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nij - nodeinfo.json tool

nij is a command-line tool for managing and editing nodeinfo.json files.

github | npm | git://[fc56:8313:1e14:1a50:c01:850:a53e:7127]/nij


npm install -g nij


git clone git://[fc56:8313:1e14:1a50:c01:850:a53e:7127]/nij
cd nij
npm install
npm link


If you already have a nodeinfo.json file, add it to nij's remotes list:

nij add local ~/www/nodeinfo.json

If you have a nodeinfo.json on another server, you can add it too:

nij add example scp://example.org//var/www/nodeinfo.json

If you don't yet have a nodeinfo.json file, create one:

nij init

Now you can use nij commands such as nij edit to maintain your nodeinfo.json files.

For more details about nij, see the manual nij(1).

For more info about the nodeinfo.json standard, see the cjdns docs.

To see what other people put in the nodeinfo.json files, see Nodes Info.

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derp @ fcec:ae97:8902:d810:6c92:ec67:efb2:3ec5
2015-09-18 03:50:56Z

this is cool, thanks for sharing!