[PDF] L'Énéide | by ↠ Virgil - L'Énéide, L E ne ide The Aenied is an epic poem written by Virgil in the st century BC It s hero is Aeneas a Trojan who travels from Troy to Italy to eventually found Rome Some argue that the Aeneid is Virgil s answer t

  • Title: L'Énéide
  • Author: Virgil
  • ISBN: 9782038717150
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Book

[PDF] L'Énéide | by ↠ Virgil, L'Énéide, Virgil, L E ne ide The Aenied is an epic poem written by Virgil in the st century BC It s hero is Aeneas a Trojan who travels from Troy to Italy to eventually found Rome Some argue that the Aeneid is Virgil s answer to Homer s Odyssey and Iliad combining two genres of the day travel and war into one poem Take that Homer No civilization is without a bit of revisionist history so itThe Aenied is an ep [PDF] L'Énéide | by ↠ Virgil - L'Énéide, L E ne ide The Aenied is an epic poem written by Virgil in the st century BC It s hero is Aeneas a Trojan who travels from Troy to Italy to eventually found Rome Some argue that the Aeneid is Virgil s answer t

  • [PDF] L'Énéide | by ↠ Virgil

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    Publius Vergilius Maro October 15, 70 BCE September 21, 19 BCE , usually called Virgil or Vergil v rd l in English, was an ancient Roman poet of the Augustan period He is known for three major works of Latin literature, the Eclogues or Bucolics , the Georgics, and the epic Aeneid A number of minor poems, collected in the Appendix Vergiliana, are sometimes attributed to him.Virgil is traditionally ranked as one of Rome s greatest poets His Aeneid has been considered the national epic of ancient Rome from the time of its composition to the present day Modeled after Homer s Iliad and Odyssey, the Aeneid follows the Trojan refugee Aeneas as he struggles to fulfill his destiny and arrive on the shores of Italy in Roman mythology the founding act of Rome Virgil s work has had wide and deep influence on Western literature, most notably the Divine Comedy of Dante, in which Virgil appears as Dante s guide through hell and purgatory.


  1. What god can help me tell so dread a story Who could describe that carnage in a song Well, the answer of course is Virgil, a poet of the era of Augustus Rome Why does he write it Many literary critics have condemned the Aeneid for being state propaganda Of course it is Openly, proudly so Many others have condemned it for connecting strongly to other epic poems of the Ancient world, most notably of course Homer s Iliad and Odyssey Of course it does Openly, proudly so The Aeneid is a perfect examp [...]

  2. I m a huge fan of propaganda, but I think I may not be a fan of fan fic I was going into this with the hope that it would be fun, extreme, Latin propaganda, but The Aeneid is really Trojan War fan fic, IMO It s the Phantom Menace to The Iliad s Empire Strikes Back It is seriously lame I think Akira Kurosawa could have made a pretty decent movie of it because he likes to have people frenzy There s a lot of frenzying here The dudes are all chest pound, blooooood, and the chicks are all hair pull, [...]

  3. There are plenty of reviews here telling you why you should or shouldn t read book X This review of Virgil s Aeneid, the largely completed first century BC nationalist epic poem that recounts the Trojan War and Aeneas s role in the eventual founding of Rome, will tell you instead why you should read a copy of Aeneid from a university library Simply put student annotations Nearly every book in a university catalog has been checked out at one time or another by a student reading it as primary or s [...]

  4. Book Review 3 out of 5 stars to The Aeneid, a classic work written in 17 BC by Virgil In The Aeneid, Virgil creates two vastly different archetypal heroes named Turnus and Aeneas Aeneas is a Trojan prince who has hopes of finding a new Troy in the land of Latium, but he runs into an angered Turnus, a Rutulian prince that does not welcome Aeneas Both men are equally strong, equally determined, and have equal and rightful claim to the land However, Virgil creates this distinct difference and hatre [...]

  5. I sing of warfare and a man at war.From the sea coast of Troy in early daysHe came to Italy by destiny,To our Lavinian western shore,A fugitive, this captain, buffetedCruelly on land as on the seaBy blows from powers of the air behind themBaleful Juno in her sleepless rage.And cruel losses were his lot in war,Till he could found a city and bring homeHis gods to Latium, land of the Latin race,The Alban lords, and the high walls of Rome.Tell me the cause now, O Muse, how galledIn her divine pride, [...]

  6. some funny reviews as to my opinions on this1 this is filled with purple prose and instalove, complete with a hot sexy bad boy for the main character2 hello my name is Aeneas Dark ness Dementia Raven Way I have long ebony black hair and some people say I look like Aphrodite AN if u don t know who she is get da hell out of here I was sailing through the ever mindful anger of the savage Juno It was raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about A lot of gods stared at me I put up my mid [...]

  7. Read as part of my A Levels.Thoroughly enjoyed the first half of The Aeneid mainly because its the half influenced by The Odyssey and so mythological and fantastical less enthralled by the second half influenced by The Iliad with war and politics Will go back for a reread at some point I imagine.

  8. La fortuna favorece a los valientes La Eneida, este poema pico inmortal surgido de la genialidad ilimitada de Publio Virgilio Mar n, es considerado uno de las obras cl sicas fundacionales de la literatura universal que lo relaciona directamente con los aedos griegos, especialmente Homero, pero que en como continuaci n hist rica con la guerra de Troya tiene tambi n conexiones con algunas de las tragedias de Esquilo y S focles.Virgilio, este poeta incomparable, comparte dos detalles muy interesant [...]

  9. IntroductionMap The AeneidTranslator s PostscriptGenealogy The Royal Houses of Greece and TroySuggestions for Further ReadingVariants from the Oxford Classical TextNotes on the TranslationPronouncing Glossary

  10. I ve been meaning to read the Aeneid for years The Armorial Bearings of the City of Melbourne have the motto Vires Acquirit Eundo which is taken from book four of the Aeneid It translates as, It gathers strength as it goes Melbourne s first judge gave the young town the motto but I ve often wondered if those he gave it to had any idea that the reference is to sexual rumours spreading about Dido and Aeneas Rumour being the swiftest of the Gods.Anyway, there is a pop star who is called Dido too, w [...]

  11. Oh, Aeneid, it isn t you it s me I tried to like you, Aeneid, I really did And we had some good times, didn t we But I have to admit that I think I was still a bit hung up on Iliad, and I was trying to make you something you aren t That isn t fair to you, and it isn t fair to me.You ve got such nice language in you Such poetry I m sure that someone will come along soon who can appreciate you for what you are You deserve it Really You re a wonderful story you re just not for me.I finally had to a [...]

  12. The Romans took over from the Greeks as the dominant Mediterranean power after Alexander of Macedon died in 323 BCE, and then turned into an empire when Caesar crossed the Rubicon in 49 BCE, which is a nice way to say that he staged a military coup and installed himself as dictator It ran along merrily for 800 years until around 500 AD, when it was finally overrun by a series of people with awesome names like Visigoths and Attila the Hun Rome was actually founded even earlier than that, though, [...]

  13. Once upon a 2050ish years ago, there was a Roman chap named Virgil who wrote poetry And holy crappuccino, could he write poetry Anyway, his chum Caesar Augustus says to him, Virg, old pal, old bean Write me some jolly old propaganda linking us Romans, with our beastly inferiority complex and whatnot, to the Greeks so we can get on with conquering the world and quit feeling so much like a master race of insecure teenage girls, there s a good chap Oh, and feel free to completely copycat Homer as m [...]

  14. Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo If I cannot sway the heavens, I will wake the powers of hell Before I actually start reviewing The Aeneid, I d like to thank Mr Bernard Knox not only for his very helpful introductions in the Penguin Deluxe Editions of the three big classic epics, but for sharing his heartfelt story as an U.S Army captain and his encounter with the Sortes Virgilianae of The Aeneid in the last weeks of World War II in Italy Imperator Caesar Divi FiliusThe Aeneid, writt [...]

  15. When I think of Aeneid, I think of one Summer not too long and one bright fifteen year old I taught it to By that time, I ve read Aeneid a number of times and I had a very high opinion about it yet it was that experience of teaching it to somebody that made me see it in a whole new light I felt like I was reading it for the first time, but still I could remember all those parts that originally moved me the most and it was interesting to observe my emotional reactions to it anew For clearly, it w [...]

  16. The reason that I picked up this Latin epic book Yes, what I read did not seem to be a poem, at least to me, but just a splendid translation is the countless inter textual references to this mythology book in the books I previously read And I was not even half satisfied to find none of them in this translation, in that sense But, coming to this translation Can there be so much anger in the hearts of the heavenly gods The above line just summarizes the whole story of prophetic wanderings and wars [...]

  17. Ok but this was so much better than the Iliad or the Odyssey Aeneas is the only main hero from an epic I didn t despise with every fiber of my being except Hector I adored Hector

  18. Quanto mais Poemas picos leio mais me conven o da nossa irrealidade, ou da nossa capacidade para criar, literalmente, a realidade em que vivemos Estes poemas s o a base cultural de toda a sociedade Ocidental, nascidos da oralidade, sobreviventes pelo registo em texto, formadores de grande parte da hist ria antiga que hoje conhecemos, ou da nossa Mitologia Temos deuses que agem como humanos, e temos humanos que seriam especiais por serem filhos desses deuses, temos espa os e eventos imaginados qu [...]

  19. I m not sure if this is the translation I read back when I did Classics at GCSE and A Level It seems familiar, but of course, the story would be and two different close translations might still be similar Anyway, with my course on Tragic Love in the Trojan War, I ve had the urge to reread The Aeneid all term.I can t imagine the loss to the world that it would have been if Vergil s wishes had been carried out when it came to the burning of the manuscript Parts of The Aeneid are just beautiful Hom [...]

  20. A gifted poet s account of playing Mario Brothers to level 7.Expect a lot of then Aeneas was told he needed to fetch a golden bough But he could only obtain the bough if he completed such and such So he did Then he went to the underground world and gave the bough to the boatman, and the boatman therefore let him cross the river but with lyric flourish It s maybe not Mario, but some side scrolling platformer, definitely.If I understand correctly, Virgil wrote it by order of Caesar Augustus to a c [...]

  21. The Aeneid continues the story of what happened after the Greeks had taken Troy it tells the story of Aeneas, a Trojan hero who had lost all hope after witnessing his city and his king devastated by what we know as The Trojan Horse, very well crafted by Ulysses and his people which reminds me of this part in The Odyssey in which a nymph I think tells Ulysses how skilful he is when it comes to deceiving it tells the story of an exile who after a divine promise of a new nation regains his strength [...]

  22. When in high school I read the Iliad and Odyssey After completing them I had to run down Virgil s Aeneid If you ve ever read these books the word pictures of this epic story Greek myth and then Roman will I believe be somewhat burned into your mind I doubt you ll ever have clearer ones Though written centuries ago the epic tales of mythological gods, goddesses, and heroes will stay with you For me also the shift from Greek characters to Roman especially in the case of the mythological deities wa [...]

  23. I have always loved this poem This is argueabely the best poem ever written This poem was composed by Virgil a poet from 29 BCE I enjoyed this translation very much I recommend this book to all.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

  24. Having just read this Masterpiece of Western Civilization, even in a translation in very questionable modern Greek of the 50s, made me realize that I should be using the word Epic in describing other books less frequently This is the first and only Epic I have ever read in my miserable life.

  25. Don t be fooled by cheap imitations This is the real Virgil and his lyrical account of the events that transpired after the fall of Troy Beware of Greeks bearing gifts Read this work and discover why Virgil was the poet laureate of Italy, only to be replaced by Dante And read it, too, to discover why Beatrice asked Virgil to guide her Beloved through the treacherous Inferno

  26. Having read Broch s The Death of Virgil earlier this year, I felt I should read The Aeneid, especially as I never studied Latin III, where we would have read it in the original I m glad I read it now for the first time, as I don t think I would have appreciated its richness, creativity, and psychological insight years ago The story is quickly told Aeneas flees Troy after the Trojan War and he and his companions seek a new land to settle, in Italy Juno opposes them, so they are forced on a long v [...]

  27. WOAH Roman literature is often seen as being derivative of Greek literature, but damn, Virgil is in a class all his own Robert Fagles translation of the Aeneid is the single most stunning, powerful book I ve read from the classical era The incredible sense of focus, the sheer intensity of some of the scenes in this book made my jaw drop I mean, literally drop The description of the fall of troy, Dido s bitter recrimination against Aeneas, the little moments of average people mourning the loss of [...]

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