clear, her inability to reciprocate his feelings for her actually ma [...]

  24. Excellent series of contemporary fantasy Goodkind s books always center around difficult moral or social concepts that are put to the test by believable characters The theme of Goodkind s books is that people should be true to themselves, not sacrificing their beliefs for conformist ideals or things that sound appealing but have no grounding in reality To truly live one s life is what is most important Towards the end of the series, this theme tends to get a little preachy and starts to lean tow [...]

  25. This is yet another standard fantasy tale, with a questing youth and his magical item and aged mentor who turns out to be the premier wizard in the land I didn t enjoy this book for a variety of reasons, but mainly for the repeated appearance of overused fantasy elements and the inane dialogue between the protagonist and his romantic interest The wizard character is interesting and engaging With one exception, there are no plot surprises, and things are always just a little too convenient for o [...]

  26. Looking over reviews, most people either hated or loved this book I liked it It is somewhat formulaic, along the lines of Lord of the Rings Good vs Evil, with a little romance, but I thought there were some surprises along the way and the plot was kept moving along Perhaps best of all, the author can describe things, but not belabor the point, and there is no language, or sex There is some violence of course, given the plot , but most is, again, not in great detail, just enough to set the stage [...]

  27. Kahlan, we re BFF, isn t that great It really is great I m highly secretive though so I won t tell you why I m wearing this white dress I m def not Aes Sedai though Kahlan, I know we ve only known each other for like five hours, but I don t want to lose you to the underworld, and I want you to take my strength That sounds good to me too, I usually camp out under trees with strange men Second time this week I ve done it.

  28. Kdybych to m l n jak tak shrnout, celou knihu jsem si rozd lil na n kolik st.1 Eragon2 P n prsten 3 P cha a p edsudek4 Neidentifikovateln BDSM erotick rom n.5 Neidentifikovateln BDSM erotick rom n.6 Neidentifikovateln BDSM erotick rom n.7 Eragon8 GodzillaNechci n jak specifikovat, pro zrovna tohle, proto e by to byl sam spoiler A taky trochu p eh n m, samoz ejm se mi to hrozn l bilo Nevydr m dlouho bez dal ho d lu.

  29. Third supplemental to multi part review series The text wants rhetorical discipline, its worst problem, and likewise evidences, at best, an amateur aesthetics.The text over adopts a number of trite narrative elements, including the hero s journey, the numinous object, the freudian psychodrama, the derivative Teutonic creatures, the system of magickes the last of which is a routine mechanic of pseudo rationalized fantasy, wherein the author appreciates the Mystical sufficiently to write about gho [...]

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