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cjdns on PowerPC | cel's hyperboria site

← cel's hyperboria site cjdns on PowerPC


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cjdns on SheevaPlug | cel's hyperboria site

← cel's hyperboria site cjdns on SheevaPlug


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Notes on meshchat | cel's hyperboria site

Use cjdns's admin port and routing table to get IPs


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SSB/Patchwork | cel's hyperboria site

Like cjdns, to get connected to the SSB network you have to initially connect to a peer over the internet (a "pub server"), or over a LAN connection


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nodes info | cel's hyperboria site

. 7h898y2xdhtm9xgng7f97umx9wfjhkxfx2wkxw89mrq2y6k954d0.k. Hostname. Lastmod. Fri, 01 Jun 2018 10:00:00 GMT. Contact Name. cupivan. Email. XMPP. Services. Online map of public peers http://[fc6a:30c9:53a1:2c6b:ccbf:1261


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cel's hyperboria site

Notes on compiling cjdns for ARM/SheevaPlug Notes on compiling cjdns for PowerPC Notes on OpenPGP/GnuPG Notes on meshchat An approach to Hype only browsing Contact


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hype-only browsing | cel's hyperboria site

Note that if you are using cjdns ipTunnel, clearnet traffic may still pass through


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 Ubiquiti Rocket M2 or Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 with CJDNS? (I'm pretty sure you can).  * lukevers is also pretty sure. ok, thanks! Then I will try to use Ubiquiti Rocket M2). Cjdns don't care what you use. You could use smoke


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nij - nodeinfo.json tool | cel's hyperboria site

:. nij init. Now you can use nij commands such as. nij edit. to maintain your nodeinfo.json files. For more details about nij, see the manual. nij(1) . For more info about the nodeinfo.json standard, see the cjdns. docs . To


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