Uncle Dominic's Touch

ô Uncle Dominic's Touch ☆ Jenika Snow - Uncle Dominic's Touch, Uncle Dominic s Touch Where do we draw the line between love and desire Chloe has always loved to spend time at Aunt Clara and her husband s cottage during the summer The problem is she loves Uncle Dominic than a niece sho

  • Title: Uncle Dominic's Touch
  • Author: Jenika Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition

ô Uncle Dominic's Touch ☆ Jenika Snow, Uncle Dominic's Touch, Jenika Snow, Uncle Dominic s Touch Where do we draw the line between love and desire Chloe has always loved to spend time at Aunt Clara and her husband s cottage during the summer The problem is she loves Uncle Dominic than a niece should With Aunt Clara now out of the picture Chloe needs to show her uncle just how hot she burns for him and prove that what they feel for each other is not wrong no mWhere do ô Uncle Dominic's Touch ☆ Jenika Snow - Uncle Dominic's Touch, Uncle Dominic s Touch Where do we draw the line between love and desire Chloe has always loved to spend time at Aunt Clara and her husband s cottage during the summer The problem is she loves Uncle Dominic than a niece sho

  • ô Uncle Dominic's Touch ☆ Jenika Snow
    362Jenika Snow
Uncle Dominic's Touch

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    Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author, and has been a published writer since 2009.She can be found at jenikasnowFB facebook jenikasnowTwitter twitter jenikasnowEmail Jenika_Snow yahoo


  1. A sexy and tempting read Let me warn you, right now before you read this book If you cannot handle a love as powerful and sexy as the one between an Uncle not blood and his of age niece, then you do not need to read this It is not for the faint of heart Coming from a family who believes once a family, always a family , I can understand why many think this is taboo But understanding it and believing it to be true are two different things The heart wants what it wants.Chloe has always loved her Un [...]

  2. Strong 3.5 stars Listen No matter what, you and I will always be best buddies, okay She nodded He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead Chloe sighed deeply She knew Uncle Dominic told her the truth He never liedI thought its gonna be just another trashy reading when bad mood come kinda book But then.I found that am wrong Totally WRONG This book has something that I can t put it as trashy read book after finished it.The author write in elegant style, not like cheap erotica book as we usually [...]

  3. Huh, I was not expecting to liking it this much The whole uncle by marriage thing had me with second thoughts BUT I really really liked it Give it a chance

  4. I really enjoyed this story I loved the build up, from Chloe being six and some of her earliest memories of Dominic to her graduation from high school It s not like there was sexual tension during that time Dominic was her uncle and he treated her like his niece Though really it was of a friendship he was the only one she felt truly listened to her and understood her She loved spending time at the lake cottage with Uncle Dominic and Aunt Clara throughout her youth because she felt like she got [...]

  5. 4.5 CocktailsI was nervous at first I wanted to read something that was edgymething forbidden I ve read some of Jenika Snow s books, and I enjoyed them So when I saw this title, I clicked and dove in This is the tale of Chloe and her Aunt s husband Dominic He watched her grow up, and she always loved him the most out of her whole family Her parents never have time for her, and Uncle Dominic pays attention to her and talks with her He gives her the attention that she needs Fast forward to Chloe a [...]

  6. I thought this was a unique story and was a little nervous about reading I really enjoyed how Jenika Snow approached this subject and I thought some moments were sweet A really great read and really well written

  7. This got really intense at the end and I ain t mad at that Some glaring spelling errors at the beginning almost ruined it for me, but glad I rolled through it.

  8. Honestly, this started off weak and was so short that I worried it wouldn t go anywhere But, wow, by the end it was smoking hot as well as sweet A pleasant surprise.

  9. As an observant young girl, Chloe only ever wanted one thing from her parents to be loved All she ever got though was pushed into thinking they cared when she excelled at anything With their attention always diverted, Chloe found herself drawn and to her Uncle Dominic His early attention and courteousness toward Chloe as a person and friend made a lasting impression The summers spent at Uncle Dominic and Aunt Clara s cottage, strengthened that bond as they found an easy rhythm to their uncle n [...]

  10. A Review of Prologue and Chapter One of Uncle Dominic s Touch With honors, Chloe graduated from Hawthrone High School, whose students came from the prestigious families Chloe s parents and her aunt are doctors They have high expectation of her and hoped her to follow their footsteps and make them proud So she always felt being pushed into thinking her parents cared when she excelled at anything Focusing on her studies and taking extra classes during the previous eight years has been prominent on [...]

  11. I was a little disappointed by this book to be honest I mean it had a great story behind it, and a few really emotionally explosive scenes, but I found myself drifting at times in the book It slowed down and I wasn t quite caring what was about to happen next I know most of you are going, How can anything about pseudo incest be emotional Well, easy Jenika tells a story instead of writing just flat out erotica It told a story of a girl that always was close to her Uncle He was the man her Aunt bl [...]

  12. I give this story a 3.5 star rating Jenika gave us one of those stories that s considered taboo, but she gave us something so much While Chole and Dominic s relationship may have been one that was considered taboo and wrong in the eyes of many, the complexity of their relationship was so much Two people who loved each other in a way they couldn t deny or resist Two people attracted to one another in than a sexual manner It seemed that despite circumstances, these two were made for one another [...]

  13. A nice and simple read The story is nice to read, not like some other books where you think oh come on, where comes the sex no body needs a shitty story And of course there is sex, not much but the book has just 78 pages, for that it s enough.In the first scene 6 years old Chloe attends the wedding of her uncle and her husband Dominik then it jumps to her being 18, experiencing the divorce of them live and finding out that her feelings for her uncle are actually mutual and then to her being 26 f [...]

  14. I actually loved this story, it is not as weird as it sounds since she has been in love with him since she was a little girl Her aunt cheated on him and then left him while she was on a break from college and was staying with them at their lake house They end up together but then the uncle freaks and re inlists in the Navy Seals again She finishes her college to be a doctor and they accidentally end up back at the lake house together They talk about what happened and their happily ever after sta [...]

  15. I was intrigued by the blurb of this book, but was alittle apprehensive about reading it for obvious reasons I enjoyed how Jenika Snow approached this subject and overall it was a very unqiue book with some very sweet moments.

  16. 3.5 stars I always love Jenika Snow s style of writing Sure this book is pretty short, but I think it s worth it Though I didn t really like how it ends, the separation, because I think Dominic s a little coward for that But overall I enjoyed it.

  17. This book was really good Chloe and Dominic were very supportive of each other for years They tried to fight their attraction for each other, but in the end they gave in I highly recommend this book

  18. I read this as soon as it came out and was able to get my hands on a copy I have to say it was pretty damn hot, just like all of Jenika Snow s novels She certainly knows how to write and keep a reader entertained

  19. Wow, wasn t expecting it to be what it is And what it is, is a good thing The story has heart and less trash It was quite romantic and sweet I enjoyed the author s writing style and the story itself A nice unexpected, surprising read.

  20. I love jenika snow s books so much that I just had to read this I fully went into this with an open mind I enjoyed this book.

  21. I loved this book and I was really happy with the ending We can never help who we fall in love with and we should just go ahead and love the person we want no matter what.

  22. I actually enjoyed ithahah and how kinky does that make me He is not her related uncle but her aunts husband why not

  23. This was an amazing book Wasn t able to put it down I m glad this book got an hea this is a new type of book for me to read but jenika did an amazing job.

  24. 4.5 stars A tempting and sexy read I can understand why Chloe love her Uncle Dominic He is very thoughtful, sweet best of all he is there foe Chloe when her family is not.Enjoy reading it.

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