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Cryptocurrency Ticker Socket

Get real-time BTC/USD prices over a simple TCP socket connection.

I'll do the polling, so you don't have do!



Use on the command line:

netcat -6 fc56:8313:1e14:1a50:c01:850:a53e:7127 9980

Stick it a status bar somewhere.

Data Source

The ticker data comes from bitcoinaverage.com's API.


The server polls the BitcoinAverage API and makes it available to network clients using broadcat(1).


Tom @ fcb5:66f4:4242:209c:9eaf:c93c:d465:21d0
2017-12-12 09:40:48Z

Does this service still work? I could not receive any price data with the above netcat command (just silence).

cel @ fc5f:947e:d682:38e6:25b2:4938:3990:b325
2018-07-30 06:36:04Z

Tom: I have updated it now to work using BitcoinAverage's new API